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Nuvosa Skin Care

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Today our guest reviewer is blogger Sheila Hill.

Have you heard this one, “Once you are over 40, it’s either bangs or Botox”? Well, I’m not ready for either one. But I am ready to do something about my pesky forehead wrinkles.

Ask just about any woman over 40 what she’d like to change, and chances are she’ll answer with a resounding “my skin!”. I know it’s at the top of my list. I wasn’t blessed with beautiful skin. I have to work hard to get it. Most women after 40 would agree that looking fabulous after 40 is their goal, and for me, it starts with my skin.

There are so many products out there that promise younger looking skin. I’ve seen them all, and at 45 I’ve tried most of them, too. Some with more luck than others. When I was diagnosed with rosacea, I became very selective about which products I used on my skin. Many caused irritation and inflammation, which only aggravated my skin condition.

When I was invited to try the Nuvosä anti-aging skincare regimen, I was anxious to see how it stood up to the many others that I’ve tried over the years and to see what sets it apart.


Nuvosä’s approach to skincare is a non-surgical process that promises to reverse the 7 signs of aging. Reverse? I am all about turning back the clock, but this sounds too good to be true. Nuvosä’s skincare line was developed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, uneven skin tone, sagging skin, and many more common problem areas that many women after 40 suffer from. Those are a lot of promises to make, and I wanted to know if they were true.

I have fine lines, crow’s feet, and the beginnings of the dreaded “11”, the wrinkles just above the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows. Of the lines on my face, the “11” bothers me the most. It seems to be getting deeper by the day. On a recent trip to my dermatologist, I inquired about Botox injections (yeah, I went there). She told me it would cost $600 dollars to treat that zone. Yikes! I’m not quite ready to dish out that kind of money for a youthful appearance. I was counting on Nuvosä to come through for me.

The Nuvosä skincare system is made up of 3 components: a skin toner, a wrinkle remedy serum, and a moisturizer. I am usually overwhelmed by these types of multi-level skincare systems. I’m usually in a rush in the morning and exhausted at night. I don’t have the time or the patience to run through several products. But I was willing to give Nuvosä a try since it was promising that fabulous after 40 skin that I’ve been desperate for.

Here are my thoughts on each individual product and my overall thoughts on the system as a whole.

I don’t typically use a toner. Many are harsh, containing mostly alcohol which is drying and strips my skin of  its natural oils. Plus, it’s an extra step that I don’t have time to do. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this toner. It tightened my skin without drying it out. It was moisturizing unlike many toners, and didn’t sting upon application. I loved it for it’s mildness and the applicator was easy to use. 
Using Nuvosa toner

Use a cotton ball to apply Nuvosa toner.

Nuvosa toner

Easy applicator. Push cotton ball down to saturate it with toner.

This serum is applied after the toner. I applied a light covering on my most problematic areas such as my forehead, crow’s feet, and my “11”. The serum looks as though it would be sticky, but thankfully, it wasn’t. Fine lines on the forehead and crow’s feet were less obvious. I was disappointed that deeper wrinkles such as the “11”, were not as diminished as I expected. I was hoping to see a great improvement in the deeper frown lines. But for finer lines and wrinkles, the serum worked wonderfully. For deeper wrinkles, it may require more prolonged use. 
Nuvosa wrinkle remedy serum

The deep wrinkle serum is dispensed through an opening at the top of the container.

I had difficult dispensing the proper amount of the wrinkle serum. If you push ever so lightly on the top, the serum pops through an opening. It took me several attempts to get the amount just right. At one point, I pressed too hard and spilled a fair amount of serum, therefore wasting it.
Nuvosa wrinkle remedy apply

Applying the wrinkle serum in problematic places.

 I wasn’t thrilled with the fact that the serum feels very wet upon application. I had to wait about 2 minutes before my face felt completely dry and I could apply the moisturizer. When I use skincare systems, I like to be able to apply all products one after the other without waiting in between steps. I concentrated the serum primarily on my forehead and crow’s feet. I did not apply it to my entire face.
If I had to choose just one product from the set that I loved, it would be the moisturizer. This moisturizer was light and non-greasy but very effective. After 5 days of use, I noticed a difference in my skin tone. It was much more even and a significant amount of redness that I have from rosacea was gone. I even had a glow! A glow that can only be achieved with makeup after 40.
Would I recommend Nuvosä’s Anti-Aging Skincare line to women after 40? If fines line and wrinkles bother you, then yes, try this product. You will see results after several days, but keep in mind that typical results will appear after using the products for 4 weeks. There are no painful injections, but it will require some time on your part. You must be patient and disciplined. As with any anti-aging skincare regimen, you must be diligent about usage. If you skip a morning or evening, your results will vary. Skincare systems are not for everyone. Because of my bout with rosacea, I am accustomed to applying several products to my skin twice daily. If you merely cleanse and moisturize, Nuvosä’s skincare system may not be right for you. But perhaps an individual product will. If you are serious about taking care of your skin, this product is for you. Once you have cleansed your skin, this system will take less than 3 minutes to apply the 3 products. That is a small investment of time for the benefits it will reap.

All products can be purchased separately or as part of a 3-piece collection. The most effective way to use the products is in conjunction with one another. For many, a skincare system consisting of several products can be overwhelming and time consuming, but for best results the products should be used as directed and with the complementary products.

I received a complimentary Nuvosä Anti-Aging Skincare system to facilitate this product review. All opinions are my own.

Sheila HillSheila Hill is the owner and editor at Pieces of a Mom, a blog about forty-something motherhood with a dash of fashion, beauty, and fun.

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  1. I love the anti-aging line from Apothederm. It works wonders for me! You can find it online at

  2. Paula Dreiling says:

    I’ve tried both Shiela, the Nuvosa products performed way better for me. I could notice a difference within a few days and it just keeps getting better and better.

  3. Shiela Woodrow says:

    I’m choosing between this product and Image Skincare’s Ageless lineup. Any tips as to which is the better one?

  4. Been a long time user and honestly, this is the first set of products that has actually produced good results for me. As you said, if you’re serious about looking younger, it takes a few minutes a day but it’s definitely worth it.