Not Losing That Belly Fat? Here’s Why…

Are you having trouble loosing the muffin top?Sponsored post

After 40, many or should we say MOST of us have that belly pouch that just seems so darn annoying!

Trying to fit into clothes that we used to wear is now challenging!

If you want some help losing weight, please read the article below – it just might change your life.

Why You Are Not Losing Belly Fat…

If you are like most people with a weight problem,
you already know the answer. (Consuming more calories

than you burn). And you probably know exactly what you have to do in order to lose it. Are we right?  You probably have multiple books that
all work. Then why aren’t you doing it?

Most people will tell you that all you need is more,
”will power”, however they couldn’t be more wrong! Here is why…

According to the latest research*, ”will power” is a
limited resource. When you ”will” yourself to stay away from bad foods,
it takes away your ability to concentrate on even the
simplest of day to day activities.

For example, when subjects were told not to eat chocolate
chip cookies, their persistence in puzzle solving
deteriorated. And when they were told to suppress an
emotional reaction to a movie, they had problems solving
a simple anagram.

In short, any act of suppression is virtually unsustainable…

This is why once you start having to think about other stuff, it becomes almost impossible for you to stay away from the cookies, the burgers, the tacos, the beer, the chips, and the soda. Even worse, whatever habits you have developed around eating
lie deep in your unconscious mind. This dictates your ”default”
eating choices, and any changes to this using ”will power” are
met with massive resistance. And this is a battle you don’t want to fight, because the
unconscious mind always wins.

So if you want to get trim, you have to change your unconscious
”default” eating choices. It is the only real way to get results
that stick – and it is a whole lot easier…

How do you work with the unconscious mind, you ask?
Sometimes repetition works, and establishing rituals one at
a time can help…But the only method that is validated by current science and
mainstream organizations like The American Medical Association
is called medical hypnosis.

Hypnosis is basically the study of creating unconscious changes.
Over 80 years of clinical research have demonstrated that with
the aid of hypnosis, people are able to have control where they
had none before.

Get this; at the University of Iowa they are doing MRI studies where you actually see the brain shutting off feelings of pain in the brain. . . all under hypnosis. If hypnosis can teach you to block pain, it certainly can help you change your eating habits. But make sure you get the real thing. You don’t want help
from a ”stage hypnotist” – you want to find someone with a
proven clinical track record.  And finding somebody in
person with a proven track record for weight loss is
extremely difficult.

Over 50,000 people have now used this program, and the
satisfaction rate is 92%. This means that over 9 out of 10 people are able to change
their eating behaviors and get the slim body they deserve
using her hypnosis sessions.

The publisher provides you with a year to try the program,
and they even let you sample it for 28 days by just paying shipping.
So if you struggle with, ”will power” – then this program
is truly a, ”no brainer”.

Good luck!

The Glam Gals


I , JoJami, have personally tried this and other of the Hypnosis Networks CD’s and found them to be a terrific tool! Feel free to ask us questions or comment below!

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  1. angela ross says:

    Yes its definately harder to keep your waist size consistent once youve reached 40 but its not impossible! Flabby arms, Chunky Thighs, Bulging Belly, they can all be me ive done it!

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  3. Worked for me.

  4. I have had a great success using hypnosis for weight loss.

  5. This is great! I have been using Dr. Temes’ program for over 2 years now and lost 15 pounds around my arms and thighs that were driving me crazy!!! And keeping it of has been pretty easy