What to Wear With a Cape?

When you are sick of your winter coat, but it’s too early to go without something, a cape is a fantastic spring transition piece. Capes have a drama all their own and the power to make you look instantly chic. Here’s how to wear one.


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1. Stay Fitted on the Bottom

The beauty of a cape is that it is wide up top, which means it can make your figure look pretty terrific if you get the bottom half right. For the perfect silhouette try wearing your cape with tapered pants, leggings or  a pencil skirt for long, lean look.  Stay away from wide, baggy pants or voluminous skirts which will only make your cape look big, bulky and your whole look overwhelming.

If you are petite be extra careful you get the right fit. You don’t want to look like a caped crusader drowning in fabric.

2. Keep Your Cape Clean and Simple

Capes – long or short, look best when they aren’t too fussy. Stay away from busy patterns, lots of pockets and hardware and instead go for a cape that is sleek with clean lines.

3. Go for Neutrals or a bold bright

You can’t go wrong with a cape in a classic neutral like black, brown gray or camel, especially in fall. However this can get a little boring come spring.

Capes are dramatic so if you that vibe then I suggest you be brave and try a cape in a bright modern color like this stunning orange one. This would sure perk you up coming out of a dreary winter and I think it would work equally well for fall- just switch out the white cropped pants for black or brown leggings.

Another thing, a cape is such statement pieces you’ll want to show it off. Play up contrast by pairing your cape by wearing a different color on the bottom, or if you do go monochromatic, then be sure to mix up textures so you don’t look bland.

4. Cary an Oversized Bag

Capes don’t work with over the shoulder bags with long straps that just get in the way. They’re also not great with little purses that get swallowed up in all that fabric. The best kind of bag for a cape is a chic oversized handbag that you carry on your forearm. Add a pair of big sunglasses and you’ll look like a movie star.

5. Don Some Bracelets

With a cape coat like this your arms are going to be showing so glam them up by layering a variety of  bracelets and maybe even a watch. You’ll be surprised what a difference this makes to the overall look.

6. Wear Cute Shoes

Finish off your look with cute flats or heels , the choice is yours, but make sure they are fab. A cape is such a head turner it’s going to draw attention to your entire look, head to toe.

Do you like capes? Let me know.

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  1. I purchased the QVC version of the Rachel Zoe cape- Fabulous, I’ve worn it in multiple ways, and the price was fabulous.