Deborah Boland, the Leading Women’s Resource for Style, Image and Looking Fabulous after 40!

Deborah Boland Fabulous After 40aDeborah is available for your next women’s conference, leadership event, or gathering where women are looking for motivation and inspiration to step up their style and professional presence in their lives and businesses.

Deborah is a dynamic, entertaining fun speaker and a powerful educator. Her topics  engage, motivate and provide life changing experiences.

Deborah’s most popular talks include:

5 Simple Ways to Tweak Your Chic®

This talk is specifically designed to help update the image and wardrobe of women over 40 so they’re modern, appropriately youthful and classy. With multiple demands, busy women often overlook the important details of refreshing personal style. Deborah empowers women who are stuck in a style rut to dump the frump and Tweak Your Chic ®. Deborah helps you take the guess-work out of creating a look that’s modern, updated and uniquely YOU. With Deborah’s help and humor you’ll find the balance between looking like you’re wearing yesterday’s fashion nightmare or like you’ve just raided your teenage daughter’s closet. When you’re confused about what to wear this powerful presentation is packed with practical, easy tips to help you update your look so you are stylish, classy and Age-Amazing!™

Look Like Million to Make a Million

This talk is aimed at female entrepreneurs and small business owners to help develop your personal brand to bridge the gap between your products, services and professional image. Deborah speaks candidly about the importance of image and personal branding. One of the biggest mistakes they see is smart, talented women making is focusing on your niche, products, services and website and neglecting personal image. This can be a credibility killer. Your image – the way you dress, act and communicate needs to be dynamic so you command attention and turn heads when you enter a room. If you want to build a 7 figure presence need project the image of a 7 figure business. The way you look, dress, feel and present yourself boosts your confidence and gives others confidence in your service or product. If your style and image don’t match the caliber of your products and services or there will be a credibility gap. Simply put you need to look the part to get the part.

7 Secrets to Star Style

This talk is specifically for women entrepreneurs and thought leaders who need to have star power in all their speaking and media presentations. Imaging having the confidence to share your expertise on camera, attend the corporate meeting to get the “big donation” for your charity, or simply have the poise and polish you need when you’re in the public eye. Do you have the kind of charisma that only a few possess? Do you turn heads when you walk in a room? Whether you are already in the public eye, or about to step into the spotlight as “the expert in your field” you’ll discover what it really takes to be a credible, magnetic, business leader, celebrity, speaker or media guest. Deborah will help you own your expertise and polish your professionalism to be the star of the show. These skills will help you shine in any spotlight situation.

Taking the Pulse of Your Professional Image

This talked is geared toward corporate women who want to polish their image to have greater impact. Your Image – the way you dress, talk and act, speaks volumes about who you are and what others can expect from you. Is your Professional Image moving your forward, or holding you back? Learn how your workplace image affects the way you feel and how others react to you. Discover the Secrets to Creating Executive Impact so you can open the doors to success. With Deborah’s expertise, your career dress, business etiquette and networking skills will exude confidence, demonstrate authority, command respect and attract incredible opportunities for advancement.

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