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We’ve been enjoying seeing our ladies dressed in their holiday party dresses. But this week we asked the Fabulous After 40 ladies to show us their best casual fashion for women over 40. Whether it’s out and about running errands, coffee with friends, or a quick trip to the grocery store, comfort and style are king in casual fashion for women over 40.

 scarf-blazer-casual-dressing-over-40The Beloved Boyfriend Jean

Although inspired by menswear, Adrienne’s casual style is very feminine thanks to the addition of the animal print scarf. Adrienne, 45, who blogs at The Rich Life (on a budget), says, “Here is my latest “out-to-run-errands” look. This is my go-to outfit for a casual day:  jeans, blazer, scarf, T-shirt and flats. It’s a look that suits me because it’s not only very comfortable, but it allows me to express my personal style.”

One Outfit, 2 Waysred-blazer-boots-casual-dressing-over-40

Karen, 52, sent us two pictures of the same outfit paired with different styles and colors of boots. She asks, “Here is a favorite casual wear outfit that I recently wore out to breakfast with a friend. This is my red boyfriend blazer worn with my black ankle pants that I wore all summer and now wear them tucked into boots for the fall/winter months. Do they look best with the brown boots or the black ankle boots? I like them with the brown boots because I think the brown provides a nice, warm contrast with the black.” We posed this question to the Fabulous After 40 Facebook community. To see how they weighed in and to weight in yourself, click here to view the opinions.

jeans-casual-dressing-over-40jeans-casual-dressing-over-40Casual Jeans, A Casual Dress

Lika, 42, from Jakarta, Indonesia, shared two very different casual looks with us. In one she’s wearing jeans, and in the other, she’s wearing a dress. Lika explains, “This is my usual casual look.  I usually pair this look with my jeans and wedge shoes.”

For lunch with a best friend, Lika opted for a lightweight casual-turquoise-dress-over-40dress. Lika fills us in on her outfit and the traditional garb that her best friend is wearing, “Here is a picture of me with my bestie since junior high school, Eva. Both of us are 42 this year. She is a Moslem and wear hijab everyday which is very common here in Indonesia. I wore my favorite turquoise dress and cotton cardigan, along with my favorite ethnic necklace. Eva is wearing a grey cotton stretch long sleeve T’shirt with her grey tunic and long pants. Great look, good friend for a casual lunch.”

Lika was featured in a much more formal dress in a previous “What I Wore” when she celebrated Christmas with her family.

Weekends are for Weddings, too!

And for good measure, we switched gears from the casual looks to a formal, mother-of-the bride look. Pam, 48, from California had the distinct pleasure of being the mother-of-the-bride and stepmother-of-the-bride in less than a month’s time!

pam-mother-of-the-brideFor Pam’s daughter’s wedding, she wore a deep periwinkle Suzi Chin chiffon dress.

For Pam’s stepdaughter’s wedding, she wore a deep teal Donna Ricco chiffon dress. Pam adds, “Of

mother-of-the-bride-dresscourse, I added extra bling to give my dresses that special “Pam Touch”!! I wore the same shoes for both weddings, a pair of Jessica Simpson silver metallic ankle strap pumps. I was the official makeup artist for my daughter’s wedding (six bridesmaids plus maid of honor), so it was a VERY busy day!!”

Pam could be poster gal for our popular ebook Mother of the Bride which details exactly what to wear on one of the most special days of your life. Pick up a copy now!

We would love to meet more of you FAB ladies. Don’t be shy! Please send in your photo, your age, where you are from, and any details about your outfit to: [email protected] . We’ll feature you on our Facebook page as well as in an upcoming What I Wore. We love hearing from you and cheering you on, Glam Gals!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Afsana Ismail says:

    I wish I could find a book with fashionable trendy styles for women in Hijab. Its so difficult for me cos the blazers or tops are too short( must cover the buttocks and crotch) or the sleeves are too short(must cover the elbow) or the lovely sexy dresses are too short(must cover the calves)…and because I’m short I dont have much of a choice.Please help. I am 1,55m in height and I am a size 36(12) UK

    • Hi Afsana,
      I’m sorry I don’t know of any sites off the bat with style for women in Hijab, but I just did a quick google search of “modest stylish clothing” and “fashionable modest clothing” and there seems to be a lot of blogs out there on the subject, so I would check those out as they often make recommendations. If I find a good site I will let you know.