Sizzling Summer Party Dresses For Women Who Love Maxis!

pool party Break out the Margueritas and put on the shish-kabobs. Summer is here and so is party time. What will you wear to that backyard bbq or weekend pool party that you’ve been invited to?

Pants can be hot and boring, and shorts don’t always feel right. So, what about a maxi dress?

They’re really popular now and are a fresh way to look fabulous if you’re the host of the party or simply a guest.

Plus, Maxis are just so fun and feminine, who wouldn’t want to give one a go? If you’re not sure what type of maxi dress would look best on you, then take a look at these.

Here are 6 Sizzling Maxi Dresses that are sure to “wow” them at your next summer get together.

Simple and Sexy 


Don’t you this summer blue maxi dress? The thick straps give you great coverage and support, and the simple pattern, and design really show off your curves. This is a very easy to wear  dress at any age or size.



 blue maxi dress
Artsy Scarf Dress


This gorgeous red maxi is like a giant scarf. It’s got a really relaxed feel, but it makes a beautiful artsy statement. This dress is unique, almost like a painting. Express yourself!


 red scarf maxi
Pretty Paisley – A Classic


You’ll be the hostess with the mostest in this classy paisley halter maxi dress. This dress doesn’t need much, just a pretty pair of shoes, and you’ll look like a million. The dark navy base is so slimming too.

 paisley maxi
Sporty Gal


This blue and white striped maxi with its halter neckline is the kind of dress that you will wear a lot. Cute and casual, it’s the perfect when you just don’t feel like wearing jeans or shorts.

 blue striped maxi
Bohemian Babe


This tie dye strapless maxi is  70’s inspired, but it still has a modern feel. Don’t you just love this gorgeous purple color- stunning!

tie dye boho
Pretty Pink Coral 

This pink coral maxi pretty and feminine – a romantic choice for any summer party. It would look especially lovely if you wore it to afternoon garden party or a baby or wedding shower. Tea anyone?

 pink lily pulitzer
Timeless Tunic


This Roman inspired tunic is unfussy and timeless. It’s great for the beach or your European summer vacation. Gladiator sandals make the look.

 tunic maxi dress
Relaxed By the Sea


This summer there are a lot of blue party dresses for women that take their inspiration from the water.  This striking summer maxi looks like it stepped right out of the ocean. Gorgeous for lounging around the pool or beach.

 blue maxi dress
Cutest Ladylike Cover-up


Here’s a great idea. If you’re one to feel a chill, even in summer this floral reef cap sleeve maxi has a matching built-in cover-up for your shoulders. Plus, it looks so darn cute too!

Which of these long party dresses for women 40+ do you like best? Let me know, and tell me why.
Also, if you like maxi dresses but you want to cover your arms, then check out these lovely long-sleeved maxi dresses.
 dark floral maxi


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  1. THANK you. I’ve been looking at these maxi dresses for awhile but most of them are just completely impractical (spaghetti straps) or unflattering (tent-like) unless you are a skinny mini.

    I really love the first dress (blue Chloe empire). It gets everything right. It’s comfy, chic and flattering: the Holy Grail. I was so inspired by it that I did a full analysis of why it works on my own blog (

    Keep up the great work – it’s very much appreciated.

    • Thanks Belinda,
      I switch the photos of dresses around often, as they sell out so come back and check out this post in a month and you may see more dresses you like. My audience is so diverse it is hard to find dresses that appeal to all. I prefer a thicker strap myself on a maxi, so I liked your choice of the blue maxi. Great blog by the way and the paintings on it are gorgeous!! Did you do them? Cheers, Deborah

  2. Unfortunately , all your lovely dresses are are sleeveless. Most mature women I know would not wear any of them because of that fact. Even the Blogger you featured from Las Vegas stated she NEVER goes sleeveless. Please feature fashions for mature women.

  3. Carolyn Daniel says:

    I like the idea of this site and the information that it provides, however all of your models are young when you are supposed to be promoting fashions for over 40 year olds! Why don’t you use mature models to demonstrate what looks good. I would be far more interested in seeing mature models of all shapes and sizes.

    • Hi Carolyn, Yes that is a problem. We show clothing from department stores and chains and they all use young models. If you can find a store that uses mature models, please let us know. In the meantime we encourage readers to send in photos of themselves in stylish outfits! Cheers, Deb

  4. Hello,

    So far I have been wearing maxi dresses alone – as maxi dresses. I would be interested in ideas how I can wear them differently to wear them more often.


  5. Kim Smith says:

    You need to put the search box back on your website.