Fab 40 Readers Model Their Favorite Boots

brown wedge bootie

These suede wedge booties add a modern edge to a casual outfit.

Wearing booties or boots is an easy way to add some instant sex appeal after 40. Check out these street chic photos from readers in their favorite footwear, and send in a photo of your own.

Ana’s Take on How to Wear Booties

Ana prides herself on donning head to toe fashions that are made in the United States. Her super cute wedge booties are no exception.

They’re made from a beautiful brown suede which gives them a rustic feel and makes them work really well with distressed boyfriend jeans and a cozy hand knit sweater. The wedge heels are super comfy and give the booties a modern edge. [Read more...]

Modeling When You Are Over 40

Hi Deborah,

I am probably too old to feature on your blog. I am 66,have long hair and for the first time when I was 64 entered and won a model competition to go on catwalks with footballers.


This glam gal is a natural beauty!

Won another a couple of weeks later after submitting a recent photo. Last year was selected to represent Miss Germany in an International Pageant and came 2nd in the Mrs Commonwealth UK. Have had no cosmetic surgery or face filler etc to date.

To me age is just a number and I just make the most of what I have I am also a positive thinker and to me the best is yet to come.  Regards, Christyne

Thanks Christyne for sharing your story with me and no one is too old to be on my blog!

Many woman want to get into modeling after 40 and it sounds like you are having fun with it!

You say a few things that I like to point out:

  • “I have long hair” Your hair is a great length for you.  We love that you have a simple cut that shows off your healthy hair!
  • “Have had no cosmetic surgery or face filler etc to date.” You look amazing and are obviously a natural beauty!
  • To me age is just a number and I just make the most of what I have I am also a positive thinker and to me the best is yet to come.” This is the kink of attitude that serves you well!!  Good luck with your future! [Read more...]

Updating your Casual Wardrobe

woman over 40 thinking

It’s a struggle being comfy and casual but looking classy. How do you do it?

We get asked a lot of questions here at Fabulous after 40 and we find that one of the biggest things on readers’ minds seems to be, “What do I wear to look casual but classy over 40?

I thought I’d share with you what I (JoJami) plan to wear this fall to look relaxed, but polished.

A few months ago I mentioned that I had bought an Orange Jacket from BCBG.

Here is the BCBG jacket as shown on a model

Here is what it really looks like dressed down for casual:(JoJami is with over 40 model, Andrea Bond)

Here is the same jacket in real life!

Just adding a colorful jacket and bright scarf some dark wash jeans can help expand your casual wardrobe!

Finding Mature Models is Challenging

Hi Deborah,

If you are an over 40 site, why do you use such young models?

group of women over 40Hi Wendy,

I get this question all the time and I am  frustrated too… you see to there are just no photos of “real women” out there in current clothes that you can buy! I want to be able to show you things that you can go out and buy, but all the stores insists on using ultra young and super skinny models!

A few years back, I was excited to start working with a NYC modeling agency for women over 40, but they went out of business!

That is why I try to find women on the street photos, but it can be frustrating for our readers, since most of the time the outfits the women are wearing was purchased a last season and can’t be found now. [Read more...]

Interested in Modeling? It’s Not Too Late!

Ines de La FressangeDid you hear all the chatter about the 51-year-old model who has the fashion scene all a twitter? According to news reports, ex- Chanel model, Inès de La Fressange, “stole the show” at the Spring Gaultier show?

The fashion industry has always ignored “real” women, even though we’re the ones that are doing most of the buying!

But the tide seems to be turning…  With new modeling agencies popping up that specialize in “older” models, there is still a chance to fulfill your lost dream of modeling! [Read more...]

Want to Model? Here Is My Newest Success Story…

What are your big DREAMS?

I was so excited to get a note from one of my readers about how one of her dreams has come true! Andrea_bondAndrea Bond runs her own Real Estate business, but has had a lifelong dream to be a model. So, recently, after  I had blogged about Judy Goss and her book How to Be a Model No Matter What Your Age, Andrea took action. [Read more...]

How To Break Into Modeling

Judy-Goss-Founder-Over-40-FemalesI confess, I love to watch America’s Top Model. It’s so fun to see the girls in the glamorous and not so glamorous settings, and how they can be transformed from an awkward teen to a sultry vamp with some great hair, makeup and wardrobe.

There is a good chance that you know someone who either wants to be a model or wants their kids to model…but where do you go to get advice on the how, what and where of it all?

Meet Judy Goss, from  Over 40 Females . She’s also a former Ford model/agent and author of  How to Break into Modeling for Under $20.00. [Read more...]

MORE Visibility For Invisible Women

It’s hard to stay motivated to keep looking great when you feel like you are invisible. Let’s face it, past 40 there are very few role models out there representing mature beauty and style… no one to inspire us or make feel validated.woman-over-40

That’s why we’re thrilled that MORE magazine, the sole publication that celebrates women our age is runs their annual More 40+ model search. They’ve just come out with the finalists and these gals are fabulous-smart, beautiful and vibrant.

We love them all including Michelle Griffith Hilliard, a physician, wife, mother of six and a natural cover girl. Now there’s inspiration. She’s enough to shake any 40 plus woman out of a gloomy midlife crisis and motivate her to get going!

Reading over the profiles of these amazing women it is interesting to see that when asked, “If you could go back to your 25 year old self what would you say?”, all of these gals said basically the same thing.

Have faith in yourself, be confident, take chances, enjoy every moment. It’s something that seems so natural to us now, but be darned if we could have lived that message at 25 no matter how many times we were told it.

Thank goodness for this wisdom -  It’s the best gift of aging.