9 Tips For Looking Fabulous After 40 in Tall Boots

Wondering how to dress after 40 to look sexy and hip, but still age appropriate?  Buy yourself a pair of tall boots! Be they high-heeled or flat, boots that cover your calves and sit just below the knee are alluring, chic, and ageless.

Here are 9 Tips for How to Wear Tall Boots:

1. Leave No Gap

tall riding boots Michael Kors

These tall riding boots are very popular a popular at the moment and look great with leggings. just make sure there’s no gap.

When wearing pants tucked into flat boots make sure the boot is tight enough around the calf, so there’s no gap. Any gaping will make your legs look twice as bulky.

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Top Ten Posts of 2013 ~ What Readers Loved

This year the Fabulous After 40 readers were gaga for leggings and skinny jeans. But how to wear them and style them presented quite a dilemma for over 40 gals. It makes perfect sense that some of my most popular posts of the year focused on helping stylish 40+ women wear their favorite casual essentials in a classy way.


Leggings are casual and perfect for 40+ lifestyles. However, they are tricky to style. Here are 7 ways to tastefully wear leggings and skinny jeans over 40. jacketleggings2
Many of you liked the fashion forward look of over-the- knee boots, but you would never wear them to church. obama21
Probably one of the most frequently asked questions among over 40 women is “Is long hair over 40 a do or a don’t?” courtney cox with long hair after 40
Stop being terrified of putting on a swimsuit. Here are 5 great ways to look slim and feel fabulous in a swimsuit. how-to-look-slim-in-a-swimsuit
A reader wrote to me and asked the question that we’ve all been asking ourselves, “Can you wear leggings after 40 or 50 or beyond?” Styling (3)
We fell in love with block heeled shoes for their comfort and practicality. orange-pink
First there were colored jeans. Then patterned jeans hit the 40+ fashion scene and left us wondering if we could actually pull them off. Adrienne Shubin
 We explored the much debated topic of the most appropriate shorts for our over 40 bodies and lifestyles.  shorts
Rock your weekend look with 5 classy, casual ways to take your basic jeans up a level.  jeans-weekend
Leggings were a popular way to look fabulous after 40 on weekends in 2013. I showed you ways to keep leggings updated so that they don’t look like they are a left over from your 80’s wardrobe. ?

leggings over 40

How to wear leggings over 40

What was your favorite post of 2013? Please share by leaving a comment below.

Can You Wear Leggings At 40 or 50 or Beyond?

Hi Deborah,
I’m 54. Am I too old to wear leggings?……
Confused in Cleveland

Hi Confused,
Your question does not have a  ”one size fits all” answer.  The short answer is, you’re never too old for leggings….but, you must style them in a way that makes you look sophisticated, not silly.

Here are two great examples.

leggings over 40


Try  Long Sweater Coat

You can’t go wrong with this basic style recipe for leggings that is classy and casual. Take a black pair of leggings and add a  top or t-shirt in the same color to create a nice long slimming line.  Then  throw on a long cascading sweater in a contrasting color and a pair of comfy, hip riding boots and you have the perfect where anywhere casual outfit. [Read more...]

Looks You CAN Steal From Your Daughter’s Closet

mother and daughter fashion

Your daughter’s closet holds clues to what’s modern and “now.” Draw some inspiration from her style. All you need is a “nod to the trend” to look hip. Clothes and accessories from peterkate.com

If you have a  teenage daughter at home, then chances are her closet is filled with hip, trendy pieces that you’d never think of wearing.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a poke around.

You may be surprised to find a few things in there that you can draw inspiration from, or that you can tweak to create a modern, hip, but still very grown-up look.

Here are some pieces you might consider “borrowing” from your daughter’s closet: [Read more...]

Stylish Readers Raise the Bar on Casual Dressing over 40

silk scarf top and leggings

This silk scarf top is perfect to pair with leggings.

If you think casual dressing over 40 means yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt, think again. These Fabulous After 40 readers have raised the bar on relaxed dressing.

After a day in her garden, sixty-eight year old Shirley wanted to enjoy a casual dinner out with her husband so she put together this elegant outfit.

Leggings can be tricky to pull off if you don’t wear them with the right thing. But Shirley has tastefully paired her leggings with a gorgeous silk scarf top and black ballet flats.

Her striking turquoise jewelry makes the outfit look polished and put together. It’s those finishing touches that make all the difference. Shirley, you look like a knockout!

Metallic Booties


These metallic booties give this look and edge.

Boots and booties are a fall fashion staple. If you don’t own a pair, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss how these 40+ fashion bloggers wear their favorite boots.

Margaret, a 73-year old fashionista from Los Olivos, California is a self-proclaimed shoe lover. When she saw these silver booties, she knew she had to have them, because they match her hair!

She’s tucked her waxed skinny jeans in to really show off the boots. And here’s a cool fact, Margaret sews a lot of her own clothes. Talented!

Margaret is proof that you can be chic at any age!

Graphic Sweaters

Bored with the same old basic crew neck sweater?

Fabulous After 40 reader Linda obviously has a playful streak. She sent me this fun collage to show off her cute fox sweater.

She’s dressed up the sweater with a checkered shirt, some good old blue jeans and a pair of smart Oxfords for a preppy look. And look at those red glasses…..It looks like she took a style cue from that cheeky little fox!

What a fun combination, Linda.

Do you have a favorite casual outfit? Don’t be shy! Email me your photos, your age, where you are from, and any details about your outfit to: [email protected].

You’ll be featured on our Facebook page as well as in an upcoming What I Wore. I love seeing your style and cheering you on, Glam Gals!

Street Style ~ Fall Style

How do you transition from summer into fall?  From leggings to leather, take a look at what my Fabulous After 40 readers were wearing this week.

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Judy Goss – Founder of Over 40 Females Has The Look!

Judy Goss, Founder of Over 40 Female

Judy Goss, Founder of Over 40 Females

If Judy Goss looks familiar it’s because, she is! For years Judy was a top Ford model  gracing runways and magazine covers. She then went on to become an editor and TV spokesperson for More Magazine.

Today Judy is the founder and driving force behind Over 40 females a nationwide networking group that connects, encourages and inspires its members.  I have known Judy for several years  and every time I see her she looks so  gorgeous and pulled together that I asked her to share her fashion sense with us.

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7 Ways to Tastefully Wear Leggings or Skinny Jeans Over 40

You may be attracted to wearing leggings because they look so casual, comfy and perfect for the 40+ lifestyle.  But how do you wear them in a way that doesn’t make you look 1) fat or   2) like a desperate older woman? Check out these stylish examples of how to tastefully wear leggings or skinny pants after 40.

Tip #1 – A Jacket Will Give You Shape 

A fitted jacket gives Twiggy shape. photo:Shutterstock

When you wear leggings or skinny pants you want to create that flattering silhouette that is wide at the top and narrows all the way down to your ankles. This is slimming. A jacket with a good shoulder and some nip-in at the waist gives you great shape, the same way a clothes hanger gives a flimsy t-shirt structure. [Read more...]

How To Hide Your Midlife Tummy – Part 4

Hide Your Midlife

Have you been following our series called How to Hide Your  midlife tummy? 

Tip 1 covered the types of tops you should wear.

Tip 2 was about the type of jacket that is best for a jelly belly.

Tip 3 was about one thing you should not do, ever.
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Monaco Blue – Spring Color Trend


photo: Glamour.com

Last week we told you about the popularity of Emerald Green this season. The color experts at Pantone, the people who predict the spring color trends, say Monaco Blue is also an official color of Spring 2013. This bold, yet calming shade sits between cobalt and sapphire. Don’t you just love it? It would be a gorgeous shade for a Mother of the Bride Dress or any special occasion dress, but works well for everyday life too.  For example: [Read more...]