Interested in Modeling? It’s Not Too Late!

Kirin Chrisitanson and Deborah Boland - women of all ages and sizes

Top model Kirin Christianson and I at a conference.

If you’ve always wanted to be a model, but got busy along the way on this journey called life,  it’s not too late to fulfill your modeling dream. Yes, really!!!

I have learned that there are thousands of modeling opportunities out there for women of all ages and sizes. You just have to pinpoint what type of model you should be (there are dozens of different types) and then tap into all the opportunities available.

That’s where a friend of mine, Kirin Christianson (The Red Haute Mama), comes in. Kirin and I know each other from many internet conferences we have attended. She’s beautiful gal, and her story is fascinating.

With a lot of hard work and determination, Kirin went from an insecure, gangly, red-headed girl to a sexy bombshell, a beauty pageant winner, business person and top model.  She modeled for many years and at 37 she was signed to the prestigious FORD/Robert Black Agency in Arizona where she lives. Now at 40 Kirin has a glamorous and very busy life modeling, doing charity work, inspiring other women through her website and raising her lovely family. She is living the dream!
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Fab 40 Readers Model Their Favorite Boots

Wearing booties or boots is an easy way to add some instant sex appeal after 40. Check out these street chic photos from readers in their favorite footwear, and send in a photo of your own.

Booties- AnaAna’s Take on How to Wear Booties

Ana prides herself on donning head to toe fashions that are made in the United States. Her super cute wedge booties are no exception. They’re made from a beautiful brown suede which gives them a rustic feel and makes them work really well with distressed boyfriend jeans and a cozy hand knit sweater. The wedge heels are super comfy and give the booties a modern edge.
I think Ana always looks perfectly polished and pulled together. She tells me that some days she obsessively tries on outfit after outfit and plans exactly what she is going to wear. But other days she  just throws anything on she knows works. Either way Ana, the suede booties add a modern edge.

To see more of Ana’s American made apparel and accessories, visit her at her blog Mrs. American Made. Unsure how to wear booties? I’ve got tips on wearing this popular shoe and boot hybrid. [Read more…]

Gray Hair Confession

gray haired BarbieI’m going to say something that some of you may not want to hear…. I’m not big on gray hair.

Sorry, I know it’s vogue to say how wonderful and sexy it is, but I just feel on many women it tends to wash them out and can make them look older.

Of course, there are some women with gray hair who really do look stunning, but I find that’s usually because the woman is usually so darn attractive to begin with, she could wear purple and orange striped hair and still look good!

She is also the same woman  the color industry labels as a winter or summer, whose hair, when it turns gray, turns that striking silvery white color instead of that dull gray.

40+ model with long gray hair

This former model revived her career because she went gray!

One such woman is a gal  I recently met who had modeled professionally and then retired to have a child.

Interestingly enough, this over 50 model  was able to revive her modeling career, simply  because of her gorgeous gray locks! She’s one of those stunning silver foxes! [Read more…]

Sartorialist inspires Real Model Trend

Interesting post at Newsweek about a new trend happening with models. It seems there’s a swing away from serious looking pencil thin young glamazons to more real looking models -everyday people of all shapes sizes, who exude their own unique kind of personal style no matter what they are wearing.

Scott Schumann

Apparently, it’s all because of bloggers like Scott Schuman, who we’ve written about before, from The Satorialist. His candid person-on-the street fashion photos have inspired the fashion industry to make the change.

First it was the Dove Pro-age ladies… now this. Looking forward to seeing many more magnificent midlife mamas and boomer babes!
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MORE Visibility For Invisible Women

It’s hard to stay motivated to keep looking great when you feel like you are invisible. Let’s face it, past 40 there are very few role models out there representing mature beauty and style… no one to inspire us or make feel validated.woman-over-40

That’s why we’re thrilled that MORE magazine, the sole publication that celebrates women our age is runs their annual More 40+ model search. They’ve just come out with the finalists and these gals are fabulous-smart, beautiful and vibrant.
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Bravo to Dove’s Pro-Age Models!

dove pro age modelsJust saw the new Dove Billboard of the nude “Grandmother” in Times Square. Dove is boldly challenging the “only-young-is-beautiful” stereotype. The campaign, called Pro-age, features real 50+ plus women tastefully uncovered, wrinkles, grey hair, curves and all.

Now when I first heard about this I wondered, “Do they really need to have these women naked on a billboard to prove that older women can still look great?” [Read more…]