Stretch Your Wardrobe with Pointy Toe Flats

6a4178b4ee7e73c1aebc0e9c5509a125We all want to get the most fashion mileage out of our wardrobes as we can. An easy way to do that is to update an  outfit with the latest shoe.

This spring pointy-toe flats are all the rage and will stretch your wardrobe more than any other flat out there. How so?

Classic ballet flats have long been a favorite because they’re feminine, comfy and easy to wear.  Smoking slippers have a more of a masculine vibe and have become popular too.

The problem is that both these types of  flats look great with jeans or casual skinny pants, but can sometimes look frumpy or little girlish if paired a skirt, dress or dressy pants because of the rounded toe.

Pointy toe flats solve this dilema. Since they’re finer, narrower and have a sharp toe, they elongate your legs making you look taller and more elegant. Plus, they’re so delicioulsy feminine. Here are a few of the most popular styles.

Black and white 

Graphic combos are everywhere this season. If you don’t want to wear this mod look head to toe, why not try it in a shoe?A black and white flat with black or white of course, but also looks fab paired with something in a bright bold color or even worn with one of the new icy pastels for a striking contrast.

Add an Accent

Details like buckles, studs, toe caps, or  chains on ankle straps can add a lot of interest to a pair of flats. The key is to keep it simple. You don’t want to go overboard or it starts looking tacky.

Suedes, animal skins, woven leather all make flats more exciting. Anything animal print   is a little edgy and sexy.

Go Nude

Shoes that closely match your skin color are not going away anytime soon. That’s because they blend in with your foot and make your legs look longer. It’s just what you want when you are wearing a flat shoe. Of course, a pointy toe helps too.

Pure Elegance

One of the most popular color combos this summer is tan mixed with white. Two -Tone flats  are a good example of a shoe that’s ladylike and will make you look like a million bucks.

Shine On
Metallics are the new neutrals and look good with anything you wear. Try a flat in a soft shade of soft gold, silver or even pewter.

Pop of Color

Bold hues are always a modern choice. The current thinking is  if you wearing bright on top, go with a quieter colored shoe, but if you go neutral or softer colored up top, go for a brighter, more colorful solid or patterned shoe. I love a bright shoe, and this year I’ve got a crush on a pair of orange flat Pebbled Pointed toe loafers to wear with a pair of cute cropped pants.
Sometimes girls just want to have fun. I’ve been seeing some very playful pointed flats including some that reflect the art as fashion trend. There are lots of painterly patterns including a pair of Matisse Kiley Flats I have been looking at that are full of personality. They’re cute for the weekends.

Will you be buying pointy toe flats? Let me know by commenting below.

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I adore a pointy-toe flat! I don’t care if my size 9 feet look bigger. I usually go up 1/2 size anyway so I have more toe room.
    It’s a matter of perspective – when you look down at your feet they may appear larger but do other people really notice or care? I don’t think I’ve ever thought, “Golly, look at her huge clown shoes …”
    But that’s just me.

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    and authorized retailer of Hoy Shoes!!!!!Have you tried one?I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Cindy Gharst says:

    Hi! Where are the shoes from that at the top right of the pointy shoe article? The front section is white with small flowers and a black band across the top; and looks like the back is a zebra print? They’re adorable!…Thanks!

  4. Cherelle Power says:

    I have quite long skinny feet and find that pointy-toed shoes tend to make my feet look even longer. Any tips on how to avoid this? Colours/patterns perhaps?

  5. Donna Deacon says:

    I like the pointy toe flat, I think they make your leg look longer.

  6. Just make sure you alternate your pointy shoes with some having more room in the toe box, or going barefoot. Pointed-toe (and especially the high heeled pointy ones) shoes that squeeze the toes are a major contributor to painful bunions and other foot/toe deformations. It’s more fun to wear funky flats with more toe space and tailor my wardrobe to go with them.

  7. Pointy toe flats? All the rage? Well, yeah, if you happen to belong to a coven! No, seriously, the pointed toes remind me of the Wicked Witch. They look stupid and silly.

  8. Kimberly Kinnaird says:

    Oh no. I don’t like pointy-toed shoes. :( I’m 5’10 and wear a size 10/11 shoe and I feel like pointy-toed shoes make my feet look huge. And pointy. Maybe it’s just my own self-consciousness at being bigger than most women around me. Anyway, it’s nice to see some tall women here with the same issues I have of having a hard time finding decent shoes. At least I’m not alone. :)

  9. Thank you for the “pointy toe” idea … all my flats are rounded and indeed I felt a bit too girlish. I love those white with cherry & black accent flats you used in your article header. Where can I get a pair of those ;)

  10. Lori Kuzyk says:

    I have a pair from a few seasons back. They are an animal print and I think they have a buckle. Should be right in tune with the current trends.

  11. Sharon Marquiss says:

    I will not be purchasing pointy toe flats. I have never liked ballet flats either. In my opinion the pointy toes make one’s feet look bigger. This combined with being flat is not flattering. Another reason is the fact that there seems to be no arch support. As one gets older, many of us have foot problems, so although a flat shoe may sound more comfortable, it could in fact, aggravate a pair of aching feet. I tend to go for fashionable shoes, but with a company that has researched women’s feet such as Born among others. There is a top 10 best brands for comfortable dress shoes for women, if anyone would like to check it out.

  12. Leslie Leeds says:

    Flats need to go away!! A woman’s leg looks longer and leaner in heels!!!

  13. sandy boardman says:

    I love these shoes, I have a few pairs that I have gotten at consignment shops in the past year or so, and they look great on. They make your feet look fantastic! So glad that they are going to be one of the IT shoes of spring, they look great with everything!

  14. Jane Martin says:

    I wear a size 10 shoe. The last thing I need is a shoe that makes my foot look longer so I won’t be buying pointy toe flats.

  15. Debbie Hipkiss says:

    I’ve been eyeing a pair of pointy toe flats for a while now. I think it will be one of my next shoe purchases. My teenage daughter, who I think is quite in tune with the latest styles, says “eeew!” when I show them to her LOL. But then again, I purchased my Toms before she did :)

  16. Have to agree with Emily. I’m a size 10/11 (I’m nearly six feet tall!) and yes, finding cute shoes is a real problem.

    A lot of the time the only places that stock shoes my size are the discount warehouses – not exactly a great source of upmarket styles :(

    Women are getting taller – among the 20-something set I hardly stand out at all – so when are the designers going to catch up and make larger sizes?

  17. Emily Lees says:

    Manufacturers never consider those of us with long elegant feet. I’m used to having any shoe I want as long as it 1) comes in black and 2) is way out of style. I’d like to see bigger sizes in narrow widths.

    • Hi Emily, The new pointy flats are more elegant but not always so narrow.I have found Zappos and Nordstroms (on line) tend to carry more styles and selections that most stores. Ladies, anyone else know of a good place to find a good selection of narrow sizes?

      • There used to be a store for tall ladies fashions and shoes called Tall Girl. It might be called Long Tall Sally now? They had stylish footwear in larger sizes.

        • Stephanie Masson says:

          I find pointy toed flats very uncomfortable. I must walk up and down stairs at work and need something stylish, yet more wearable. My rounded toe flats fill the bill. I also find the extremely pointed toes unflattering.