What Not to Wear Shoes


Here is a quick look on what women are clomping around in NYC, and I warned you… its wild!

What seems to be popular these days is too extreme for us gals over 40. For example, these purple patent heels are the perfect, “what NOT to wear” style.

If you want a chuckle, check out this video from The New York Times to see why we think this new style rage should be left to younger Fashionistas.

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Share Your Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. At 49, I would surely wear these shoes IF they had a realistic heel. Four inches plus? Not now, not at 20-something, never! I’m a runner and my achilles tendons are way more impt. than excessive fashion. Further, I think those really high heels look, well, slutty. But I love the shoe itself.

  2. Would love to hear from the ladies who gives these purple shoes a thumbs up. What would you wear with these shoes if you owned a pair?

  3. Because your gladiators have a wedge, they sound great.

  4. Thanks for your comment, and I know why you read the site, because you sound hip and cool! However, you certainly will NOT look like Ms. Cleaver in these shoes!
    I love that this article has produced so many comments… Mostly, that you all see yourself as young. I like that I picked a shoe that was “teatering” on wild but not so extreme as to be obviously WRONG…
    This is where so many over 40 women feel confused. There is such a fine line between hip and over the top.

  5. I’m 55 and I just got a pair of the gladiator sandles but they only come up to my ankles with a wedge heel. I love them. I would never wear them with shorts or a short skirt, but I am going to wear them with a cute pair of white capri pants that come down below my knee.

  6. I am fifty (the new thirty). Absolutely nothing wrong with those shoes. The shape is great, the colour expressive without being too “in your face” and the height is sexy (if you can wear a very high heel). I do not think that once you hit a milestone certain types of fashion are taboo. Granted as we age we can not get away with what we could as teenagers ( for example being overly exposed, unless at the pool or very very short anything) but certainly styles that are fashionable and the hottest trends can certainly be worn with a bit of modification. Also our younger counterparts can wear a small number of trends at the same time whereas we need to wear only a couple at the same time. Other than that our age group is so youthful these days that there is no need to become a Mrs. Cleaver.

  7. Love the look of high heeled shoes and once in a while, talk myself into buying them, but then I pay. The feet and knees rebel for days and I wonder, “what was I thinking?!” So sad. I sometimes miss the sassy look of high heels, but have made peace with lower heeled styles.

  8. Those shoes are HOT!

    I also saw that itsaglamthing.com links to your site. I was browsing their site, saw the link and was like, “OMG! I know that site!”

  9. love the colour, the black heel, the patent look, would have preferred a simple pump over that buckle. i’m 50 and i’d wear it if it didn’t have that buckle. shoes should be fun (and comfortable).

  10. Well, I must say, I would consider wearing something like these out Salsa dancing. Also, If you wore a solid outfit in black, you could pull these off, for a night out on the town. You sound like a fun person!
    Thanks for your input.

  11. I’ve never been able to wear heels – I’m just too darn clutzy!! :(

  12. Katie O'Brien Mathis says:

    Just turned 40 and I love these shoes. Very fun!!

  13. Katie O'Brien Mathis says:

    Just turned 40 and I love these shoes. Very fun!!

  14. Katie O'Brien Mathis says:

    Just turned 40 and I love these shoes. Very fun!!

  15. Deborah Boland says:

    Well, that is a problem for a lot of women, especially those with foot problems.However, if your just too clutzy…that can be fixed!
    You should try a low heel and practice!
    I LOVE heels and I can’t imagine what life would be out without them.

  16. Well, I’m 50 and I adore those shoes. I would wear them in a heartbeat

  17. When women get decked out in the more bizarre “styles” I have to think they have low self esteem and are in dire need of attention. Sexy? I think not.

  18. Hi — I had trouble with the url, but I was so curious, so I scouted around on the NY Times and it is definitely worth a look. Here’s the url: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/07/27/fashion/street-multimedia-3/index.html

    I’d go for the gladiators, but I don’t know if I could stay bent over long enough to buckle them up! Great find.