Super Comfortable Sandals for Walking Around Europe

Dear Deborah,

I’m getting ready for a trip to Europe and need your help with footwear. I just purchased a pair of  running type shoes, ( ecco  flats),  but I also want to bring some sandals that are comfy, and that will look good with my outfits, particularly my sundresses. What do  you suggest? 

Thanks, Cynthia S. – Boston, MA

Dear Cynthia,

You are in luck since I recently came across a new brand of walking shoe.  Fly London is a European brand that is made with comfort and style in mind. Their styles are a little more funky and clunky than we usually show


Which Wrap is Right for a Cocktail Dress?

Hi Deborah,

I have an evening event coming up and the dress code is cocktail attire. I want to bring a wrap to wear with this dress because I know it will be chilly. Which one should I choose?

1. Sheer and Dressy with Fringe

2. Shrug

3. Cashmere Wrap

Thanks Vicki

Dear Vicki,

I’m turning this over to my readers. Ladies which one would you choose?


Can I Wear Combat Boots After 40?

Hi Deb,

Is it acceptable for a woman over 40 to wear the combat boots which are popular again? I see a lot of young girls wearing them with short shorts but I’m not sure what a woman my age would wear them with.

Can you tell me the proper way to wear them? I remember wearing them in the 90’s and loved  how comfortable they were, but I have a feeling that these boots aren’t worn in the same manner this time around.  Please advise.  Thanks!  Trudy

how to wear combat boots


Hi Trudy,

Here’s a great example of an old trend that comes around and makes you wonder if you should try it again. I’m afraid there is no short “yes” or “no”  answer to this.

Combat boots work for some mature women. They look hip and cool wearing them because they have “the whole look.”  In other words they have paired combat boots with something unexpected and feminine like this leopard print scarf above. Combat boots have been spotted on stars like Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon who wore them with a graphic print dress.
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Mother Of The Bride Needs Some Help

mint green suitDear Deb,

I am on a very tight budget and my daughter is marrying next June. In my closet I have is the pretty simple silk long and A line skirt with matching jacket that has only been worn once. I am thinking of breaking up the set.

I’d have the jacket taken in (it is too boxy) and wearing it with something else  for a bridal tea or dressy evening out.  I could also wear the skirt with another top. The wedding will be during the evening and the temps will be warm in Alabama.

I am 52, 5’3” full busted, broad shoulders, short waist, not extra heavy, but pudgy.  My hair style is wispy short with salt and pepper throughout. I really like sparkly things, chunky jewelry, scarves & wraps. People seem to compliment me when I wear winter colors.

I do not want the normal mother of the bride look, it dates a person I think; I want to look happy and radiant for this most special occasion. Help me think of what I could do to look good for my girl and feel comfortable for the evening. Thank you, Karen [Read more…]

Mimimum Effort, Maximum Style – Casual Dressing Made Easy

Casual Dressing for over 40 womenDear Deborah ,

I am a 49-year-old woman who lives in the Northeast, and while I do dress up occasionally for a dinner or evening out, 95% of the time I need to be dressed for getting in and out of a car, easily; for walking to and from places on a variety of sidewalks, and for a very casual everyday kind of life.

I’m finding myself at a perimenopausal standstill!  I have run out of creativity and I am sliding down the slippery slope of jeans, colorful t-shirts, fleece and turtlenecks.  Yuck!

I also have to wear comfortable shoes and boots to fit my aging feet.  How do women like myself, who live casual lifestyles full of activity and creativity, help ourselves to feel, and look, attractive, year round?


Thank you again,

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Confused about What Hose to Wear With Boots?

Lisa Ling in black tights and booties

Lisa Ling in black tights & black booties. (photo: shutterstock)

Dear Deb,

Do I match my tights to the color of my boots or to the outfit? In my mind if I’m wearing a skirt that hits above my knee I would wear a tight that matches my boot that hits mid-calf.

Also, what if I am wearing an ankle boot with a skirt or dress? Does the same rule apply? Thanks, Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,

1) Yes, do match your tights to the color of your boots not the outfit.
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Finding Mature Models is Challenging

Hi Deborah,

If you are an over 40 site, why do you use such young models?

mature female models

Mature female models

Hi Wendy,

I get this question all the time and I am  frustrated too… you see to there are just no photos of “real women” out there in current clothes that you can buy! I want to be able to show you things that you can go out and buy, but all the stores insists on using ultra young and super skinny models!

A few years back, I was excited to start working with a NYC modeling agency for women over 40, but they went out of business!

That is why I try to find women on the street photos, but it can be frustrating for our readers, since most of the time the outfits the women are wearing was purchased a last season and can’t be found now. [Read more…]

What Are The Rules For Co-ordinating Your Purse And Shoes?

Hi Deb,

It seems to be the style to not have your shoes and purse match. What and how do you determine what to match them with? T he old way was to have back, brown, navy, or red if you where feeling wild and they always matched your purse. Can you give some pointers on what is in now? -~Barbara P.

Susan Tabac

Deciding what purse to go with your shoes can be tricky. Some women buy only one purse and wear it with everything. Others collect purses and change them around all the time.

It all depends on your needs and lifestyle, but in general your purse  needs to be of  high quality and the size should fit your style and personality.

This is a photo of fellow blogger Susan Tabak who always has great fashion sense!
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