Is Your Eye Make-Up Aging You?

too much make-up over 40Heavy black eyeliner, frosted heavily shadowed lids, no mascara or gobs of the clumpy stuff. These are the eye make-up mistakes that can drag down aging eyes and make you look exhausted and dated.

How should you make-up your eyes at 40+ so you look bright-eyed and youthful? Fabulous After 40 celebrity make-up artist Sana Young has talked with me about this and has these helpful tips.

Deborah BolandDeb: Sana, what’s causing our eyes to look so tired after 40?

Sana: After 40 there are many changes taking place with your eyes. You are getting wrinkles, skin above the eyes is drifting down and often the eyes get darker and can start to look sunken. So we need to start making adjustments to the way we do our eye make-up. [Read more…]

Holiday Make-up Tips and more! ~ Fashion Flash

Make up over 40Looking for some new make-up ideas to look Glam this holiday season? Then you are in the right place. We’re hosting the Fashion Flash – a blogger party where you’ll meet  top  over 4o blogging experts who’ll sharie their favorite beauty and fashion tips. Please meet:

Prime beauty

prime beauty


Anti-aging technology has come a lot way but skincare in a pill?  Cindy over at Prime Beauty has discovered the newest innovation in anti-aging skincareImedeen, a skincare tablet. Follow her on her journey to better, younger looking skin!

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Make-up after 40 – Let’s Try A New look

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Going out on the town these days for JoJami and I means getting dressed up, but in a more casual way. JoJami has been traveling the U.S. with her husband in their motor coach. I just moved into our dream home that we’ve been building for two years, and find something as simple as getting out to dinner and movie with my husband is a real treat. 

JoJami Mary Kay

JoJami’s casual evening look

So after posting about make-up looks for fall, and each receiving a beautiful box of Mary Kay products to try, Jo Jami and I decided to test one of these new looks on a date night.  [Read more…]

Natural Make-Up Products…Which To Use And How Much?

celebrity make up expert speaks about best natural make up brandsOne of my readers, Lincoya asks this question, and I had my friend, celebrity make up expert Beke Beau respond:

Lincoya:  With all the different “primers”, “high definition” and “natural/organic” products for this and that it makes it difficult to stick to a basic makeup ritual.  My current ritual is 1) Wash/Exfoliate face 2) Moisturize 3) add lipstick or lip gloss and I am DONE.

I think it would be nice to have a simple step by step routine for women like myself who sometimes like to take it up a notch but really don’t know how.

Beke Beau: Lincoya, I feel your pain.  Rituals and infinite choice don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.  Your current ritual is a good one, because you’re taking care of the basics regarding skin care.

Primers are marketed as products that smooth the skin and help make-up last longer.  “High definition” is another great marketing strategy, that is, when is the last time you were on television?  And while there are some great “natural” and “organic” cosmetics available, it’s hard to distinguish between truly green and products that use words to appear safer and healthier.
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Celebrity Make-up Artist Tips for Over 40 Skin

Celebrity make-up artist Tim QuinnWhat can you do to look younger and updated when it comes to make-up? It turns out that there was plenty of re-invention and inspiration going on this year at the NYC More conference!

So who better to chat up than, celebrity make up artist for Armani, Tim Quinn while he was preparing for the Beauty Intervention workshop.

Deborah: Hi Tim, what can you tell me about fall lip  color?

Tim: We are moving away from the “nude” lip and doing lots of plum and mauve. Of course for holiday, red is always popular, but you will want to use a Coral Red vs. a deep red.

Deborah: Many of us notice that our necks are starting to lose their elasticity, any tips for that?

Tim: Really all you can do is to make sure to moisturize and keep out of the sun!

Deborah: What other common mistakes do you see women making?
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