Welcome Glam Gals!

Are you 40, 50 or beyond, enjoy fashion, but need help knowing what to wear to look stylish and classy and modern? Wondering how to dress so you don’t look like a frumpy old lady or a desperate teenager either?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m Deborah Boland, host and publisher of Fabulous After 40  -the go-to place for practical fashion and beauty advice and step-by-step style solutions that you can implement right away..

I started this community because I LOVE fashion. All my life I got a kick out of following the latest styles, dressing up, and  having lots of fun experimenting with clothes…… but let me tell you, after 40 things changed!

Trying to look stylish suddenly became confusing and frustrating. Why?

After 40 my body started getting softer and curvier. Clothes didn’t quite fit the way they used to.

My lifestyle shifted too. After a 20 year career as an Executive TV Producer/ Host (including my own hit series on HGTV) I was suddenly at home with my 3 small children. I went from dressing up to the nines for meetings and media events to being a full time stay at home living in yoga pants.

Trying to get back on the style track and find clothes that were modern and age appropriate, but not dowdy and boring or too teenager- trendy, was very difficult. Where were the stores and designers that catered to hip, mature women who wanted to look chic and fabulous?

And where were the style role models over 40?  I didn’t see any fashionable women over 40 in magazines, on TV, on the internet, anywhere?  Did they even exist?

That’s when I decided right then and there that it was all too easy to just give up. I could have said, “Well,  I guess I’ve had my time to be a fashionista. It’s over now.”  But you know what?  That would have been sad.

Determined not to lose my passion for fashion and fall in to a frumpy rut I decided to create a free online magazine and style community to help other women who might be feeling the same way.

Deborah BolandI took my 20+ years of experience as a lifestyle and fashion  producer and on-air host on National TV, combined it with certification as an Image Consultant with AICI, and launched Fabulous After 40.

I want you to consider me as your friend, your style cheerleader, and your guide to helping you Tweak Your Chic.®

Please read and comment on my posts, as well as suggest ideas for topic you would like to see covered. You’re also welcome to go ahead and check out my style eBooks & podcasts, participate in my Fabulous After 40 online style webinar courses, plus meet up with other like-minded fashionistas on Facebook , Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  I’d love you to share photos of great outfits that you’ve worn, ask questions and have fun!

And of course, don’t forget to take a look around and be sure to sign-up for my free special report: 5 Massive Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Too Old or Too Young and How to Get it Just Right.

I  strongly believe when you look good, you feel good, and life is so much more fun! And isn’t that what life is all about..having some fun and being a Glam Gal!  

Remember, Life is too short to be Frumpy! Join me, (head Glam Gal) Deborah Boland, to help you start looking and feeling Fabulous After 40 today!