What to Wear For A Girl’s Night Out

If you like getting together with your girlfriends, you know much fun it can be, and how important it is to wear something cute!

Whether you all go out to dinner, to the movies or you just have everyone bring appetizers and hang out at your house, things are usually pretty casual.

What do you wear to look pulled together and not overdone on a Girls’ Night Out? Here are a couple of ideas.






Here are some tips to look pretty and polished on your next Girls’ Night Out!
  • Start with a fresh pair of dark wash flared jeans.  Skinny jeans are all the rage, but most of us over 40 gals need to balance out our bodies. A boot cut or slightly flared pant will do that.
  • Make your top the star of the show.  You want your top to be the focus so go with an interesting fabric, color or shiny fabric.
  • Don’t tuck in!  Unless you are a “pear shape” with a super flat tummy, most of us over 40 fashionistas will look best if we keep our tops out.  You can add a thin or thick belt if you think it will flatter your figure.  If not, do without!
  • Try a wrap dress for a dressier occasion. Not all GNOs are casual.  A  wrap dress will fit the occasion and keep you comfortable.
  • Don’t over do the accessories.  Too much bling and you look overdone for a casual get together.
  • Get out a pair of sexy heels and strut your stuff.  You go girl. Bring out the heels, booties and have some fun!   If you have foot problems, then a pair of wedges are a good compromise. You’ll probably be sitting and chatting all night anyway. Just remember, the shoes can make or break the outfit!
  • Switch out your everyday purse for a clutch.  Let this be your excuse to take out one of those cute clutches you probably have tucked away at the back of your closet.  Leave your everyday bag at home.  You don’t need to lug all that stuff around. Just grab your cell phone, a tube of lipstick and your wallet and toss them into your cute clutch.

Have fun!

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Hi Deborah and Glam Gals,
    I, along with several of your other followers, love this “What to Wear” series. Great idea! There are sooo many different occasions we attend, and of course, the first question always is”What Should I Wear?” Yes, we want to look fashionable and chic, but there are some elements that do seem “too young”. Good advice, Deb, we should all just give ourselves an honest look in the mirror and decide for ourselves if it looks “right” or not.

  2. Sharon Marquiss says:

    I like both these looks however, the top is a little baggy for my taste. Even with a thin belt, I think I would look like I was wearing a tent with a string around the middle! I would like a top that is more fitted around the bust area, and then gently flaring out in a flowing fabric that doesn’t “cling”.

  3. Bonnie McManus says:

    Hi Deb . . . I have also been enjoying this “What to wear” series . . . keep em coming.

  4. Lesley-Anne says:

    Loving this ‘What to Wear…’ series. What about what to wear for a job interview. I have been out of the job loop for so long while raising my family that I have forgotten what would be deemed appropriate yet not dull.

    • Thanks Lesey-Anne for that idea. One quick note, job interviews are all unique and you have to do your homework before going out on one, so there will be lots of different scenarios…but bottom line is to look well groomed, ironed and updated!

  5. Love this outfit … was just wondering if I should go for a flair or a straight-leg jean and you answered my question — thank you! I’m also wondering if you’ve ever done a post on western boots (cowboy boots) for women over 50. I saw an ankle-high pair of cowboy boots at Nordstrom’s that I would love to purchase, but wonder if the look is silly for someone my age. I am slim, in good shape, and youthful … but still … any advice on how to wear the western trend?

    • Hi Cindy, The Western boot, is definitely a trend we are seeing this fall and one that we really like! We have talked about this before, but will do another pots on it soon since we have had lots of questions about this. One easy quick tip is, if you think it looks too young, it probably is. That being said, there are age appropriate ways of wearing boots that can be worn at any age!