Over 40 And Want To Dress Sexy For Valentine’s Day?

pink lipsLooking sexy, yet still looking age-appropriate, can seem like a challenge.

So what’s the secret to looking mouth-watering this Valentine’s Day?

My number one tip would be wear some make-up, even if you normally don’t.  It’s shocking how many women go around looking bare-faced and boring like they’ve just spent the day scrubbing toilets.

A bit of make-up brings some color and life to your face and enhances your femininity. Throw on a little pink lipstick, add some blush to your cheeks and pile on the mascara so your eyes look alive and pop! It’s a special day so why not look like the pretty princess your guy married.

Now as for dressing…..

This dress is sexy but when you sit down it will be boring!
This dress is sexy but when you sit down it will be boring!

Do Dress from the waist up

Yes, it’s red and yes it is slinky and sexy but keep in mind that you will be sitting down to dine. The key to looking sexy over a romantic meal is to make sure your neckline is  flattering.

Your top half should reveal a little skin so that you look alluring. A V-neck or scoop neck looks sexier.

This dress has a much better neckline!

This dress has a much better neckline!

stiff jacket

This jacket is stiff and hard looking- not exactly romantic. Choose soft flowing fabrics and styles instead.

Don’t wear a top or jacket in a stiff fabric
Choose soft, touchable fabrics like cashmere, or a shiny fabric like silk. This will want to make your date sit closer for a snuggle!

Diane Sawyer age 62 on the red carpetDo try an off the shoulder top

A top like this will give you both sex appeal and good arm coverage, especially if you have thick arms!

Your shoulders are sexier than you think and a classy way to look alluring after 40.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Glam Gal.

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I admire Diane Sawyer. Just saw her on TV the other night, and was amazed at how wonderful she looks. And yet, at the same time, she doesn’t look as if she’s “had work done” — her face doesn’t look stretched or pulled, and her lips don’t look Botoxed (who wants to look like a blow fish?). She’s natural, sophisticated, and youthful without looking desperate. A role model, indeed.

  2. Love these Looks. They are beautiful!

  3. That cashmere sweater on Helen is perfect!

  4. What beautiful outfits! And look at Diane Sawyer…WOW! She looks great…I wonder if she is my age! ; ) I posted pics of myself by the pool today! I’m getting braver! Maybe TOO much self confidence! HA!