Discover The Secret Of Shapewear


How do celebs over 40, like the gals from Desperate Housewives, manage to look so figure perfect on the red carpet? Diet, exercise? Yes, to some degree, but no woman is that flawless! Their real secret is something as simple as great shapewear.

The original tummy toner was the girdle. Unattractive and uncomfortable, it vanished from the scene around the 1970’s. Support pantyhose came next, but didn’t do much to solve our problems with flab. Now there’s a high-tech version that is taking the lingerie industry by storm. It’s called shapewear.

Shapewear simply holds you in and smooths you out wherever you need it, eliminating visible lines and bulges and making your clothes hang beautifully on you.

Here are a few of the problems shapewear solves:

Bra Bulges

sassy-bax-backShapewear gets rid of those pesky bra lines that make you bulge over the sides and make your back look lumpy.

Old Lady Arms


Can’t stand the flabby bit hanging off your arm? Shapewear makes you look toned and terrific.

Panty Lines


Hate thongs and want to wear fuller panties, but worried your panty lines will show? Try shapewear to boost your bottom and conceal ugly elastic showing through.

If you haven’t tried Shapewear yet, you are in for a treat! It’s lightweight, super comfortable and works under anything from a wrap dresses to pants, an evening gown or even fitness clothes. It’s the hottest thing on the market, and you may be surprised to discover that there are dozens of different brands, styles and price points out there!

So, here are a few that we have actually TESTED on our bodies and what we thought:


slimpressions-byobWould you like more shape on your top half, but worried that shapewear might actually flatten out your bust? Slimpressions is one of the only lines that we have seen so far that has a solution to this problem.

Their peek-a-boo top tones and smoothes out any lumps and bumps on your back, sides and tummy without squashing you like a pancake because you can still wear your own bra. Plus, your arms look great also with no jiggle under form-fitting sleeves.

All Slimpressions products work on women size 4 to 22. We found them very comfortable with just the right amount of support, tight but not too tight.

Also, the fabric is very comfortable and of high quality!

We find wrap dresses are often too low to feel comfortable in, so recently we wore a Slimpressions full front top with scoop neck underneath a wrap. It worked perfectly to cover up cleavage a little at the neckline.

Cass and Co.

cassandcoIf you want top of the line in luxury Shapewear then Cass and Co. is well worth your money. This shapewear is so fine it can be worn underneath your clothes or simply by itself,  as clothing.

The high-tech fabric is extremely comfortable and has been scientifically developed for maximum support in specific targeted areas (such as tummy and back). It also has cooling ventilation under the arms!

We have found that after multiple washings it has not lost its shape or color.

Made for women size 2-16, it comes in many colors and styles such as camisoles, full dress, biker shorts, etc.

The top we show here is one of their most popular styles, since it features a wider strap (for better comfort and support), full back for maximum coverage and a nice plunging “v” so you can wear it under most tops!

I (JoJami) wore it recently on a trip to Aspen, on the plane, on the slopes and out to dinner and I didn’t need to wear a bra. I was really comfortable the entire time!

Colors include: brown, violet, cream, and white, black, nude.


sassybax-bottom_125Sassybax is another great line that is high quality, comfortable and figure enhancing.

The long leg panty lifts, rounds and separates the derrier. (Watch out J.Lo!) They also sell padded shapewear bras for those of us who would like a little extra size and shape, without having to resort to breast implants.

They also have a wonderful backless bra that Laura Dern just wore to the Golden Globes underneath her black chiffon designer gown.

One final note: Sassybax comes in plus sizes!


spanx_125Spanx was not the first company to create comfortable shapewear, but it sure was the first to put it on the map! It has most recognizable name in the business, and have the largest selection of styles to choose from.

From their famous Higher Power (high waisted mid-thigh shaper), to their Bra-lellujah (all hosiery comfort bra), to their Tight-End Tights (reversible, high waisted body shaping tights with tummy control), Spanx has had women around the world singing its praises.

We find Spanx great for those with a little extra pudge to control.  However, if you need some major sucking in, this may not be the brand for you. Deborah loves the Slim Cognito Mid-Thigh Shaper and Sleek Capri Smoother, especially under white capris.

So, there you have it – Try some shapewear! You’ll fall in love with the way it makes your midlife body look and feel.

One more quick note… to put on shapewear, it’s always best to STEP INTO it! Don’t try to put the tops on over your head. Shapewear is pretty tight and can be tricky to get on and off unless you do it this way.

Barbara Streisand – Push-In Bra To The Rescue

Barbara Streisand with no braWe love Barbra and she is an “Age-amazing woman” (amazing for her age), but nothing makes a woman look more matronly than a saggy bustline.

She needs a good bra. One of my favourites is the Victoria’s Secret- Very Sexy Secret Embrace wave bra. It’s totally seamless so it looks fantastic under whatever you wear. It’s ultra comfortable and comes in lots of pretty colors and patterns.

If you like wearing plunging necklines (and we know Barbra does) you also may want to try pushing your breasts in as well as up.

The Wonderbra Hot Push-In bra is the sexiest new shape in the lingerie department. This bra provides killer cleavage, as well as uplift.

If you are less endowed, a push-in gives the appearance of a larger, rounder cup size, and puts the emphasis where it counts! You’ll have a noticeably perkier décolletage and cleavage you never knew you possessed.

If your cups “runneth over,” this type of bra boosts height and provides support and shape in all the right places.

You know the drill, though! Before you even THINK about buying a new bra, get fitted by a professional! The push-in can do marvelous things, but only if it is comfortable and the correct size for your body!

Sleepwear for Buxom Women

Buxom_logo Women with a fuller bust line can now breathe easy, literally, thanks to new, California-based sleep & loungewear label Buxom Inc.

Tired of squeezing her fuller bust line into the industry B-cup standard sleep & loungewear labels currently on the market, attorney-turned-entrepreneur Christine Kurek took matters into her own hands and founded Buxom Inc. The products are cut specifically to fit cup sizes C-DD, the collection consists of chemises, nightshirts and camisoles with more forgiving cuts around the bust line than industry standards, as well as built-in bras in some pieces for added support.

Shop comfortably at

Thongs – Not So Fabulous After 40!

I love inspiring you gals to UPDATE your wardrobes but still keep things fun and sassy…

Today Let’s talk THONGS! (no, not the sandals, ladies. I’m talking panties here!)-An interesting point about thongs was brought to my attention recently by a friend of mine. She said, “Can you believe it has been 10 or 20 years ago when a lot of us started wearing thongs, and just think about it… our little tushies were a lot perkier then, than they are now!”

Honestly, I hadn’t really ever thought about it.

white-lace-undiesShe went on to mention how she was in Target the other day and found some fun “boy shorts”. She got them home and tried them on and fell in love!

They’re really a compromise between a panty and a thong.

They’re comfy because they have the wide sides, but the back actually comes up and a bit and shows a little tushy! So, its a nice compromise between a thong and a panty.

Another great line of shapewear  is TC Shapewear. Image Consultant and Hollywood Stylist, Lori Ann Robinson was quoted recently by the LA Times on these, and she said they are the original shapers, before Spanks, and are much better. What makes them unique is their silicon edge that keeps them from riding up. They’re also a good option if you want a more serious, action-oriented type of underwear.seemless-undies

This line also has a support thong that comes up to smooth the waist. These little numbers are said to be the secret to looking good on the red carpet!high-waisted

Bottom line….thongs are great, but a boy panty is other option worth checking into!

Keep Fine Clothes Clean

Don’t you hate those pesky under arm stains?

If you have a gorgeous knit suit or cashmere sweater, after one or two wears, you’re tempted to take it to the dry cleaners. Well, we found a great new item to save your clothes and keep you feeling fresh! It’s called a Cami Crop. It’s like a little thin, mini- t-shirt you can wear under your sweater to keep it cleaner longer!

If you really have  a problem gunking up your clothes with deodorant or perspiration, you can take it one step further. These tops come with a little pocket that holds a washable sweat shield that will wick away moisture, if a hot flash comes on!

 Advantagewear has a full line of undergarments that can be worn with or without washable or disposable dress shield that you can wear under all your blouses, shirts, and suits.

These might not be one of the most glamorous items, but we think these are one of the best kept secret out there!

Stick on Bras ~ Do they work?

When you have that top or dress that just won’t work with a traditional bra, there is always the option to use a stick on strapless, backless bra.

In case you have not heard of these, they are sticky pieces of silicone that you just stick on and go!

The brand I like the best is from Nu Bra. This sticky, backless, strapless bra, is the original brand, and it is very comfortable and easy to put on and off.

However, let me add a disclaimer: If you have more than a small C cup, the strapless version will not work for you. But they are now making them with clear straps that will keep those puppies nice and lifted!


But the big question is do they really work?

I have been through several pairs now, and here is what I have found. They work just great under “sedate” conditions.

That means, if you plan on going out and dancing like a crazed women or if its really hot out, you could be in for some trouble.

I wore mine today in 90 degree heat. As I sat outside and sipped my iced coffee, I felt them start to slip and slide. So I had to take them off and put them in my purse.

However, for the calm dinner date in comfortable weather, I think they can be a real life lifter!

Fashion Over 40 – When To Skimp And When to Splurge?

over 40 woman shops

photo: shutterstock

Ever since Martha Stewart made it OK to brand herself with K-Mart, many Style Gurus have jumped on board trying to become the next “it” designer for large discount retailers.

Isaac Mizrahi has gone from elite fashion designer to the king of sensible style for the masses, all because of his multimillion dollar success at Target. Patrick Robinson and Proenza Schouler also now design for the retail giant. Even Stella McCartney and Carl Lagerfeld have their own special lines for the clothing chain H&M .

That’s great news for savvy shoppers who want high style at an affordable price! By mixing a few of these frugal fashion finds with some luxury basics you can get an upscale look for less!

The trick is knowing when to splurge and when to skimp. This definitely is an art. Here are 7 tips to help you do it well:

1. Splurge on a Suit

max_mara_suitThe basis for any work wardrobe is a suit. Reserve the largest part of your budget for this. The better quality the suit, the better it will make you look and the longer it will last. Choose a suit in a timeless, year round fabric like wool or wool blend. Pay a lot of attention to cut and fit in order to look polished and powerful.

2. Skimp on Accessories

One sure way to waste money is to buy expensive accessories to complete a look of the moment. You know, you buy the $300 safari sundress and then they up sell you $300 safari necklace, $300 safari belt and $ 300 scarf to match. And next season that style is out. Accessories are very important to finish a look, but you really need to be careful. It’s o.k. to pay a little more for a belt for jeans you wear all the time, but don’t throw your money out the window for an expensive belt that has a short style life.

3. Splurge on the Important Basics

Skimp on cute, colorful t-shirts, and trendy casual fun tops and sweaters from designer budget lines at places like H&M but ……… Splurge on a great classic shirt, a beautiful cashmere sweater and one great white stretch T, even it means paying a higher price. The latter are investment pieces. You know the rule, figure out how much something costs and divide it by the number of times you will wear it to get the cost per wear. This should determine how much you are willing to pay.

4. Skimp on Casual Shoes

Unless they are shoes for work (which need to be the best quality you can find) shoes do not need to be expensive. Be on the lookout for seasonal sales at stores like Sacs, Neiman’s and Nordstrom for deals on high end designer shoes like Gucci that you don’t want top pay top dollar for. Visit the outlet stores and pop into discount stores like Marshalls like TJ Max for bargains on top name brands. Go often to get the best offerings instead of waiting until you really need a pair of shoes and are forced to pay full price somewhere else. Try not to be shoe snob. Let’s face it if you are just running around on the weekends, you don’t need to be wearing a pair of expensive shoes. Target has some fabulous shoes at great prices that will work great for this sort of thing. Save your money for shoes when it is going to matter.

5. Skimp on Jeans

Many women buy pricey jeans because they want to be wearing the label of the moment. Wrong! What’s more important is to find a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, regardless of price. Get over the label thing and keep shopping until you find the perfect pair. Remember no one will be looking at your label if they’re looking at your fabulous figure in these perfectly fitting jeans.

6. Splurge on a Purseluxury purse

Like it or not purses has become a statement of who you are and what you stand for. A good quality bag says volumes… Keep your eyes peeled for sales and remember if you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a quality purse choose one that is classic. Black, taupe, and cream are better choices than trendy colors like mustard or orange. Look for timeless simple details that will stand the test of time and give you your money’s worth. Better one good bag than several cheap ones.

7. Skimp on Lingerie.

In general, no need to spend full price, unless you are hard to fit. Better to spend less and buy more often to keep your lingerie looking and feeling fresh. Beautiful, good quality Camisoles, bras and panties are everywhere at great prices. It’s always nice however to have one decadently luxurious bra and panty tucked away for special days.