ShoeDazzle Matches Shoe Trends To Your Personality

Shoes are one of the most fun ways to express your personality, and with all the new shoe trends this season there are more choices than ever.  How do you know which ones best say you? I’ve discovered a new online shopping program that makes picking the perfect pair easy.


It’s called ShoeDazzle and its chief stylist is Rachel Zoe. All you do is take a quick style quiz, and ShoeDazzle generates a personal online showroom of on-trend shoes and accessory recommendations, especially picked to suit you. I took the quiz and here are some of the shoes that were selected for me. See if any of these popular trends work for you too.

Trend # 1 – Color Blocking



Color blocking is a big trend that’s showing up everywhere, including shoes stores. If you are too timid to try a color blocked dress or complete outfit, then a color block shoe is a great way to go.

These classy wedges are subtle, yet stylish and are neutral enough to go with anything. If you want to color block in an elegant way then these wedges fit the bill.

Trend # 2 – Graphic Prints

I’ve talked a lot about graphic prints in the last while, especially about the popularity of black and white. Here’s a cute example of how that trend has found its way to shoes.

This punchy black and white zigzag flat is comfy and cute. Pair it with an outfit in a bold hue like electric pink, red or lemon zest yellow, or even just with black or white.
Trend #3 – Fabric Shoes

Fabric shoes sporting interesting fabrics that have bold stripes or a printed pattern are also all the rage.

These strappy heels give off a bit of a nautical feel and would look sharp paired an outfit  in red, white or blue.

Stripes also pair really well with florals,  they really do!  It’s a fun fashion forward combo you may want to test out this spring.
Trend #4 – Electric Brights

The fashion world is infatuated with neon and wildly hot colors at the moment including electric pink, acid yellow and fluorescent green.

These minimalist summer wedges with their metal t-strap are modern and sleek and would fab worn with a little sundress or sexy pair of skinny cropped pants.

Trend #5 – Spot On! 

Polka dots are another playful print that’s very much in vogue. These perky pumps would be a knockout worn with a black pencil skirt  and white blouse.

They’d also look terrific worn with a bright, solid colored dress, or you could pair them with a dark floral dress for a more vintage vibe.

Trend #6 – The Wow Shoe

If you’re looking for something dramatic in the way of high-heeled shoes to make a statement these jewel studded beauties. Some of the coolest shoes this spring are curvy and dramatic, almost like a fine piece of sculpture.

White is the new must have color that’s turning heads too. These pumps are powerful, but so ladylike too. Classy at any age.

Trend #7 – The Non Trends

Sometimes you don’t want something new and trendy. You want a shoe that is tried and true. These Channel inspired metal toe ballet flats are a true classic.

Here’s where comfort meets style in a “you can’t go wrong” casual shoe.


If you want to do your own test, head over to ShoeDazzle to take the quiz and gain access to your very own showroom with personalized picks just for you. When you make a purchase within 2 days of taking the quiz, you’ll get 25% off your first item ordered.

At the beginning of every month you will receive a new selection that fits your individual style, and as new styles get added to the site throughout the month, ShoeDazzle continues to tailor your personalized recommendations!

Stop wondering what the best shoe is for you and your lifestyle. Take the ShoeDazzle quiz and start shopping!

Thanks to ShoeDazzle for sponsoring this discussion.



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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Pam soulsman says:

    Hello I am 43 my daughter is graduating from high school on Wednesday I am feeling overwhelmed and I’m not sure what my style is these days. I’ve tried on lots of dresses and shoes. I’ve not worn a dress in probably six years but at my daughters requests she is asked me to dress nice. So if you have any advice for me please help me thank you.

    • Hi Pam, Sorry to hear you are so stressed out by this. Stay clam, keep it simple and you will be fine. A sheath or A-line type dress depending on what suits your figure is always a classic silhouette and will look lovely. Solid colors are easy to accessorize with a piece of jewelry like a pretty necklace. You could also go for an understated print, as it sounds like you are feeling very self conscious, so you don’t want your dress to be too busy. Pay close attention to being well groomed. Do you know people notice your grooming more than what you are wearing so just put on some make-up and blowdry your hair nicely, and you will look lovely. Have Fun!