What Color to Wear When You are Mother of the Bride? {VIDEO}

When it come to mother of the bride dresses, it can be very difficult to know which color to choose. If  you a mother of the bride who is feeling a little stressed about this, I have some ideas for you.

If you are the Mother of the Bride deciding what color to wear you need to think about many things such as the time of year. Will it be a fall, summer, spring or winter wedding? You also need to consider  the formality of the event,  the color of the bridesmaids dresses…it goes on.  But the reality is it’s not that complicated. Here’s a few ways to decide.


A mother of the bride dress in the same general color family as the bridesmaids is a classy way to co-ordinate, but still be a little different.  For example, if the bridesmaids are in a light shade of purple, then mom can wear a deep purple mother of the bride dress.

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Go Opposite

Another idea is to choose a mother of the bride dress in a color that is directly opposite in color to the bridesmaids’ dresses.  You’ll definitely stand out, but the bridesmaids will still look great next to you in pictures.

Seasonal Theme

If you’ve been looking at mother of the bride dresses in the same color palette as the bridesmaids’ dresses,you are also on the right track.  For a seasonally themed wedding, this can nicely pick up different aspects of the season, and look very classy.  Bridesmaids may be in pastel blue and mom can be in soft, butter yellow for an Easter wedding.

Try a pattern

If you like patterns then a  patterned mother of the bride dress with a color in it that echoes the bridal colors looks lovely.  This adds some personality to the bridal party and pictures. For example if the bridesmaids are in pink, the mother of the bride can wear a dress with a pink and green watercolor wash.

Go for Neutral

When in doubt  neutrals go with everything! Just be careful to get a more saturated color so it doesn’t wash you out. A deep taupe or dark silvery gray can look nice. Black mother of the bride dresses are acceptable too. Just be sure to o.k. it with the bride.

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  1. Dawn Wilson says:

    My son is getting married in the summer of 2015 – I can’t find a lot of information on line about MOTHER OF THE GROOM:) I’m also only 43:) everything I looked at looks old fashioned – what would you suggest:). Can you start an advice column specifically for mother of the groom? Everything is centred to mother of the bride thank you.

    • Hi Dawn,
      The Mother of The Bride dresses very much like the Mother of the bride although it generally the Mother of the bride that chooses her color/length first and you should co-ordinate. My ebook: Secrets When your are Mother of the bride or Groom is explains all this and is loaded with information and nearly 200 photos to help you look Fab on the big day. I highly recommend you pick up a copy. It will really help!

      • Dawn Wilson says:

        Thank you I still think there should be equal focus to mother of the groom:) I will invest in a copy thank you!