I Feel 18 But I’m Over 40!

I'm 18 with 22 Years Experience

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A friend sent this photo to me today and I got a good belly laugh over it!

Boy, did it hit a cord with me!  So, I went and posted it up on our Facebook page and many of you commented as well!

Why is it that now that we have reached this “special” number we still feel very much the same as we did when we were 18.  The only problem is that our face and body has changed and now we have to dress “age-appropriate”!

No fun… BUT WAIT!!..

Not here at Fabulous After 40!  I say, “Life is too short to be frumpy!”

That often easier said than done! Ladies have you fallen off the style track and are you confused about how to put the fun back into dressing?

That’s why I started Fabulous After 40 to give you style tips to make you feel good about yourself again!  I have lots of FREE tips here, but if you want to dig a little deeper, I also have several e-books that you might be interested in reading.

I have such a special community of ladies and I enjoy seeing all your photos and getting your lovely letters and emails!

Hope you will join us on my Facebook, Twitter  and our You Tube channel as well!

Let’s all keep smiling and not take dressing so seriously!

I want to hear why this made you laugh or not….Please comment below!