Making New Outfits from Your Same Old Wardrobe

capsule wardrobeSometimes all you need to freshen up your wardrobe is a few pieces to mix and match. Have you ever heard of a wardrobe capsule?

That’s a collection of a few garments that can be put together in many ways to create lots of outfits.

Capsules reinvent your wardrobe. They make it easy to dress because:

  • Everything goes with everything, so it takes no time to pull an outfit together
  • They save you money. You don’t buy something once and never wear it again.

You can have several capsules in your wardrobe. For example, one for casual wear, one for work, one for an evening out etc. This one is for work. Take a look at the pieces from L.K. Bennett.
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What to Wear With Booties

Booties are everywhere this fall. Here are a few idea on how to wear them.


Layering with cropped straight pants:Great casual look, could do it with flats too! (DKNY)









Add a vest! (try one, you might like it!) Simple white blouse (untucked)Flat front straight cropped pants vest. (Might want try to find one longer, if you want to hide hips).(DKNY)
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Is This Dress Too Short? That Grey Area When You Are Over 40!

Pictures don’t lie! It is amazing how many of us imagine ourselves one way and in reality look another! Nothing like a reality check! Take one of my readers Janet O. for example, who thought she might have to give up this dress…

Hello Deborah,

When is short too short?  I have several dresses that hit me above the knees.  I am not a fan of my knees (I call them “thnees” – thighs that merge into my knees with no definition) but these dresses are so comfy I continue to wear them.

What do you think?  Time to hang them up?~Janet O
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The Military Jacket- Is It For Over 40 Women?

Hi Deborah,

shrunken-military-jacketI am so glad I found your wonderful website.  I have a question that relates to what is “age-appropriate”.

I am 43 and very petite.  I am in love with a trendy jacket that is big for the Fall, although I usually stay away from trends.  The jacket I am talking about is the Alice + Olivia shrunken military jacket.

My only concern is the age-appropriate perception of this jacket due to the adornment?  My idea would be to wear it with some nice fitted jeans, a simple white top underneath and simple sleek black or metallic heels.  No excessive accessories.  I have tried the jacket on and it fits beautifully.
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Can I Wear This To My Class Renion? (Part 1)

gray dress with black sweater coatHi Deborah 

I would love your opinion for this outfit I have chosen to wear to an informal class reunion at a bar/ restaurant next week. Do bear in mind that it is the middle of winter here. I was wondering if maybe I was a little to chunky to pull it off, what do you think.

Warm Regards,Kathryn

Hi Kathryn,

It is really smart that you ares planning your outfit now and not waiting until the last min!

First of all, I  can see that you have a great sense of style.  Layering and belting+ black hose with boots are very much in style now. However, your outfit is  good example, of what can happen when you put this type of look on a body that is not 6 feet tall and 99 pounds! [Read more...]

How To Update Your Work Wardrobe On A Budget

woman over 40Dear Deborah,

Two years ago I decided to go back to college.  Most of my fellow students were the same age as my youngest child.  I started looking for resources to help me update my look so that I could try to maneuver that area between not too young and not too old.

I have now graduated and am now at my new job in my new career.  I have learned that wardrobes need constant updating and your newsletter gives me ideas on how to do that successfully.

The job market is very competitive and I want to look professional. Can you suggest some stylish, career pieces that are easy on the pocketbook.  Thanks and keep up the great work.
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Part 2 – Can Colorful Shoes Make You Look Young and Modern?


tory-burch-flatsBallet flats can be worn with most anything, but we think they look best with walking shorts or capris. These coral beauties from Tory Burch have a classic feel, but the color makes them new and interesting.





Coral looks classiest paired with neutrals like brown, tan, gold and white. This is a great weekend or vacation look. If you love color, you could go one step further and wear a multicolored top with coral in it (i.e., a turquoise-coral-yellow top with neutral walking shorts and coral flats).

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Part 3 – Can Colorful Shoes Make You Look Young and Modern?


fuchsia-peep-sling-backsWe call these slingbacks “power pumps” because they sure let you know who’s in charge.







They are the perfect complement to this business suit because they add just the right touch of femininity and personality. The key to wearing colored shoes at work is to keep everything understated except for that pop of shoe color. If your workplace is more conservative, a closed toe pump in fuchsia would look great too.
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Part 4 – Can Colorful Shoes Make You Look Young and Modern?


cole-haan-sandalsGladiator Sandals are an easy way to update your look, but still look age appropriate. These Cole Haan sandals combine Nike air technology for a super comfortable fit.





Draw on any color in this floaty top and you’ll be sure to have a winning look. The yellow gladiator sandals add some excitement. Just don’t go out and also get a matching yellow purse, jewelry or anything else yellow, or you’ll overdo it!

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Part 5 – Can Colorful Shoes Make You Look Young and Modern?

In my 5 part series, I’ve been talking about how an updated shoe can totally change your outfit and instantly make you look youthful and modern.
A great shoe to do that is the sexy cage shoe. It’s called the cage shoe for obvious reasons. It looks like your foot is encased in a cage. These have been popular for a few years now and are still going strong.

The look great when you want to give something rather classic or routine, a sexy edge. One of the most common looks is to pair them with skinny jeans.