What To Wear to a Casual Dinner Over 40?

When hubby comes home and you say, “It’s been a busy day. I don’t feel like cooking, let’s go out”, what do you wear?
Here’s a casual outfit that you can throw on to zip up to your local restaurant for a burger, salad or tasty bite.
Let’s look at how it was put together:

Casual Dinner


Slip into a pair of dark wash denim, the kind that follow your curves and has a slight flare that balances out your hips and thighs.  Nearly all women will look great in this style. No rips, fades, whiskers at the crotch, rhinestones or jeans that are so low your muffin top or back fat spills over. A medium rise dark wash jean with some stretch looks rich, classy and feels comfy.

Long top
Where a lot of gals go wrong is  wearing short tops when they are wider across the middle and have a bit of a tummy. Short tops that end at your problem area will draw the attention there. Now, if you have a belly as flat as a pancake, ignore all of this, but if you are like most women and have a bit of jelly belly please take our advice. Get yourself a solid color long top that comes down over your tummy and hides it.

This top is particularly flattering. Do you know why? It’s the neckline. Where does your eye go when you look at this top. It goes up to the neckline and away from the tummy. That’s the trick- distraction! Pick an interesting neckline.

Also this top is smooth and slim fitting and has some stretch which is always good as we get softer and rounder. It flows with the body.
Pick a color that is your wow color. You need color up by your face after 40. If you don’t know what your wow colors are then get your colors done. Our associate Lora Alexander is a color analysis expert and will do your colors online. Check her out. It is well worth it.

These shoes may be too high for some, no doubt, but you get the idea. You need to add some height to look taller and sexier even if it is just and inch. You will look svelte and your pants will look better on you. Wedges say casual, but chic. Do not wear ugly black loafers with these or sneakers- repeat- do not. You will ruin the look.


This bag is so fun. When you want to be casual a colored bag adds energy and makes you look youthful. This bag could be orange, purple etc. It doesn’t matter. It is there to add some punch.


This black necklace simple and chic. No itty bitty jewelry here. This necklace shows personality. Imagine how plain the outfit would be without it. Notice how the black ties in with the shoes and pulls the look together?

The Whole look

Yes you could wear it out to a casual dinner,  but you could also wear it a lot of other places like shopping, dropping by a girlfriends, out to a movie etc. It’s a solid outfit and one you will like to have in your closet. Have you ever worn something similar? Send me a photo. I’d love to post it.

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. This outfit is cute for anyone. I agree with Gail and would use a different color purse than the top, but otherwise love this.

    Our city, like most, has a “rich” side of town, and the Goodwill there is a treasure trove! Like KC says, others think I’m the biggest clothes-horse on the planet and must spend a fortune…but I’ve thrifted so many beautiful, brand-name things! Stopping in frequently pays off; I’m not the only one who knows about this place! My advice wrt thrifting though: do you see it as fun, a treasure hunt, a “green” way to be stylish? If not, don’t do it. My sis says it makes her feel poor and sad. Nothing’s worth that.

  2. I’m with the other ladies, it’s very hard in some of the magazines and in online suggestions for clothes, shoes and accessories, they’re way too expensive. This is a bad economy, and a lot of people have had to cut back on a lot of life’s little luxuries. But I second the thought of Goodwill. All you need is an idea of the outfit above, and go shopping with that idea in mind. If you frequent thrift stores, eventually you can become an expert in them, and can find some REALLY wonderful stuff for less. Labels too. My mother has done it for years. People ask if she’s rich, she has so many wonderful clothes. All from thrift stores. It does work ladies. Truly. ;o)

  3. Wanda in Edmonton says:

    Bonnie, I think a long necklace would spoil the effect of the lovely draped neckline. JMO.

    I love the outfit. It is definitely somthing I would wear for a casual outing. These are definitely my colors, too.

    I just had my colors done online by Lora and loved the experience. My color swatch just arrived and, while ‘my’ colors are generally the ones that I tended to buy anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find some new colors in the palette, as well. It gives me some new things to explore.

    As for the person who said they would wear this outfit to work, I think it depends on your job and the work environment. As a senior manager for a medical supply manufacturer, this MIGHT be OK for me, with a blazer over it for casual Friday, but definitely not work attire for me, otherwise.

  4. I love the colors and the simplicity of the outfit, but I cannot wear that type of neckline and, frankly, I am tired of seeing it everywhere. I sure wish “the preppy look” would come back in style, because that’s what I wear best. Also, I know you are just giving ideas for a casual look, but sometimes I wonder if you realize many women over 60 cannot afford the price of online or magazine suggestions. Maybe they have something similar at Goodwill (and they are not cheap, either!) LOL!

  5. Liliana says:

    The look is great for inspiration.

    However, you definitely cannot spend $500 just for the necklace …

  6. This look would also be nice for those under 40 also.

  7. I love this look and would also like to know where I can find the top. The only thing I would change is the purse color–as you said, any bright color would work, but the green pictured is too “matchy-matchy” with the top.

  8. Lea Fry says:

    Cute but too dressy. I’d put on some jeweled up thongs and a more casual blouse. If I wore this my husband would say, “now I have to change because you are all dressed up” This is something I would typically wear to work.

  9. Love the top. Do you know where to get it? The whole look is great! Thanks.

  10. Bonnie McManus says:

    Love this outfit . . . question could you also wear a long necklace? I am short and find that longer necklaces seem to make me “feel” taller.