Tips to Dress Casually in Shorts

Who says you can’t wear shorts after 40? Here are some Florida Glam Gals who show you how.

JoJami looks fab in this white outfit, but says that after looking at this photo she realized that her black wedges are just too much of a contrast. if she were to do it again she’d wear nude or metallic sandals.

Sharon Branaman also looks great in white shorts. She paired a crisp blouse
with long shorts that are a little wider at the bottom. This balances out a large bust or thick middle.
Great in white shorts 
 Sharon has layered her jewelry to dress up her look and express her creativity. SharonBranaman-jewelry
Better than sneakers, Sharon loves these metallic shoes from White Mountain. She says they are perfect because they’re comfortable +stylish and even have a little heel to give you a lift! (Zappos)
 Are you wearing shorts this year? Send me a photo and I’ll post it.


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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. I like shorts, but my problem isn’t veins or crepiness, it’s keratosis pilaris. I am chocolate skinned, and I never have done short shorts, but I like burmudas. I am hoping that some self tanner might hide the dark bumps on my legs. Wearing stalkings in the summer just looks odd.

    • Hi Elle,
      No matter what issues we have with our legs Bermudas (or longer shorts) are always a great option. Self tanner can be help but if you have bumps it really won’t hide them that much. You are right, stockings really are not that great of an option (see our article on stockings) Sometimes we just have to face reality and do the best we can to look good. If that means longer shorts or skirts then so be it…we can still be fabulous!!

  2. I am curious about the blouse/tunic the woman has on with the longer white shorts in the Shorts and Warm Weather Dressing pictures. You tell the brand on the shorts and shoes..but not the shirt!! This is an outfit I would love to copy..perfect for me! Thanks!

    • Hi Ann,
      I believe the blouse was Chicos. Great idea to find inspiration from that outfit! The wider shorts really balance her out!
      I like the shoes with it too and the way she layered the jewelry. It is rather lightweight jewelry and it brings the outfit together nicely!
      Good luck!

  3. My legs are not pretty bare. I am not tan and the veins, though not varicose, are really starting to show. Add to that, all boo-boos I had as a kid have left their mark. Solution? Sally Hanson’s spray-on leg makeup. It’s great, does NOT come off on your clothes — or even in the water without really scrubbing — and looks very natural. I really don’t wear shorts very often though, just skirts (knee-length) and capris in the summer.

    • Hi Mary, Yes, I too have tried several brands and Sally Hanson’s is a good one! Thanks for reminding us that spray tan is a great option to smooth out some of the little imperfections that we get as we age. Also for those who don’t tan it can be a lifesaver to feeling good about showing off their legs!

  4. I also think a good point to bring up when considering shorts after 40 is the condition of your skin. I see so many woman over 40 who are size wise fine to wear shorts but then their skin looks so bad all you can think is “Cover it up!” I’ve noticed my ow skintone and suppleness has been going downhill for the last year so I’ve totally switched over to the longer shorts and capris for the coming summer. Bye bye short shorts, I sure will miss you!

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m also not a fan of those long skirts … I’m pretty short and I think they make me look kindof stumpy. NOT the look I’m going for at 44!

    I love Sharon’s outfit, those metallic sandals really look great. And that color blue with white is really great on Babs, its nice to see that pretty combo.

    • Hi Michelle, I’ve got to agree with you on that one. Around the pool, or while relaxing on vacation is nice, but most women I see wearing long skirts out at the mall look like they’ve never moved past their flower child years. Glam Gal Deb

  6. Nude sandals and lighter colored sunglasses would be better in the first “all white” pic.

    The wider shorts do help balance the look of the second – good job!

    I do like the white jean jacket and blue top under (very flattering on her) but I’m not a fan of maxi-length skirts or dresses on most people. I think I would have tried the top with some light weight deeper toned chinos. But, if it’s hot you wouldn’t wear the jean jacket anyway, so a “light skirt” is a moot point.

    • Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for bringing up maxi-length skirts. That is a topic worth discussing a little deeper. Just saw the April Glamour magazine and they are showing lots of long skirts for Summer. I think they can be aging on older women if not updated properly…YIKES!