3 Ways to Wear Gray Hair Over 40

gray-pixie-haircutThe decision to go gray naturally is often a difficult one. This week I am featuring 3 gals who prove that you can be stylish, fabulous…and gray!

The Gray Pixie

The pixie isn’t a hair style just anyone can pull off. Cutting off all your hair and wearing a pixie cut is a brave step.

Rosie who is a 57-year-old high school teacher rocks her pixie cut with confidence. Rosie’s emerald green and animal print scarf draws the eye up to highlight her fabulous hair style.

So polished and chic, Rosie.

An Updated Gray Wedge-Cut Bob

Figure skater Dorothy Hamill popularized this cut back in the 1970s. Today it’s making a comeback thanks to its ease and simplicity.

Mary Ruth sports this perky wedge cut for a fun photo shoot with her daughter-in-law. 61-year old Mary Ruth strikes a catalog-worthy pose and her gorgeous gray hair steals the show.

Bright bold colors look best with gray hair. This red cable knit sweater is a perfect complement to Mary Ruth’s hair color.

You sure know how to strike a pose, Mary Ruth.

gray-shag-hairstyleThe Chic Gray Shag

Gray hair has a tendency to age you. One way to keep your look youthful is with an updated cut and style.

The long, sleek layers of Margy’s shag hairstyle keep her gray hair modern. Her fabulous over-sized sunglasses and chunky necklace draw attention to her face making her on- trend gray hair a focal point.

Margy, your natural shade of silver is sophisticated.

Do you have a hair color or hairstyle that you would like to share with the Fabulous After 40 readers? 

Please send in your photo, your age, where you are from, and any details about your outfit to: myphoto@fabulousafter40.com . You’ll be featured on the Facebook page as well as in an upcoming What I Wore. I love hearing from you and cheering you on, Glam Gals!

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I’m 58 and have never colored my hair. I’ve been very lucky with very little gray, but it’s becoming more noticeable now. I think at this stage of life, I should just go gray naturally. Love the pixie cut look. I’ve always had short hair so I might be able to pull that off. Nice to see others going gray naturally!

  2. I just turned 50 last year and I’m not a fan of grey hair in any form…salt and pepper, grey, silver, or white. I have naturally curly hair with a length below my shoulders. My hair has spiral curls about 1″ wide and can get very frizzy. I think if I personally let my natural color show I would look like bride of frankenstein. I’m still working full time in corporate America and I feel that letting my hair be grey would age me and that could count against me in terms of promotability, salary and longevity. My eyebrow just started to turn grey last month. Ugh! I can predict that at some point it will be just too much of a hassle and cost to keep up my brunette dyed hair, but for now, it’s an investment I’m willing to make because it makes me feel good.

  3. Margaret Whitworth says:

    I love the short, sharp and shapely look of Rosie’s gray hair! Go girl! Having continuosly dyed my hair for 25 years, I took the very brave step to go gray, and also switched to a short chic, easily managed style. At 66 I have a new lease on life, and love receiving compliments on my new hair and stylish clothes!

  4. Susan White says:

    I LOVE the fact that ladies are starting to appreciate the fact that gray is acceptable. My mom and grandmother were hair stylists and colored their hair until it felt like dry straw. I knew that I didn’t want that. I have allowed my naturally curly hair to be colored naturally and love it. I receive many compliments. Another reason–my husband noted that a friend was going bald. She wasn’t. It was her white roots showing! I knew then also–no coloring!

  5. Linda Jenkins says:

    Love the gray pixie haircut, but the tan short skirt with the black tights just doesn’t make the grade. It’s obvious this gal is short waisted and the short skirt doesn’t work because of this. A skirt a bit longer would have elongated her body.

  6. Kelly Eaton says:

    I’m 52 years old and haven’t dyed my hair. I have salt and pepper graying. I recently opted for the pixie cut like the picture above of Rosie. Super simple styling and lots of compliments makes this cut a winner for me!

  7. I chuckle because I’ve dyed my hair almost continuously since my mid-twenties. Now, at 62, I’m going au natural and love it. I like the color. The only down side is I need eye make-up when I go out or my face looks tired.