Discover The Secret Of Shapewear


How do celebs over 40, like the gals from Desperate Housewives, manage to look so figure perfect on the red carpet? Diet, exercise? Yes, to some degree, but no woman is that flawless! Their real secret is something as simple as great shapewear.

The original tummy toner was the girdle. Unattractive and uncomfortable, it vanished from the scene around the 1970’s. Support pantyhose came next, but didn’t do much to solve our problems with flab. Now there’s a high-tech version that is taking the lingerie industry by storm. It’s called shapewear.

Shapewear simply holds you in and smooths you out wherever you need it, eliminating visible lines and bulges and making your clothes hang beautifully on you.
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Barbara Streisand – Push-Up Bra To The Rescue

Barbara Streisand with no braWe love Barbra and she is an “Age-amazing woman” (amazing for her age), but nothing makes a woman look more matronly than a saggy bustline.

She needs a good bra. One of my favourites is the Victoria’s Secret- Very Sexy Secret Embrace wave bra. It’s totally seamless so it looks fantastic under whatever you wear. It’s ultra comfortable and comes in lots of pretty colors and patterns.
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Sleepwear for Buxom Women

Buxom_logo Women with a fuller bust line can now breathe easy, literally, thanks to new, California-based sleep & loungewear label Buxom Inc.

Tired of squeezing her fuller bust line into the industry B-cup standard sleep & loungewear labels currently on the market, attorney-turned-entrepreneur Christine Kurek took matters into her own hands and founded Buxom Inc. The products are cut specifically to fit cup sizes C-DD, the collection consists of chemises, nightshirts and camisoles with more forgiving cuts around the bust line than industry standards, as well as built-in bras in some pieces for added support.

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Thongs – Not So Fabulous After 40!

I love inspiring you gals to UPDATE your wardrobes but still keep things fun and sassy…

Today Let’s talk THONGS! (no, not the sandals, ladies. I’m talking panties here!)-An interesting point about thongs was brought to my attention recently by a friend of mine. She said, “Can you believe it has been 10 or 20 years ago when a lot of us started wearing thongs, and just think about it… our little tushies were a lot perkier then, than they are now!”

Honestly, I hadn’t really ever thought about it.

white-lace-undiesShe went on to mention how she was in Target the other day and found some fun “boy shorts”. She got them home and tried them on and fell in love!

They’re really a compromise between a panty and a thong.

They’re comfy because they have the wide sides, but the back actually comes up and a bit and shows a little tushy! So, its a nice compromise between a thong and a panty.

Another great line of shapewear  is TC Shapewear. Image Consultant and Hollywood Stylist, Lori Ann Robinson was quoted recently by the LA Times on these, and she said they are the original shapers, before Spanks, and are much better. What makes them unique is their silicon edge that keeps them from riding up. They’re also a good option if you want a more serious, action-oriented type of underwear.seemless-undies
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Keep Fine Clothes Clean

Don’t you hate those pesky under arm stains?

If you have a gorgeous knit suit or cashmere sweater, after one or two wears, you’re tempted to take it to the dry cleaners. Well, we found a great new item to save your clothes and keep you feeling fresh! It’s called a Cami Crop. It’s like a little thin, mini- t-shirt you can wear under your sweater to keep it cleaner longer!
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Stick on Bras ~ Do they work?

When you have that top or dress that just won’t work with a traditional bra, there is always the option to use a stick on strapless, backless bra.

In case you have not heard of these, they are sticky pieces of silicone that you just stick on and go!

The brand I like the best is from Nu Bra. This sticky, backless, strapless bra, is the original brand, and it is very comfortable and easy to put on and off.

However, let me add a disclaimer: If you have more than a small C cup, the strapless version will not work for you. But they are now making them with clear straps that will keep those puppies nice and lifted!


But the big question is do they really work?

I have been through several pairs now, and here is what I have found. They work just great under “sedate” conditions.
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Fashion Over 40 – When To Skimp And When to Splurge?

over 40 woman shops

photo: shutterstock

Ever since Martha Stewart made it OK to brand herself with K-Mart, many Style Gurus have jumped on board trying to become the next “it” designer for large discount retailers.

Isaac Mizrahi has gone from elite fashion designer to the king of sensible style for the masses, all because of his multimillion dollar success at Target. Patrick Robinson and Proenza Schouler also now design for the retail giant. Even Stella McCartney and Carl Lagerfeld have their own special lines for the clothing chain H&M .

That’s great news for savvy shoppers who want high style at an affordable price! By mixing a few of these frugal fashion finds with some luxury basics you can get an upscale look for less!
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