Pointers On Wearing Purple this Fall

If you read my post on the Top Colors for Fall you already know that purple is right up there at the top of the list.  This luxe jewel tone adds drama to every outfit, creating instant impact. See how striking it looks coming down the runway?


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Would you wear purple?  Could you wear purple? What does it communicate?

Purple has long been known as the color of royalty and is associated with wealth and leadership. It is a color that’s a mix of red and blue – warm and cool- feminine and masculine.

It’s also a color associated with spirituality and magic.

As one of the major fashion trends for fall 2013 purple appears in dozens of shades from indigo to plum, eggplant, violet, lavender, and royal deep purple. There really is a shade for everyone!  Pick a more yellow-based, warmer purple if your skin has yellow undertones, or if your skin is more on the pink side, choose a deep, cool purple or a dark plum.

I love the power of purple. It makes a strong fall style statement. It has authority, but it’s much richer and more feminine than basic black. It’s great for business, but it is also a fab casual color that makes you look energetic.

If you want to be noticed then head to toe purple is the way to go. If you like purple, but prefer it in small doses then here’s a look for you below. 

purple jacket fall 2013

Purple pops  when worn with black, gray, white, and silver. This is a great of a casual fall fashion outfit because it is fairly conservative in style and color ( black and gray), but that punch of purple makes it very fresh, modern and youthful.

If you are on the low-key side and feel the  purple color-blocked suede shoes are too much, you could easily substitute them for a simple black pump or a flat black shoe or even a great pair of  black flat boots. That would tone things down even more.

Other ways to wear purple?

Even more subtle would be all black and/or gray outfit+ a purple handbag. So there would only be the one accessory against a neutral canvas that would still make a statement.

Or, you could really turn up this whole look by wearing purple+ another bright like Emerald or even red- although this would only be  for gals who love color and feel very confident wearing such a combo. Otherwise you will look very uncomfortable because mixing two very intense colors  makes a pretty potent fashion-forward combination.

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And finally, please send me a photo of yourself in purple this fall and I’ll post it. Email myphoto@fabulousafter40.com. Don’t be shy!




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  1. Robin Smith says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! My favorite color I’ve worn since I was a rockin’ teen in the 1960s! All shades of puprle look ‘fab’ with my salt and pepper hair,ivory complexion and hazel green eyes. Purple rocks for this granny!!