What to Wear When You’re Going to be on TV

Deborah on the set of her TV show Backyard Pleasures

Earth Day is around the corner and I am a  lover of all things outdoors!

Did you know that before I started Fabulous After 40 I  produced and starred in my own TV series on HGTV called Backyard Pleasures for many years and just loved it.

Recently my friend JoJami, who  likes organic gardening, was asked to appear on the Martha Stewart Show as  Aveeno Brand Ambassador for the special Earth Day show.

When you have a chance to be on national TV it is important that you look the part and dress appropriately for your segment.  So, I talked to JoJami about what she was going to wear.

Martha-and-JJ-croppedThe producers of the Martha Show requested she bring 2 colorful outfits.

JoJami: I knew that I wanted to look nice but not too dressy since, after all, this was the Earth Day Show and Martha usually wears just a blouse or top that’s not too fancy.

I also had a budget in mind since I didn’t want to have to buy something that was too expensive. Here is what I ended up wearing:

Top and cropped sweater by NY and Co. and white skirt by Express.

Little did I know that I would be standing the entire time behind a large table and only my top half was going to show. (I had brought 4 pairs of shoes with me, so I could pick what felt right to wear when I got there!)

Oh, I didn’t want to forget to tell you about my experience in getting my make-up done.

The make-up artist was a fabulous over 40 gal named Deborah Jones who took one look at me and said, “I’m going to re-do your blush!”  Hmm…this was going to be interesting!

What she ended up doing was putting some light peach blush at the top of my cheek bone right under my eye.  This was a fantastic trick and gave my face a nice lift.  Normally, I put my blush right under and around my cheekbone…so I can’t wait to try this new way in the future!  She did a beautiful job on my make-up, it was very natural looking but didn’t wash me out under the hot lights.

So finally it was my time to go on the set and meet Martha!  I walked over and stood beside her and I noticed right away that she was so tall and beautiful, and had such a calming presence.  She is a true professional and made my job easy.

I was there to talk about the new Aveeno Be An Active Naturals program and put  plug in for Fabulous After 40. It was a wonderful experience and a great lesson in what to wear to look Fabulous After 40 on TV.


What To Wear When Visiting NYC

wrap dress fabulous after 40Are you planning a trip to NYC and don’t know what to wear?

If you are not from a big city and you are worried about traveling back east have no fear…there is an “anything goes” vibe in the air when it comes to dressing.

That being said …one the easiest things to pack and where anywhere in NYC is.

  • A wrap dress or any type of jersey knit print dress.
  • Low heels boots always look sexy.

If you  have your favorite travel outfit, make sure to send us your photo and we will share it with everyone or just comment below!

What To Wear To A Local Movie Premiere

Rose and JoJami at the Wine/Design Film/Fashion Premier

Last night, Interior designer Rose Giroso and JoJami Tyler hosted the second annual Wine/Design Film/Fashion opening night party for the Newark Film Festival in Newark, Delaware.

This year we were showing the new documentary, Dressed a film about the aspiring young fashion designer,  Nary Manivong who was homeless as a child and overcame the impossible to show his designs at NYC fashion week!

The film  just happens to have been written and produced by local film makers, the super charming duo, David Swajeski and Maryanne Grisz who showed up with Nary to our pre-party!

Rose, fashion designer, Nary Manivong, with film makers, David Swajeski and Maryanne Grisz

It was amazing when the three of them walked into the room, you could feel the NYC style ooze out of them! [Read more...]