Thoughts On Style Over 40

Have you thought about the way  you dress lately? Does it reflect the real you, or do you need to Tweak your Chic?®

Looks like these three readers were contemplating their style when they sent in these pretty photos of themselves in thoughtful poses.

maxi skirt over 40

You may remember blogger Sara from our What I Wore post a few weeks back, looking elegant in royal blue maxi skirt and cream blouse.

This time she’s paired a pink glowing maxi skirt with a quilted black leather jacket for a look that’s feminine, strong and slightly edgy. If you like long and you want to look hip, not granny in a long skirt, then this a very modern pairing.  Inspiring!


Vesna has a creative soul and you can see that reflected in this colorful, romantic gyspy- like dress. It looks absolutely gorgeous on her. I love the way she has accessorized it with big artful earrings in keeping with the bohemian feel. Beautiful!


Carina is no stranger to Fabulous After 40.   She always has style on her mind, and loves to send in photos of her great outfits. Here’s a cute preppy look- a pretty pink cape accented with Burberry accessories make this look proper and traditional, but with a strong feminine twist. This is darling!

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I’m much more of a risk-taker with my wardrobe choices now. Fashion has really changed though. You can really show you’re personality, be imaginative, now a days.
    Maybe you always could, I’ve just grown up. Or maybe I feel at my age, I can pretty much wear whatever I want to wear! Who’s going to dream to tell me otherwise.

  2. Cute top look, but the shoes make the whole outfit look frumpy and dated. Booties would have polished it up. Love the bottom look — but not the pompoms on the scarf.

  3. Christie D. says:

    Greetings Deborah and all tha Glam Gals!
    I just love Vesna’s “gypsy” dress, it is chic, colorful, and she wears it perfectly. Back in my late teens and early 20’s, I wore many such clothes, commonly referred to as “hippie” outfits. The Eastern Indian cotton blouses and skirts were comfy and colorful, especially when tie dyeing was popular. I can remember doing that with several small galvanized wash tubs in my dear Gram’s back yard (she was a naturalist and used clothes lines to dry out the clothes) It was such fun. Oh, those were really the “good old days”. It would be great to revive this art! Best regards ! Christie

  4. Brenda Wyles says:

    Love the outfits shown above, but not sure of court-type shoes with the pink maxi. I always prefer flats or boots with maxis.