Over 40 And Want To Dress Sexy For Valentine’s Day?

pink lipsLooking sexy, yet still looking age-appropriate, can seem like a challenge.

So what’s the secret to looking mouth-watering this Valentine’s Day?

My number one tip would be wear some make-up, even if you normally don’t.  It’s shocking how many women go around looking bare-faced and boring like they’ve just spent the day scrubbing toilets.

A bit of make-up brings some color and life to your face and enhances your femininity. Throw on a little pink lipstick, add some blush to your cheeks and pile on the mascara so your eyes look alive and pop! It’s a special day so why not look like the pretty princess your guy married.

Now as for dressing…..

This dress is sexy but when you sit down it will be boring!
This dress is sexy but when you sit down it will be boring!

Do Dress from the waist up

Yes, it’s red and yes it is slinky and sexy but keep in mind that you will be sitting down to dine. The key to looking sexy over a romantic meal is to make sure your neckline is  flattering.

Your top half should reveal a little skin so that you look alluring. A V-neck or scoop neck looks sexier.

This dress has a much better neckline!

This dress has a much better neckline!

stiff jacket

This jacket is stiff and hard looking- not exactly romantic. Choose soft flowing fabrics and styles instead.

Don’t wear a top or jacket in a stiff fabric
Choose soft, touchable fabrics like cashmere, or a shiny fabric like silk. This will want to make your date sit closer for a snuggle!

Diane Sawyer age 62 on the red carpetDo try an off the shoulder top

A top like this will give you both sex appeal and good arm coverage, especially if you have thick arms!

Your shoulders are sexier than you think and a classy way to look alluring after 40.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Glam Gal.

Can I Wear Combat Boots After 40?

Hi Deb,

Is it acceptable for a woman over 40 to wear the combat boots which are popular again? 

If so, what would be the proper way to wear them? I remember wearing them in the 90′s and how comfortable they were, but I have a feeling that these boots aren’t worn in the same manner this time around.  Please advise. Thanks!  Trudy

Hi Trudy,

Here’s a great example of an old trend that comes around and makes you wonder if you should try it again. I’m afraid there is no short “yes” or “no”  answer to this.

the signs are everywhere.

the signs are everywhere. by kirakay featuring enamel rings

Combat boots work for some mature women. They look hip and cool wearing them because they have ”the whole look.”  In other words they have paired combat boots with something feminine like the outfit above.

If you try to wear combat boots with an army fatigue look or with all black with leather, you a going to look like you are wearing a military or old rocker costume. It’s the contrast of the feminine and the masculine that you need to pull off this look.

It’s not a look I will be investing in. My taste leans more to a boot that looks sleek, clean and simple. There are plenty of comfortable boots that are in style other than this trendy look. I have actually tried on a few pairs (some more radical than others) and felt that they would just not fit into most of my wardrobe.

None-the-less, if it works for you, go for it. Dressing after 40, or at any age is all about personal expression and being authentic.

Would you wear this look? Comment below and let me know your feelings!!

Busy Mom Over 40? – Here’s a Casual Dressing Idea

mom over 40Hi Deborah, 

I’m over 40  and have three children , 9, 7 and 5.  I spend lots of time on playgrounds and in gyms. I am in good shape and not overweight but would like to dress a little more sophisticated, stylish and attractive. However, I can’t keep up with my children in heels or even clogs.

I am most interested in spring/summer clothes. I end up wearing old shorts, t-shirts and running shoes or sporty sandals that all feel a little out of style, especially when I add a baseball cap to my pitiful outfit!  Any advice? Thanks  ~Ann

Hi Ann,

No matter what your age, we all need to be able to have a casual look that will make us feel comfortable and stylish. For example, everyone needs a Going To The Grocery Store Outfit“. Here are some other ideas for you.




sporty stripes

Bring color into your wardrobe!

I recently wrote an article on color blocking which is one of the newest trends for Spring. It’s casual but classy and you will go with your energetic lifestyle. Red jeans have been very popular and always look classy paired with blue and white for a fab summer nautical look.

Perk it up with Stripes!

If you want to stay cool a t-shirt is a great item but why not try updating your wardrobe with a stripes. Stripes are sporty, youthful fresh.

Invest in a comfortable shoe. Those dingy tennis shoes can wreck an outfit. If you can find a shoe  like this, or a ballet flat or a sandal that is fresh and comfortable, you will feel like a new person. You want something comfy for running around in but you still want to look cute.

A Jacket is Always Handy

You never know when the weather is going to change so this cute denim jacket with its fitted waist is the perfect daytime cover-up. It’s got a little edge that keeps away any frump factor.

Don’t be afraid To Wear a Sundress

 If you don’t feel like wearing pants then a little sundress is the way to go. If you find one on sale or at a consignment shop you can actually pay less and look sharper than you would in a pair of casual shorts.

Like this outfit? It’s from reader Barbara Gillespie who was a winner in our pin it to win it contest. Check out more casual dressing winners here.

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As the year winds up I thought it would be fun to take a look at the most popular posts of the year!Back in first place again this year… we followed our friend Jill Knapp on her journey of weight loss. She hit her one year mark and has still been able to keep the weight off and even made an appearance on to the Dr. Oz show

Jill before and after her 100 pound weight loss!


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Helen Mirren looking radiant in her gray hair!

Over the knee and Thigh high boots. Are they age appropriate? Many of you said that you had the hankering to find your inner biker chic and this article sure got the sparks flying!!
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Can I wear Leggings after 40? Find out how my readers weighed in.

On the Street…How to Dress Artsy

This artsy mom and daughter were shopping recently and bought the same shirt. Here’s how they each styled it.

Many of you ask us “Can I still have a more creative or funky look and not look silly?” The answer is ,”Of course!

Here how mom and daughter got their  hip and “funky”  casual looks:

  • Start with a good quality t-shirt dress, that hits above your knees. Notice that the sleeves are on the long side, so cover arms but will still keep you cool. Also, the v-neckline is wide and flattering. If it was a rounded neckline, it would not look as hip.

Add leggings and fun flats, like these pretty pewter ones.

Don’t forget a dramatic lightweight handbag.

If you have a thin figure, you can belt the shirt.

Add tight straight legged jeans, and the latest flats.


MOM WORE:Updated pewter flats
This unusual handbag makes a statement. (A good bra would perk up “the girls”.)
Her glasses are updated and hip.
DAUGHTER WORE: The same shirt, but belted with jeans.
(The daughter is also over 40)

Thin double belt at the hip.
Cool boots.

Confused About What to Wear as Mother of The Bride or Groom?

how to dress as mothe of the brideIf you’re the mother of the bride or groom you’ve probably been bombarded with advice from friends, family and “experts” about what you should wear for your important role on the on the big day.

Don’t believe all the mother of the bride dress rules you hear!  Misconceptions, about how a mom is supposed to dress on their child’s wedding day abound!

MYTH # 1 – I Shouldn’t Wear Black

False – Years ago if you wore black to a wedding, everyone automatically assumed it was a sign of rebellion, and that you wanted everyone to know you disapproved of the match.

While some older, more traditional types may still cling to this belief, most people are over it. Black is elegant and chic, not to mention slimming, and with so many attractive and classy black dresses out there, it’s silly to dismiss an otherwise flattering dress based on color alone. Mother of the Bride dress etiquette says  if black suits you, it can be a good option for a mother of the bride gown.

Just be make sure that it is going to be a semi formal wedding or formal function. Black can be too heavy and serious for a casual wedding. Also, most importantly, make sure the bride agrees that black is O.K. before taking this route!  It’s her day and she has the final word.

Other options for an elegant look are dark navy, charcoal grey and chocolate brown too!

Here are 3 age appropriate looks from Nordstroms that would look lovely at a semi-formal or formal wedding:

This style would flatter most body types.

This dress is flattering and will hide any arm issues!

This dress is versatile since you can wear it with the jacket our without the jacket.

Mother of the BrideI get so many questions about this topic and because every wedding and body is unique I have put together an  e-book for you called, Tweak Your Chic: Mother of the Bride.

This e-book will give you a step by step system to make sure you are making the right choices about your dress and accessories so you can feel special and confident on that special day! Pick one up today.