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Woman Over 40Why is this woman smiling? It’s Fashion Flash, Monday with tips and tricks from over a dozen of the internets top over 40 fashion and beauty bloggers.  This week’s host of the Fashion Flash is our fitness expert Shawna Kaminiski from Female Fat Loss Over 40. Visit her site to find out more about:

Fashion Flash

    • The hot new trend for Plus size, the wrap!
    • 10 things you can do to prevent breast cancer

  • Retin A. Do you use it? Not all Retin products are equal….
  • Bras. Binding, to bullet to buxom!
  • Skin care tips just for us over 40 gals, PLUS a free gift. Read all about it over at, Female Fat Loss Over 40!
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  1. thefashionistachic says:

    I believe the length of your hair should be determined by how health of your hair, and the frame of your face. Long hair is always nice but I am partial to short hair, I love for a women to highlight the beauty of her eyes and bone structure.

  2. Bonnie McManus says:

    Love this wrap . . . where is it from? I don’t need a plus size does it come in regular sizes too?

  3. This is easily becoming one of my favorite blogs! Love the poncho wrap!