Revatalift Miracle Blur Review

 Revitalift Miracle Blur Recently we were sent a new product from L’Oreal called Revitalift Miracle Blur that claims to erase the look of:

  • wrinkles
  • fine lines
  • large pores

My friend, JoJami, and I agreed to test it out and compare results.

Deborah:  When this product arrived in the mail I was intrigued. I loved the name- Miracle Blur – and the packaging was really attractive so I was pretty excited to try it. The only thing was I wasn’t really sure about was what it actually was?

JoJami: I felt the same Deb. The packaging says  its an “instant skin smoother finishing cream” with 30% sunscreen. I wasn’t sure what that meant. Was it a primer, a moisturizer, a sunscreen? Then I saw the words “erases the look of wrinkles, lines an pores” using “opti-blurr technology” and thought, I’ve got to try this.

Deborah: That sold me too. When I first tried it I squeezed out a little onto my fingertips and rubbed it all over my freshly washed face. It was sort of thick, and greasy  and felt like Vaseline but quickly absorbed into my skin. Then I applied my foundation over top, put on my blush and the rest of my make-up and looked in the mirror. I looked really good! My skin was smooth and had a nice youthful glow to it. Only problem, I noticed the effect wore off as the day went on.

JoJami: Yes, I was most curious about the part that it can help with large pores which is a problem I have around my nose area. I like to use a make-up brush to put on my foundation, so I squeezed a tiny bit of the Miracle Blur on the back of my hand, and dabbed my brush in it and applied it to my problem areas. At once I noticed that it filled in the small crevices nicely. Then when I put on my base over it, my complexion  looked and felt so nice and smooth! (Tip: A little goes a long way, you don’t need to use much!)

Deborah: I’ve been using it regularly for over a week now and I like the results. I’d say it is very similar to a primer except that it also seems to make your skin look smoother and brighter, whereas most primers only seems to make your make-up go on smoother. It’s worth a try to see how it works for you.

JoJami: Miracle Blur is  multi-faceted because it doubles as a primer, filler and has sunscreen! It’s a unique product that lives up to it’s claims!

Diclosure: We were sent a free sample of this product from Oprah Magazine and L’roeal to try for our review.

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  1. Tina Williams says:

    I am 53. I’ve been fortunate enough to have really good skin and I am just now starting to show signs of aging. I have small lines around the eyes and a few deeper ones on my forehead. I tried Miracle Blur and must say, I am happy with the results. It does appear to smooth out lines around the eyes very well but it’s not as great on the deeper lines on my forehead. The effects last roughly only 6 to 8 hours depending on my foundation brand. It’s worth the money. Thanks to Miracle Blur folks guess my age to be roughly around 35 again. I recommend this product for anyone who is looking to improve the appearance of the first signs of aging but not for those who have advanced wrinkles and lines.

  2. I LOVE MIRACLE BLUR!! I warm it up in my armpit – yes, armpit – while I’m brushing my teeth, putting my face cream on, etc, and it comes out and goes on beautifully!! Very happy with it and would recommend it highly!! I also use the same procedure with my mascara if it’s starting to get old – works like a charm!! Try it!!

  3. I used it and LOVE it…can I say LOVE again. I am 50, have the markings of my Mother…the lines thay turn my mouth down, the puffy eye lids and large pores. Well….I did! I don’t with Miracle Blur. Its the first one I have tried that does what it says!