Lash extensions~ Learn more about them in today’s Fashion Flash

Eyelash ExtensionsDo you find your lashes are thinning as you age?

Today at the Fashion Flash, make sure to read the article about Lash Extensions!  They’re a hot trend and just think, to be able to run out the door fluttering your eyes without having to put on mascara might sound great, but is it too good to be true?

Our host  this week is the always energetic Shawna from Female Fat Loss Over 40. Visit her site to find out more about this hot topic and other fashion, health and beauty tips from our wonderful group of bloggers!!
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Is Your Hair Color Aging You?

Going GreyIt’s amazing how a simple little thing like your hair color can either help you look youthful or add on unnecessary years!  YIKES!

Find out if your hair color should have more warm or cool tones by heading over to this week’s edition of the Fashion Flash!

Our host is Deb Chase author of the No Non-Sense Beauty Blog, where you will find lots of fashion, style and beauty tips on these hot topics:
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Best Over 40 Style Bloggers~The Fashion Flash

Deborah Boland and JoJami TylerIt’s our turn to host the Fashion Flash and introduce you to our group of fabulous bloggers who specialize in over 40 topics!  We know you will enjoy exploring all of these wonderful and informative blogs! Here they are:


Plus Size Fashion Blog

Black Cat Plus: Actress Yvette Nicole Brown of NBC’s Community is a shining example of talent, class and curvy!


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How to Hide Those Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark Circles Over 40Feeling miserable becasue you don’t know how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes that come with being over 40? BOY, they are tough to hide!

This week’s Fashion Flash will give you the scoop on how to fix the problem and more!

The Fashion Flash is being hosted today by Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards.

There you’ll find more over 40  fashion, health and beauty tips like these:

  • How do you know if a garment is worth the splurge?  Find out what makes an item a good “investment piece” or not.

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Has your Perfume Got you Stuck in a Time Warp?

After years of wearing the same old fragrance are you stuck in a “perfume” time warp?

Are you ready for a new fragrance?

It might be time to go out and try something new!

This week the Fashion Flash (our weekly fashion and beauty tips from the top over 40 Bloggers ) is being hosted my a wonderful site called Fab Over 50!

Here are few of this weeks topics:
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9 Hints on How to be Fabulous after 40!

Fashion Flash LavenderYou won’t want to miss any of this week’s little “hints” and tips on how to look and feel Age-mazing™ (our fun word for looking amazing for your age) on the Fashion Flash!

To get the party started, this week’s host and newest member of our group is Une Femme d’une Certain Age, a delightful fashion blog for women over 40, that takes the attitude that life can be sweet no matter what number you are! Some of this weeks topics:

  • A review of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new exercise video
  • How to put a little feminine touch in plus size dressing
  • Stop packing on the pounds with those coffee drinks, here’s how…
  • Are you gaga over glitter?  Find out how to shimmer in this new trend
  • No more excuses of not being able to get to the gym.…you can do this at home….   Enjoy and make sure to comment!

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Fashion and Beauty tips for Women 40, 50 and Beyond! ~ Fashion Flash

woman over 40This week’s host of the Fashion Flash is Staness from the Menopause Makeover!

If you are new to our site, the Fashion Flash is our weekly digest of the hottest fashion,health and beauty topics specifically for the woman who is 40, 50 or beyond.

You just click the blue link (above) and off you’ll go to get more info on topics like:

  • A recap of the Grammy Awards, who flopped and who was hot!
  • There is a new cream out there…the “BB” cream. What is it? Find out more….
  • More make-up tips from Oscar celebrity make-up artist, Bruce Grayson!
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How To Stay Fit While Traveling ~ Fashion Flash

fit over 40This week’s Fashion Flash host is Shawna from Female Fat Loss Over Forty!

Shawna is our weight loss expert and her site is full of super inspirational and helpful tips on how to lose weight and stay motivated to exercise!

This week’s Flash is full of the latest fashion and beauty tips for the over 40 gals who want to look updated without looking trendy!

Here are the topics we have for you:

  • New fashion trends for the curvy girl
  • Coping with stress and menopause
  • The latest anti-aging products

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