Over 40 Fashion – Would You Wear a Wedge Sneaker?

Today our guest writer is Etiquette Expert, Lisa Taylor Richey.

Wedge Sneaker Net a Porter

Leather pants and simple sweater is updated with these cute wedge sneakers. (outfit: Net-a-Porter)

Over the past few seasons I have become a big fan of the “wedge.”  I love a wedge sandal and a closed toe wedge pump.  Being petite, it gives me the option of being casual but with a bit of a lift.  I love the ballet flat on everyone else but it is not my best look.  That’s why the wedge has become my best friend.

A few weeks ago, one of my fashionista friends (yes, she is fabulous and over 40) mentioned she just ordered the Nike wedge sneaker from Net-a-Porter.  Sure, I have seen the wedge in a sneaker but always passed it up thinking it was for the younger generation….not exactly my style.  I must admit, her excitement over her recent order sparked my curiosity.  Now I am seeing them everywhere.

Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal had an article about The Comfort Revolution.  The article commented that “comfort is king, as well as our dominant form of expression.”  It compared our demand for comfort to that of the flappers in the 20’s letting go of the their corsets.  Whew…bring on the wedges!

While in New York last week, I noticed that almost every designer had them in their collection.  From Prada to Tods, they all had many options.  You can find them in leather, suede or canvas, from $60 to $600.

Here’s snakeskin and suede wedge sneaker from Michael Kors.

Snakeskin and Suede Wedge Sneaker

Snakeskin and Suede Wedge Sneaker


These black wedge sneakers are a great option to wear for a day in the city or running errands after your workout.

Black Wedge Sneaker

Black Wedge Sneaker


Would you make a wedge sneaker part of your over 40 fashion style?  I’d would love to know, please comment below:

Lisa Taylor Richey

Lisa Taylor Richey



Lisa Taylor Richey is a business etiquette trainer and speaker.  She is the founder of The American Academy of Etiquette.



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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I just turned 41 and I have the white Nike ones. I wondered if they were age appropiate (shame on me) but when I googled, women my age are buying them. I love them because I’m not a big sneaker person and these work honey! Not to mention they’re more comfortable than my reg Nike workout/errand sneakers. I’m going to get the black on black ones as well!

  2. I would definitely make the wedge sneaker a part of my over 40’s fashion style. I am 52 and bought my first pair of wedge sneakers a few weeks ago only to have my adult 32 year daughter, 24 year old daughter and 27 year old daughter tell me I was too old and a grandmother. Well, let me tell you, I may be a grandmother but I rocked those wedged sneakers like a 20 year old!!!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I bought a pair. I can’t wait to wear them. Skinny ankle length pants with high low shirt.

  4. christina says:

    I would so wear those wedges. There so cute!

  5. Victoria Mills says:

    I am hoping I might get away with wearing the new wedge sneaker at 40 years old. It would most definitley would help being only 5″2. As long as I wear them along with something fitting for my age.

  6. Rhonda Glaze says:

    Yes, I sure would! I’ve had my eye on them and will be purchasing my first pair soon! I’m also petite and own a pair of ballet flats but I look better in a shoe that gives me some height. To me, the wedge sneaker is a gift from heaven! Lol!

  7. YES I would and DO, as they are COMFORTABLE, great on UNEVEN TERRAIN and in my

    opinion an AGELESS boot ( I am 67), and give a YOUNG – but not TARTY LOOK!!

    I have been waiting for a WEDGE CASUAL BOOT for ages. The ones with lots of

    LACES take a long while to do up is the only negative thing about these boots!! I find wedge

    shoes/boots/sandles the only TRUE COMFORTABLE footwear!

  8. Erika Wambolt says:

    I purchased a pair about 6 months ago, khaki smooth leather with a little tangerine accent. Worn with cargo pants, a zip-front jacket and a scarf on the weekend, they look very neat and on-trend. Actually, i’ve not seen the “kids” wearing these around my area (Philadelphia suburbs) At 48, I may not be a kid, but I’m not in the grave yet!

  9. I never would!

  10. No, I would not wear these.

  11. Initially, I thought sneaker wedges looked ridiculous — and the first versions DID look very “hip-hop” and, well, kinda tacky/teenagery. But then more designers started jumping on the bandwagon, and colors toned down & the wedge became less obvious (aka the “hidden wedge” item descriptions now tout). I had to try a pair and I AM HOOKED!!

    OMG, sooooo comfortable. You’d never know you were wearing heels, but you’ve got a nice little bump in height to slim & elongate your figure & help you see over crowds & all the benefits of being taller without the ouch & instability of “regular” heels. Seriously — these shoes are THAT comfortable.

    They’re not so much sneakers anyway but more of a bootie. A cushie, sporty bootie. Like they took all the padding & adjustability of sneakers and added some lift & style so you can wear them out and not feel all gym-ratty.

    Gotta love it: push up shoes!! How did it take us so long to invent these…?? Don’t knock ’em till you’ve tried ’em, ladies. Have a feeling we’re gonna be seeing a lot of variations on this theme in upcoming seasons.

  12. I think those of us with teen daughters might look at some clothing items differently than we would have in the pre-kid days. I think I actually had a pair of these about 25 years ago, but there are so many casual wedge options available today that I’ll probably pass this time around.

  13. I wouldn’t personally. To me it looks to teenager-y. I can imagine my 16-year-old niece or a college age girl in these. Not to say it wouldn’t work for other women, but count me out.

  14. It depends on how comfortable they are. They look cute, but I just can’t stand wearing a shoe that hurts.

  15. Looks like there are lots of different opinions on these! Probably depends on how trendy of a town you live in, your age and several other factors. Pro or Con…Love hearing from all of you!

  16. I am definitely planning to add a pair (or two) to my shoe wardrobe this season. I’m 5’2″ if that tells you anything. I love them and they look so cool under straight leg jeans.

  17. No. I don’t wear sneakers except for exercise. In general, they’re ugly, and I think they aren’t improved by adding wedges. Then, they just look ugly and silly, which is fine for a 14 year old, but not an adult of any age.

  18. Absolutely NOT!! These are too trendy- and in my opinion- very silly looking!

  19. I love these, but I bet I can’t find them in my size (11 ss). If I can, I will definitely get a pair. Love the pants, too.

  20. I just bought these and I think they’re cute and comfortable and age appropriate!


    • I bought these with my 26 yr old daughter. (Me 46) They are cute and comfortable. They don’t make me look teenish! IF you like them, rock them. OH and you can find them in size 11.