Tips to Look Sexy after 40

diane_lane_biography_33Sure you want to look classy and hip after 40, but sometimes you just want to sexy too…like when you are going out for a nice dinner, or you’ve been invited to a party, or if  you are single and going on a date. (Diane Lane has got sexy down pat!)

Here’s a make-over gallery we found that does a great job of giving you  top tips to looking sexy after 40.
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Look Sexy After 40 with These Top 3 Tips

Your body may have changed a bit and you’re face isn’t as perfectly unlined as it used to be, but you still feel sexy and want to show it. What’s the best way to do that? Don’t try so hard. No need to shout when a whisper will do the trick. Here are 3 great ways to look sexy after 40.

1. Steer Clear of Cleavage Catastrophes

cleavage_250 Too much
A little mystery is always sexier than letting it all hang out, especially after 40 when everything is suddenly starting to head a little bit south. While Nigella still has a beautiful bust line, her dress leaves nothing to the imagination and looks like she’s serving herself up on a platter for a feast. With her ample assets, she would have been better off in something a little less low-cut that emphasized her figure rather than just her enormous breasts.
one-shoulder_250 Better Choice
This glamorous silky brown jersey gown is bold and striking and would make Nigela look like a Greek Goddess. It’s still very sexy, but in a more refined way. (Lauren by Ralph Lauren Donnie One-Shoulder Dress with Ruffle)

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5 Tips for Overcoming a Boring Sense of Style

Is there a part of you that you have always wanted to express to the world, but just never have? Do you have an inner biker chick or something else just waiting to emerge?

Then it’s time to get in touch with your wild side and bring some fun back into the way you dress, so you don’t end up looking and feeling like a dowdy little old lady.

Why not get noticed for the delicious dynamite that you are – and use clothes to do it! Here are 5 easy tips to help you find the real you!

1) Trail blaze a path to you inner style

First, you must be open to a change now, not 10 pounds from now. Finding clothes that fit the body you are currently sporting is important and can help improve self-esteem.

Next, do your research. Look around for inspiration. Do you know someone who always seems pulled together and looks great? Take note of what she has on and shop for something similar. If you feel out of touch and don’t want to end up looking like your 14 year old daughter or 90 year old grandmother, then hire a personal shopper to help show you which current styles would look good on your body type. If it is not in your budget, try asking a friend whose style you admire to go with you.

Are you feeling too conservative and want to try something sexy and and different. Why not try adding a leather jacket, skirt or pants. If leather is just too way out for you, try suede. It has a softer look and feel. Leathers and suede come in lots of colors. Pastel suedes mellow what normally might be considered edgy. When pairing your new item with a conservative counterpart, the look can be surprisingly classy and perfectly acceptable at work. Better still – on the weekend leather or suede, can be worn with jeans and a quality t-shirt.
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's DayValentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day

How many days do we get to dress up? Take advantage of the is day of romance and look gorgeous for your sweetie on a special dinner out. See what some of my readers will be wearing on Valentine’s day, and have fun glam gal!

For some great tips on what to wear on Valentine’s Day check out these posts full of  dressing sexy over 40 tips.

The Science Of Sexy

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According to Bayou, it only takes a few measurements and a little tweaking to find out what clothes you should and shouldn’t be wearing. [Read more…]