What Jacket To Wear With a Maxi Dress

Maxi dress with denim jacket

Maxi dress with denim jacket

I’ve had a lot of readers write to me singing the praises of maxi dresses because they are casually stylish, comfy and a nice change from pants.

The only problem seems to be that many are on the skimpy side up top and a lot of gals want a little more coverage.

If you like the idea of a maxi dress, but were wondering what to wear to cover your shoulders and arms, then here are two suggestions.

You can either look for a maxi dress with sleeves, or throw on a cute little jean jacket over top of a maxi dress.


maxi dress and jean jacket

A maxi dress and jean jacket is casual and fun.

A Jean Jacket adds Style and Is the  Perfect Cover-Up

A jean jacket looks cool with a maxi because it enhances that laid back boho vibe.  This is a great outfit to wear to a pool party, a backyard summer bbq, when you are out shopping or when you are on vacation.  A classic, slightly faded blue denim jacket works with every color, or choose white, which looks really nice in summer.

Choose Big Accessories

For a sporty, more youthful look, roll up the sleeves a little to show off your forearms, then throw on some bangles or layer multiple bracelets.  Keep in mind that accessories need to be a little larger and bolder since with a maxi, there’s a lot of fabric.

What jacket to wear with maxi dress

Wondering what jacket to wear with maxi dress? Try this.

Tiny little earrings or a dainty necklace will get lost. You’re better off to go with accessories that stand out; for example a pair of big hoops, a long scarf, or a funky, wide leather belt with a big decorative buckle. These work with the boho vibe.

Keep the Shoe and Bag Casual

What women love about maxis is that they can be worn with flat or low wedge shoes so you can feel comfortable, but still look casually stylish too.

The other great thing is that since the maxi dress has a long vertical line it will give you the illusion of looking longer and leaner. Have fun with a natural looking or sparkly sandal or if you prefer, a relaxed looking rope or cork wedge.  I wouldn’t recommend wearing a maxi dress with kitten heel or pumps; it will look too dressy for such a casual look.

Transition Your Maxi Into Fall

If you want to get more mileage out of your maxi dress come fall, you can do what this gal did. She wore a long red tank over top of  maxi dress, then added a fringed scarf and a denim jacket.

It makes it look as she is wearing a skirt instead of a dress. Two outfits from one dress! If you have a summer maxi dress in your closet, get it out and have some fun trying to layer it for a casual look. It’s a nice change from pants and it makes you feel fresh and feminine.

And don’t forget, maxi dresses are great for summer parties and even work for  summer weddings! 

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Dianna Robinson says:

    I have a closet full of maxi dresses because I love them! I wear mine with either a denim jacket…with the sleeves rolled up of course!….or a pretty lightweight cardigan or a sleeveless denim jacket/vest. I consider the maxi to be a staple in my wardrobe!

  2. Denim jackets seems to be the trend to wear over a maxi, however, I like the short bolero sweaters better.

  3. A maxi dress is great. I wear mine with a jean jacket typically. I was wondering what people think of a sleeveless jean jacket over a maxi?

    • Patricia E. says:

      I think a Jean vest would look great, especially in warmer weather. I’m gonna try it. Thanks for the tip! :-)

  4. Hi Deboah,
    I really love your youtube videos. But one thing i’ve noticed is that your models are all slim (lucky). I am 5′ 2″ and stocky, a US size 16 (i’m a New Zealander, and here i would be a size 18). I have slight waist curves, a full bust and broad shoulders. I’m really struggling to feel good about myself and find my style. I’m 55 years old.
    Any suggestions.
    Regards from down under