Fashion Flash!

Make Up Over 40Want to

  • Find out how to get our makeup to with  work us, not against us with  six easy steps to look refreshed?
  • Get inspired to get off the couch by hearing one woman’s weight loss story?
  • Find out the best clothing brands for women over fifty ( that you’ve probably never heard of)

Then check out all the fashion, health and  beauty blogs we are featuring today at The FASHION FLASH, hosted this week by No Nonsense Beauty. It’s the place to go to read up on over 40 beauty and fashion tips that will make you look Fabulous after 40, 50 and beyond!
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The Solution To A Dry Skin Problem

I  feel like I’m are on a treadmill when it comes to dry skin! How about you?  Do you feel like the problem of dry skin one of those things that just never seems to go away?

Olay Advance Cleansing system - Dry Skin Solution

Dry Skin Solution for Woman Over 40

No matter how much lotion you keep slathering on, it just keeps coming back! So, when we read a recent article from our friend over at the No-Nonsense Beauty blog, we just had to share it with you.

According to her article, she has tried out the new Clarisonic body scrubber with great results.

Looks like a little scrubbing goes a long way when it comes to achieving smoother skin! Have you tried this system? I also found that Olay Advance Cleansing system that is similar for the face at a reasonable price! I’d love to hear your opinion, comment below:
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