Stylish Beachwear for Women – Grand Prize Winner!

Stylish Beachwear for Women

Stylish Beachwear for Women

In my What to Wear to the Beach contest I invited readers to unleash their creative side by designing Polyvore collages of beachwear for women over 40. From functional cover-ups to fun totes, I wanted to see what you think women over 40 should be wearing surfside.

Yesterday you met the 2nd and 1st runner-up. Today…

Grand Prize Winner ~ “Stylish at the Beach” by Annette Hoeldrich

classic one-piece black bathing suit with high cut sides, plunging neckline and halter back

classic one-piece black bathing suit with high cut sides, plunging neckline and halter back



Annette is a regular reader who came second place in my Spring Trends contest. This time round she’s created a stylish beach ensemble for the woman who likes quiet sophistication. Here’s how she did it.

Color and Style are Important when it Comes to Choosing the Right Bathing Suit

There’s no loud flashy colors, unusual cuts or trendy details here.

Instead, Annette has chosen a classic one-piece black bathing suit. With its high cut sides, plunging neckline and halter back, this is a very sexy style that really enhances a woman’s curves. It’s the kind of swimsuit we’ve seen over the years on many of the world’s most beautiful women, and it looks as modern and gorgeous today as it did when it was worn by starlets like Marilyn Monroe in the 50’s.

It’s also a really practical swimsuit too because it does the job of slimming and toning too. A solid color swimsuit like this is always flattering because it creates a long single solid line that draws the viewer’s eye up and down, therefore making you appear taller and slimmer in your swimsuit. Plus, this bathing suit is black, a color which recedes, and so acts as a camouflage to visually shrinks the area it is worn over. There’s a lot to consider if you want to look great in a swimsuit and this one covers all the bases.

Beach cover up for women, especially bathing suits, are often very bold and bright and there’s nothing wrong with that, but Annette has chosen a color scheme that is more on the elegant side. Black mixed with a neutral, like this rope color, is rich and luxurious and gives the outfit a Euro-chic feel.

There’s a bit of blue and green color in the tropical print, of course, but the overall palette is understated, not hot, loud and flashy like many bathing suits. Either sarong, long or short, worn against the plain black backdrop of the one piece black bathing suits looks striking!

A Stylish Bathing Suit Cover-up Gives You Confidence

Many of us cringe at the idea of wearing a bathing suit. That’s why when it comes to beachwear for women, a black beach cover up can make you feel more confident. I think one of the most stylish choices is to wear a sarong. When you are feeling self-conscious about your weight or your legs or you just feel too pasty white, then a sarong is a very chic way to hide that and to add some instant glamour.

All of a sudden you feel like you are swishing around in an elegant gown instead of a skimpy bit of stretchy cloth. It just gives you a lot more confidence and isn’t confident the way we all want to feel at the beach?

Don’t Overlook Beach Accessories for Women Over 40 

Accessories are what really pull together a beach look and Annette has chosen some really lovely ones. The beach mood is fun and that means your accessories need to be too! Just look at those earrings that dangle and blow in the wind. They almost look like bits of coral.

I also love the bold cuff which really highlights the bare arm and the straw bag with bow adds a light feminine touch. Beaded sandals are always a natural choice for beachwear and these complete the stylish look. Congratulations again Annette. Your ideas on beachwear for women over 40 are fabulous!

If you want to  see more of my designer beachwear for women contest entries, visit What To Wear To The Beach

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Thank you all so much for voting for me! I am really honoured and happy that you like my styling ideas.
    I fell in love with the black bathing suit as it is so figure flattering – no matter which size you are. When I walk around or for a drink at the beach bar, I’d definitely cover up with one of the sarongs and thought a shorter and a maxi version would be a good option.
    Again thanks a lot!
    Lady of Style

    • While I love the outfit and agree it’s a winner, I am a bit torn as FA40 has mentioned that black can be aging against +40 skin. I would prefer a colorful swimsuit to better enhance my skin tone.

      • Hi Lynne,
        Yes, black can be harsh on some especially fairer types, although with a bathing suit you have more skin exposed than you would if you were wearing a long sleeved black top and long black pants. I’m faired skinned and blonde and I would not wear black, although darker haired women with more olive skin might be able to wear it well.

  2. Annette hit it right on the nail. This ensemble would make any woman (at any age), look glamorous and dignified as she strolls along the beach.