What Is The Difference Between A Leopard And A Cougar?


Jerry Hall will be playing a cougar in the new version of The Graduate. Photo: Daile Pepper

We’ve all heard of cougars- older women who like to date younger men. But now everyone is talking about Leopards. What is the difference? Apparently, Leopards are single 40+ women who are intelligent, successful, educated and secure in themselves.

To find out more about this new term, check out the Blogging Boomers Carnival – a round-up of the best boomer blog for boomer women. This week it is hosted by Nancy Mehegan of VaBoomer!

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  1. Why does there even have to be a word for older women dating young. I think that’s preposterous. I think they call men who date younger women men.

  2. Nancy Jane says:

    Jerry Hall is actually 54, born in 1956.