Colored Jeans – Best Styles for Mature Figures

How to Wear Colored Jeans When I'm Over 45

Colored jeans

Dear Deborah,

I’m almost 45 and I want to buy colored jeans, but I don’t want to look 17.  How can I wear this trend at my age with my mature figure?

Carla T.

Hi Carla,

Colored jeans are modern and youthful, but many 40+ women are hesitant to try them because they worry colored jeans will make them look fat. Yes, it’s true that bright colors do draw attention, but there are things you can do to change that.

For example, style is more important than the color when it comes to looking slim.

Here’s how to get the right style  of colored jeans for your mature body type:

Curvy Bottom Pear Shape

If you have generous hips and thighs, then you may not want to wear  tight skinny red jeans.  Try  flared red jeans to balance you out.  When you have the right fit for your body, any color works.

colored jeans

Boyish Rectangle Figure:If you are straight up and with no curves, go skinny-minnie, tight at ankle, or anything you want. Cargo style with lots of pockets looks good on you.

Curvaceous Hourglass:To fit your curves  choose jeans with lots of stretch and a medium rise so pant. You can wear skinny, or if you like, boot cut flared to balance curvy hips. Wide leg trousers jeans also work.

Broad Shouldered Inverted Triangle:You are bigger up top than on your narrow bottom half. Your best bet are jeans that are mildly tapered to the knee and then have a slight flare at the bottom can give you more of an hourglass shape.


Try a neutral top: Next, your top.  The best way to tone down bright jeans is to pair them with a neutral colored top or fitted jacket. By neutral I mean gray, black, taupe, cream navy or any color that cools things down a bit. A solid color works or a neutral pattern is good too. More adventurous types can try color blocking colored jeans with other bold colors.

A longer top works too:You can also control the amount of color you show with a long top or tunic.

Jumpstart Your StyleACCESSORIES?

Finally, keep your accessories simple and tasteful.  You already have those pants commanding a lot of attention so go easy on the jewelry, wild shoes and loud accents that scream “look at me, look at me.

For more tips on how to dress over 40 pick up a copy of my popular eBook: Jumpstart Your Style: 12 Little Lessons to Dump the Frump.

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  1. Anne Reed says:

    I love colored jeans especially in the fall. Where is the best place to buy them?

  2. deb gayowski says:

    Yoga now makes a high rise skinny jean that is almost like a jegging (faux front pockets). I am 57, 5’4″, size 4. I bought 2 pr of skinny coloured jeans tonight and was in debate about whether I should have bought straight jeans instead at my age, so they are not so tight to my leg? The only reason I went with the skinny, was because I thought maybe they were more versatile – I could wear them with ballet flats or tucked in to boots. I am still undecided if I am clinging to a look that is too young for my age?

    PS: Do these require a longer top, or can I treat them as a jean and wear a hip length sweater?


    • Hi Deb,
      I love yoga jeans. I have two pairs I bought last year, a gold pair and a teal pair. They are nice and stretchy. Yes, you can absolutely wear these with shorter tops because they are heavier than a legging, which is often more like a thick stocking, and they have a waistband. I’d love to see a photo. If you can snap one send to

  3. Brizziana Faith Lopez says:

    Finally I already found classical types of jeans. Wearing different clothes everyday is not anymore my problem.

  4. Brenda Wyles says:

    Very timely article. I’m 47 & have succumbed to the coloured jeans trend. I’ve bought a green pair & intend to just pair them with a simple black tunic top & ballet flats. So good luck Carla, go for it I say.