Shoes To Wear With Capris and Cropped Pants

capros with sneakersOf course they’re comfy, but socks and sneakers worn with Capris pants or skinny cropped pants scream frump city! Don’t you agree??

This is one summer style sin you definitely do not want to commit.

So what do you wear to look modern, less stumpy and dumpy, and 100% more chic? Here’s a few tips for picking the perfect shoe to complement your summer capris skinny pants.

Ballet flats - Ballet flats are a classic choice for capris pants. The openness of the shoe helps to elongate the part of the leg that is exposed when wearing Capris. Since capris can make legs appear shorter, the ballet flat is a great choice. Ballet flats come in matte leather, patent leather, satin, peep toe, and color-block toe and in every color of the rainbow. You can’t go wrong with a ballet flat, and they are super comfy shoes.

Pumps and Heels - Pumps with capris and cropped pants create a dressier look, but they’re not always the favorite option over 40 due  to high heel height. If you are looking to dress up the capris and cropped pants and add some height, then you can’t go wrong with a closed toe pointy toe pump. It always looks right.

Just make sure the cropped pants or capris you are wearing are tapered. If your capris or cropped pant is more casual in a cargo or a gypsy-style then, a heavier strappy sandal with a  chunky wooden heel will give a hip bohemian look.

Block Heels – Low block heel shoes are also an excellent option. They’re very popular at the moment and no wonder. They’re comfy, can be worn casually or can also really dress up an outfit.

Sandals - Sandals work well for the same reason that ballet flats do. Sandals show a lot of foot therefore elongating the leg.

For a dressier or evening look, opt for an embellished or metallic thong sandal.

A casual leather or canvas sandal is perfect for daytime. Just remember to keep the look light and carefree when choosing shoes to wear with cropped pants.

Wedges - These are a great casual option to wear with capris or skinny pants. The nice thing is they add some height but are more comfortable than heels.

The key is to choose a wedge that is low to medium height and that is not bulky and overdone.

What are your favorite shoes to wear with capris? Send me a photo and I will post it!


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