How to Wear Leggings After 40

How to Wear Leggings After 40

How to Wear Leggings After 40

Leggings are a fashionable way to look fabulous after 40 on weekends or if you have a casual lifestyle. But how do you wear them without looking like they are a left over from your 80’s wardrobe?

Deborah BolandDeborah: The main thing you need to remember is that leggings are not pants. What you wear up top is key.


Tip #1: Think of leggings more as tights.

They need to be thick and not shiny. The length can vary but generally ankle length look best. Capris-style that end at the calf can make you look heavy if you are short or have heavy calves.

Leggings After 40

Leggings After 40

Tip #2: What you wear up top is key.

Invest in long flowing tops, sweaters or tunics that cover your tush and even your thighs if you are heavy or wide there. Since you are wearing skinny on the bottom go wider up top to balance meaning tops that drape and flow work really well.

What do you do when it comes to shoes?

Tip #3: Flat boots or shoes work well.

Sure, heels can sometimes work, but if they are too clunky or fussy they can also look tacky, especially after 40. You don’t want to start looking like your teenage daughter.

Ballet flats or low heeled boots always look classiest and complement the relaxed look of tights. Wedges work too and also look great.

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  1. Cheryl Chidester says:

    Hello, just joined Fabulous After 40, I am over 50 and hope this site is what I have been looking for. I am 5’3″ and heavy set. I would like to wear leggings but not sure if it is appropriate for my shape, I have heavy legs, calves and no ankle. Need advice on what to wear. Help…..

    • Hi Cheryl, Sure you can wear leggings if you are short and heavy set. Black leggings with a black or dark colored top will make you look taller than a bright colored top and dark leggings. Also, a boots or shoe with a little height will make your legs look longer and make you look taller. Keep your footwear dark like your leggings to elongate your legs. Thirdly, make sure your top has a gentle A-line and that it lands past your bottom but above your knees. If it is below the knees you will drown in fabric. Hope that helps. Cheers Deborah

  2. Beth O'Brien says:

    Are leggings and a nice pair of knee high boots an acceptable alternative for a business casual office environment? I purchased my first pair of leggings, a nice flowing sweater cardigan and flat knee high black boots. Others wear these items to work, but are also younger age-wise. I feel it looks fine, but would like a second opinion.

  3. Mishele Smoak says:

    I have been searching everywhere for a legging that will help hide my cellulite and larger bottom, that are quality made. I am a size 12, and the leggings site was for sizes 14 and above.

    Any suggestions for opaque, high quality tights?

  4. Thuli Mtshali says:

    Looooooove this website. I’m where I’m supposed to be getting fashion advice at last

  5. Traci Leckrone says:

    I’m blessed with thin long legs however the stomach area is another story. I love leggings and also have trouble finding cute tops long enough to be appropriate while not looking like Maude. Thanks for the tips on wear to shop.

  6. Try J Jill. They usually have a lot of cute tunics.

  7. Kristi Holzwart says:

    I have recently moved to the north (Michigan) from my homeland (Texas); I finally took the plunge and purchased several pair of leggings and some “grown-up” skinny jeans/pants, so that I can wear my new collection of tall boots. Of course, I know good and well that I need long tunic sweaters to cover the important bits (and so as not to look ridiculous); however, it seems now I can’t actually FIND any flowing/drapey/a-line (as in, not fitted so that it hugs my muffin tops and works with my pear shape!) sweaters for a reasonable price.

    Any suggestions on where? I need to invest in several (at least) so I am not looking to break the bank on a single item.


    • Kristi Holzwart says:

      just want to add: I have found a few lightweight tops but this is Michigan: I need sweaters! :)

      • Pam Ungruh says:

        I just found some online at I searched for tunic sweaters. I ordered 2 which were delivered yesterday and I love them. I live in Illinois so it is cold here too! I also found some tunics at but did not order those yet. Good luck.