Modeling Over 40 -Your Dream at Last?

Modeling since turning 40

Our reader Cheryl with a friend

Ever since  I began Fabulous after 40 I’ve had many emails from women who’ve always dreamed of being a model but never tried, or who accidentally fell into modeling since turning 40.

Once such reader is Cheryl , 45, who was actually approached by the North American Modeling Association to do some shots.  Here is Cheryl looking fab. She says she works at, it and does a lot of jogging, weights, rollerblading, snowboarding, tennis etc. Inspiring isn’t she?

If you have a passion to model, or would just like the experience of being a model, then meet world-famous model and businesswoman Clarissa Burt who I have become good friends with.

Super Model Clarissa Burt

Super Model Clarissa Burt

Clarissa Burt’s journey to entrepreneur, TV/Video producer, public speaker, author, writer, inventor, award-Winning actress and entertainer has all the makings of a best selling novel.

At 18, Clarissa Burt was a top model with the Wilhelmina modeling agency in Manhattan.  Soon after she moved to Milan and quickly began appearing on hundreds of magazine covers such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan.

Deborah Boland and Clarissa Burt

Deborah with Clarissa – President of The International Model University

She also starred on most of the major runway shows in Milan, Paris, New York, and Japan.  This led to work for cosmetic houses Revlon, Dior, and Carita, Helena Rubenstein and her selection as the worldwide “Face” for Orlane Cosmetics.

She went on to have a hugely successful movie, TV and radio career in Italy and even developed a line of her own beauty/fashion accessories. After 25 years as an International Star and a promoter of the betterment of women Clarissa returned to America to settle in Arizona.

Kirin Chrisitanson and Deborah Boland

Kirin Christianson has started an online modeling academy to help women 40+ be models.

Now another friend of mine, top model Kirin Christianson is doing something to help women over 40 fulfill their dream. She as started an online modeling academy that will put you where you want to be.

To read all about Kirin’s fantastic FREE videos that teach you all about how to be a model at any age, check out this post I wrote.


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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Hi!!!! I’m almost 43 and I have three young adult children. I would love to have an opportunity to go after a dream of modeling. Please point me in the right direction!

  2. Mariana Marcinekova says:

    Hello,I’m Mariana and I’m 46 years young. and I’m from Slovakia. I’m happily divorced 19 years a go. I’m mother of two children are grown. My condition is very good ,hiking,aerobic and dancing I enjoy that. Many years
    My friends tell me many times I looking well and seeming young. People what I’m met, they told me very pretty or beautiful and my eyes are sparkling blue.
    Many years I looked after people in my job healthcare assistant ,make happy. keep smile and have good patience. I’m practice every days and get up to early.I still try to go on with my life and I interesting a model for fashion ,hair and make up.
    Thank you for your time reading my letter .
    Have nice day .

  3. Rhonda Sipp says:

    Hello I am Rhonda and I am 47 years young. I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 6. I am happily divorced with no regrets. I am ver interested in becoming a model and I am looking for a point in the right direction. Have I found it?

  4. Penelope Spyropoulos says:

    Hi, I’m a mother of two teenage daughters. I just turned 42 and I have always loved my fashion, hair, and make-up. People always ask me why I work in my father’s diner? I answer them why? and they say with legs and looks like that I should have been a model in my life. I always doubt what people say and don’t think much of it. Deep down inside I know, I probably do have what it takes but, growing up with such a strict Greek family has kept me very self conscious about myself. I hardly ever work out and have really good genes for a 40 year old. I have been dealt with one of the worst situations in my life. I still try to go on with my life and keep up to date with fashion. Just want to try something new and see if I really got what it takes. Would love to prove to myself and my family that I do have what it take….

  5. Cheryle White says:

    Hello, I am 44 years young, married to retired military member, and the mother of two (my youngest is going off to college in August) so we will be empty-nesters soon. I have always been told that I should consider some type of modeling and I absolutely love to dress up in beautiful clothing, take photo’s, travel, and shop. Most importantly, I am comfortable in front of others. Sure I need to get some dental work done and start working out again but I have always been told I am pretty and have beautiful eyes and my husband tells me I am beautiful everyday. It is motivating and I feel great. I love life. I will graduate in a few weeks with my graduate degree and need to embark on my next mission in life. I would love to be a part of something positive for women

  6. Audrey Jackson says:

    I’m 47 years old, my children are grown and my husband deceased. I work-out, feel great, and its my time to do what I want. So, I would like to experience what the modeling world of women over 40 has to offer, and what I can contribute.

  7. Jill Doetsch says:

    I’m turning 50 next month, I modeled alittle when I was younger, and again in Las Vegas at 47 yrs old. I’m 5’7, 114 lbs. lift weights and never looked better, or felt better! I would love to get into the business.

  8. virginia corchado says:

    I would love to model I just turn 50 but I dont known were to go or were to begin please help.

  9. ana castro says:

    My dream as an 18 year old. I now feel and think I look better at 42. I keep myself fit , everyone tells me I look great. The biggest and best revenge would be for me to make my youthful dream come true and be a model for fashion , hair , makeup, accessories.I would love the opportunity to do this for myself.

  10. Linda Pollard says:

    I would love the chance to attend this class on modeling for women over 40. I am 40, 41 in April of this year. I have been an RN for 9 years and am currently still licensed but have been dealing poker professionally for a couple years now to avoid burn-out. My ethnicity is Korean and Latino, which results in a very unique look. I have been complimented several times by people asking if I am or have ever been a model. Now that my children are older teens, I feel that I finally have the luxury to explore this possibility.

  11. Katrina Smith says:

    I would love to attend a class on modeling over 40. I am 49 (50 in June) and I am the spokes model for my clothing boutique. I have a lot of younger and older women asking me how I stay in such great condition at my age. I also have photographers and clothing designers interesting is working with me. With that inspiration, I started a blog for women over 40. Style, fashion and youth. I would love to take it to the next level and see how it would be to model for others who are serious about having me as a model. Can’t wait for the details for the modeling class.

  12. stefanie Williams-batiste says:

    “Living my life like its golden,” though it may sound cliché it’s a very true statement. I am always very candid when asked about my life and some of the things that I have experienced, as I have come to know that not only is sharing my story cathartic for me it seems to bring comfort to those who sometimes need to know — that they are not alone.
    I was born in New York City, New York, however my most formidable years were spent in lovely historic Savannah, Georgia. Thus, I love to travel, thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and have an appreciation for all things artistic. Because I am very athletically inclined, I remain in good health by exercising regularly which includes running marathons (mostly for charitable causes) and playing a rousing game of basketball whenever my schedule allows.
    I am a firm believer in the proverb “beauty is only skin deep” as I have come to know that aesthetics are not what make a person beautiful. I pride myself on my spiritual approach to life and the belief in a higher power and the strong affect that karma has on our lives.
    It means more to me to share my truth with young women who may look in the mirror and see something other than someone who is courageous and has the potential to prosper. I live to inspire and love to see frowns that somehow manifest into smiles once a young woman has been empowered. I try not to ever confuse “success” with “greatness” as they are not synonymous and you can achieve one without the other and live a very productive life. I have achieved a certain amount of success and I am proud to say that now “greatness is my goal”.

  13. Tracey Wright says:

    I am a couple months shy of turning 44 and feel that I have transitioned into the best physical shape of my life. I am a career firefighter (21 years) and a Captain – I have to be able to keep up with men half my age. People are often surprised that I am a firefighter – as a matter of fact I often encounter people on a daily basis that discount the possibility that I am a firefighter, let alone in charge of my company. I am proud that I represent a bit of the unexpected and plan to continue to do so!

  14. Karen Lilley says:

    I am not getting any younger that’s for sure…I finally feel that my insides match my outsides and I radiate happiness. Looking forward to strutting my stuff from the hippie past to the classic Downtown Abbey couture that i look for on pinterest. Love love love it! And then i found you. Modeling is my passion and I practice everyday. I am much to old are my thoughts. A spark of interest on my part ….Please tell me more.

  15. Carol Merka says:

    I would love have a chance to make a life long dream come true by having the privilege of participating in Clarissa’s course. I have been in public education for 23 years and am currently an assistant principal. I have learned many, many things about customer service and how dressing, looking, and behaving a certain way plays a huge role in the success “things” and situations concerning relationships with people. Over the years I have been asked many times why I didn’t pursue modeling, and now, with this course for women over 40, this might be my chance. I would love to learn the ins and outs of modeling and most of all, I would like to learn if I have what it takes! If you never try, you will never know!

  16. Debbie Grundgeiger says:

    I just saw your article about modeling after 40 and wanted to write in about being interested in getting into modeling. I am 61, 5’6″ and weigh 128. I have been interested for a number of years, but always was busy working in our business. Now my husband is retired and this could be my chance. I am told I photograph very well, which is always a plus. Please keep me posted on all info for training, etc.

    So glad I have found your website. It is fun reading your articles and being involved in contributing photos of different looks.

    Debbie Grundgeiger

  17. Kathleen Radcliff says:

    I work as a commercial/character model with two agencies in Ohio. At 42, I thought my modeling days were over. I didn’t make a lot of money, but had a wonderful time. That was more than 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve done a lot of promotional work, some runway and informal, as well as a commercial, and I’m up for a photo shoot. I would like to expand my horizons. I’m 5-ft/, 7 !/2-inches tall and usually wear a size 6, however, of late, some of those are a little too big. Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts and experience, and all the best to everyone for a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  18. Windy Franklin says:

    Hello, I am getting ready to celebrate my 43rd birthday this Saturday. I have 4 beautiful children and an amazing husband of 20 years. We just got back from Hawaii celebrating our 20th anniversary by renewing our vowels. It was so amazing, plus I got to feel like a princess all over again. I am always getting asked if I am a model or famous haha (my 9 year old classmates asked me for my autograph. : ) so sweet). I’ve have always let fear stand in my way. But today I am standing up for everyday moms/women, for my kids and my husband who has always been my biggest fan. I want to help myself and other women who have insecurities that anything is possible if you believe. I would love the chance to be a model and/or have some fun building my inner beautiful self.

  19. Kymberly Brown says:

    I was approached by a talent scout for a local modeling company here in Oregon a month before I turned 30 but already had plans to attend college. I tested for some commercials and such, but they wanted me to attend school. I have modeled a little locally but never went for my dream of doing it. At 5’3″, and 54 I am not sure of my options, but I am always willing to give things a shot at least once! I have been interested in modeling since I can remember.

  20. Virginia church says:

    I would like the over 40 class and would like to still model at over 40

  21. tanika barber says:

    I have always wanted to be a model but was always told I was to short standing at 5’2.So I gave up on it.For the last couple of years my co workers has told me a I should be model but I always I’m to old to be a model and you need to be in your 20 or younger.My co workers, friends and people look at me and say I look in my early 20 not 40.I just take that as a compliment.I would love to learn all aspects of the modeling world

  22. Cynthia siner says:

    Hello I would just like to see what it feels like. I’m always
    Getting why u never modeled. Well now my kids are older
    I would like to see how it feels.. Just the experience would
    Be great and show young girls how to take care
    Of themselves at any age..

  23. Beatrice Wissmiller says:

    Great, I ‘m old enough to know what I will and won’t do. At 47 i’m fearless… The one avenue i haven’t seriously pursued and believe i could. 5 ft 11, fit size 8… I’m ready.

  24. H-Hebert Hayes says:

    Hi,I think it’s great that a modeling course would be for women over 40.You asked why I would like to take the course and what I would like to learn?I think my answer would be the same for both questions, I would like to take the course to learn how to feel beautiful in my skin,at my age,and to learn how to feel beautiful in my skin over 40,thats hard to so sometimes when you look in the mirror and see the changes that you go through when you age,and that’s without surgery,botox,chemical peels,things that some women can afford to do when they are over 40.I do believe I am a beautiful person on the inside and that to me is important.I would like to take the course to learn anything that the course could teach me to feel confident and beautiful,and that is what I would like to learn,being in a verbally abusive marriage 22yrs ago has made me feel unattractive,when you hear things like your nose is to big,your ugly when you don’t smile,your are to skinny,then your to fat,mentally you believe what you hear no matter what you see in the mirror.I would take the course to learn how to feel pretty,to use make-up and dress,and to walk,and feel confident,and at the same time I would be learning all of this,thats why I say both questions for me would have the same answer,I would take it to learn.My ex-husband taught me to feel ugly no matter what you hear from others,the bad things are easier to believe for some reason,I look in the mirror today and see ugly.That is why I would like to take this course, to learn how to do things that would help me to feel like I look pretty at 45yrs old. Emphasis on “feel like” I look pretty,I am afraid I will never think I am pretty,but I feel like you could learn how to feel confident and pretty,that is why I would like to take the course,and I would like to learn how to use make-up, clothes,and poise to feel pretty one day.Even though I have been divorced for 22yrs I would like maybe to meet someone if not just for a companion,or to be married again one day. This course would give me hope to change the negative I have learned about myself.Thanks for reaching out to us 40 year old’s!!

  25. I am 43 years old and every where I go and have my five children with me, if someone makes a comment about me they say “if you don’t mind how old are you”? I tell them that I am 43 and they respond, you look 28 and you are beautiful, I say thank you. I was a teen model for a department store in the local mall years ago. I did that for about 3 years and went to college and then I took on life, got married had kids and took care of family but I always have beleived in eating healthy and exercise. I went to my doctor last year and they had to look twice at my records to make sure that I was telling them the truth about my age, I am very blessed. Have a great day.

  26. Audrey Morken says:

    Hello- When I was in my early teens many people told me that I looked like Brooke Shields and that I should take up modeling. I never had the confidence, and always thought I wasn’t tall enough. Now that I have turned 40, I have realized that life isn’t over. I still get comments from people telling me I look like Kirstie Alley or Kathy Ireland. I’d like to give modeling a try! Thanks for the consideration!

  27. Jacqueline Williamson says:

    I am 46 and want to get to know me again, to gain my confidence back, to be that happy care free girl again. I had my children young and they have their own children now you now as well and now have 3 beautiful granddaughters. I have come to Australia and am looking for an agency that would give me a chance to naturally smile again. Thank you.

  28. Nicole Williams says:

    Hello, I’m over 40 myself and enter in all types of contest and never get chosen. So all I can say we do not need anyone in the industry to tell us were are beautiful in my book we are. So hold on and keep trying and remember I’m over 40 have four kids look like I’m in my 20’s and I’m so proud
    to be me high self esteem goes a long way because if you don’t think you’re number one who will.
    Good Luck Ladies

  29. Kim Marie Balog says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea to target the 40+ category!!! The baby boomers are here and looking great!!! I have recently reentered the business and would love to have some helpful advise to guide me to get agency representation and start a life long dream in the perfect city, NY NY!!!!
    Look forward to hearing from you. Kim Marie

  30. Paula Wilson says:

    Hi I was always told i should have been a model. I am over 40 but look like i’m in my twenties.My oldest daughter looks like my twin. I have great legs too. It would be the coolest thing to let my 4 young adult kids and their friends see me their mother on a runway or in a photo shoot. Something i always wanted to experience. Please pick me!!!!

  31. Betsy Roberts-Spreeman says:

    I have always wanted to model but never have enough courage. I would love a chance to see if I have what it takes to fulfill a lifelong dream.

    • Hi Betsy, This seems to be a very common dream of many of our readers. I say at least treat yourself to beautiful photo shoot with make-up artist and hairstylist so you will have those photos of yourself to keep forever.

  32. Mia Cleo says:

    Hello- I am 43 years old and I am always asked if I model. I gave up becoming a model/actress years ago to raise my children. I have kept in shape and I would LOVE to give it a try and enjoy the experience even more now than ever before!

  33. Nikki Flynn says:

    Hello, I have modeled in the past a few times and loved it. Life as a mom led me to give it up while in my prime. I am 42 and loving life. However, I do feel as though something is missing. I would live the opportunity to pursue modeling once again. I look forward to hearing for you soon. Thank you.

  34. I believe women over 40 has great characteristics and it shows in the photos how well we hold our age.

  35. Margarita Flatt says:

    I have always wanted to model but never pursued it. I am 40 going on 41 and would love to get in to it now. I have never done this before and it would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

  36. Kathleen Pecora says:

    I am 48 and feeling great! I have been doing modeling part time for several years! I have done Runway, Commercial print and many photo shoots. I think women over 40 are fabulous! Keep a mile on your face and be happy with who you are and don’t be afraid to go after you dreams! Age is just a number.

    • Kathleen, that’s fantastic. Many of the women who read Fabulous After 40 would love to model as you do. Send us some photos we’d love to showcase your work and inspire others!

  37. Amanda Garcia says:

    I have modeled hair, nails, eyebrows and a couple of times I was a fill in for absent models years ago. Recently my children have been treating me like a crippled wounded puppy whose life is over. I just don’t feel that way! I might not got out and dance or party but I never really did that anyway, (to much). I feel I still have life in me at 43 and I don’t look half bad.

  38. jolinda tyson says:

    Hello i am 46yrs old and always wanted to be a model and still do. Can you send me in right direction.

  39. Tamara Peace says:

    Always wanted to model…but, when I was younger and growing up in NYC, the “ideal” was (and basically remains) a 5’9″ runway type. No scars. No “ample arms and thighs”, meaning not one ounce of fat anywhere. It bothered me, too, that modelling made a lot of girls feel inadequate…and too many friends to count fell into bad, unhealthy habits to be “thin.”

    I was an athlete, and on the short side (5′ 51/2″). I had a few scars from being a tomboy. So I never tried, even though I was slim and decently proportioned.

    Now that I’m older, and have aged well (I’m 43), I feel as though standards of health and beauty have change enough for me to make a go of it. And I have a surgical scar I wear proudly! We really need more unconventional standards to take deep root—women and men the world over are physically beautiful in many ways. When life leaves its trace on your face and body, it should be acknowledged just as much as the bloom of youth…

    At least, this is how I feel about it! :) And training is extremely important—modelling is a strenuous job whatever the ends are. So I’d dedicate the time and energy needed.

    Thanks for providing the space for comments!


  40. Tina Lunsford says:

    I am 42 yr. old mother of two. I have always been interested in modeling and did some pictures with a friend of mine who is a photographer a couple of years ago. She said I was a natural and had me do some pictures for her, for her website. I would like to learn more about the modeling industry and how to be successful at different levels. I would want to learn not only technique, but the business aspect as well. How to “sell yourself” and what to look for and protect yourself from. I think this is a great idea and there are alot of beautiful women over 40 that have much to offer. I think modeling would be a great way to open doors to help others and be able to make a differnce on perhaps a larger scale than you might be able to otherwise.