The Makeover Guy-New Book With Boomer Make-overs

I never get tired of seeing new and exciting make overs and a book I want to tell you about has some  of the best I’ve ever seen.

The book is called Staging Your Comeback (love the title!) – a complete Beauty Revival for Women over 45! It’s by Christopher Hopkins who I’ve blogged about before- a beauty and fashion guru and regular guest on Oprah.

nancy-before_250 nancy-after_250


Can you believe this is the same woman? That’s what happens when Christopher works his magic.

Christopher’s book Staging Your Comeback, has been a smash hit. Check it out!
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How To Get Sharon Stone’s Eyebrows

Sharon stone

Sharon Stone has great brows!
photo: shutterstock

Ever look in the mirror and wonder where your eyebrows are disappearing to? I was talking to a friend about this and we’ve both noticed that our eyebrows seem to be getting patchy, and they are starting to fade out around the middle of our eye.

I just read an article called Beauty over 40: 5 Things they don’t tell you about Aging and apparently this is very common, along with getting hair on your face, having your ears and nose droop, your gums shrink and your hands get veiny and spotty! What’s a gal to do?

Well if you want eyebrows over 40 as beautiful as Sharon Stone’s, I’ve found a good brow pencil that works well, but you must combine it with some powder. (When a make-up artist first told me this, we thought it was a sales job, but since I’ve used pencil plus powder, I see the point.)

The trick is you have to make sure to  have a light hand and use soft, feathery strokes when applying the pencil or else you’ll get that fake, painted on look all your old aunties had when you were a little girl.
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