After 40, Energy Booster!

yoga over 40The Glam Gals recently had the opportunity to chat with health expert Sylvia Montens founder of  the We have so many women ask us what to do to help them feel more energetic and so here are some of her suggestions.

Glam Gals (G.G.) Many women over 40 complain about lack of energy, what are some of your suggestions to help us feel better?

Anti-Aging Web (AAW) Energy is produced through a process called the krebs cycle, where the mitochondria turn foods into cellular energy. The more cellular energy is produced, the more energy you will have!
G.G. So how can you increase the production of cellular energy?

Anti-Aging Web (AAW)
diet over 401. Eat high energy foods
This is one of the most important things you can do. High energy foods include:- raw nuts and seeds- raw fresh food and vegetables- unprocessed grains- fish or lean fresh meat- cooked vegetables - yoghurt- beans and lentils.
An easy way to get a quick energy booster through food is to make an LSA powder. This consists of linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds. You grind these to create a powder which you can keep in your freezer and just sprinkle over your food, whenever you need an energy boost.
2. Ensure that the mitochondria can do their work
The mitochondria can be damaged by free radicals, toxins and viruses. Things like pesticides, cigarette smokeartficial sweeteners, and unhealthy fats increase your risk, so make sure to avoid those. Another way to protect your mitochondria is to take plenty of anti-oxidants, like vitamins a, c, e, selenium and essential fatty acids.
3. Supplement with additional vitamins
To boost your energy even further, you can use some of the following supplements:
GinsengMagnesiumL-carnitineBeta CaroteneCalciumVitamin B complex
Instead of taking them all separately I take a special multivitamin that contains a lot of these, as well as some other beneficial anti-aging supplements in one tablet.
4. Banish stress
Stress and anxiety can strain your energy levels, so it is important to find ways to de-stress. I personally use tennis and yoga as a de-stresser. Yoga especially can connect you with yourself and your breath and in addition to boosting your energy levels, it will also make you stronger and more flexible!
5. Check your hormone levels
Many older women develop an inbalance in their hormones which can lead to lack of energy. I encourage all women over 40 to take a blood test to check their hormone levels.
6. Exercize regularly
Exercize will make you stronger and will eventually give you more energy. So make sure it is part of your daily routine.

Some of these might just sound like common sense, however Sylvia says she implements all of the steps above and by doing so  her energy levels has gone up and that she feels healthier than ever.

How do you boost your energy? Comment below!

Sylvia Montens writes about anti-aging and healthy living at