Winners ~ What To Wear To The Movies

In our What to Wear to the Movies contest, we invited readers to wow us with their creative sides by designing Polyvore collages of casual but stylish outfits that are perfect for a day at the movies for women over 40.

I wanted to see what you think women over 40 should be wearing when they hit the theaters to beat the heat and take in the latest blockbuster sensation this summer.

Grand Prize Winner ~ “Movie Night” by Emily Cromer
what to wear to the movies

This very casual look was hands down the winner, which was actually a surprise to me. It’s well put together, but I see this more on a woman in her 20’s or 30’s.

Maybe it’s just that the faded ripped jeans aren’t polished enough for my taste. I can see more natural types going for a look like this. For example this reminds me of something Jennifer Aniston would wear (and she is 40).

Would love to know what it was about this outfit that so many of you loved.

First Runner-Up ~ “Let’s Go To The Movies” by Mary Seevers

what to wear to the movies

I like the idea of winner # 2 …pants, a t-shirt, cascading sweater for the chilly theatre, but I wouldn’t choose the owl top. It’s too junior looking, not sophisticated. Also, I don’t get that hat at all.

Again, would love to hear your thoughts on this look and what you liked about it.

Second Runner-Up ~ “Off To The Movies!” by Emily Cromer
what to wer to the movies

This is cute. It’s casual, but kind of fun. I like the idea of a maxi for a change from pants. Let’s hear what you loved about this one.

Which one did I like? Well you know me…. I love color and a more crisp look. This one below  is also from Mary Seevers  ( who came in second)  and is something I’d wear. it would be great to throw on to go out for a nice dinner and then pop next door to a movie. I think that straw bag is especially cute.what to wear to the movies

Thank You to the winners. You all deserve a big round of applause for your wonderful collages and for providing inspiration to our readers.

For specific designer and pricing information on the clothes for women featured in the winning collages, and to take a look at all the other wonderful creations submitted, What To Wear To The Movies

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Comments, Feedback, & Opinions:

  1. Brenda Wyles says:

    No, no, no …. the owl top, are you kidding?

  2. Emily Cromer says:

    I had a great time participating in the What to Wear to the Movies pinterest contest and am excited to have won! I actually have an outfit very similar to the winning collage and wear it often. I am 45 and have been told I look younger. Maybe some days I do. :) I don’t want to dress too young and look ridiculous (nothing worse) but I do think this outfit is appropriate for someone in the 40’s. Perhaps not older than that though. I think a little tasteful distressing on these boyfriend jeans is fun, but not excessive. I love earth tones and love the trend of lace right now too. I own the same shoes shown, and they are comfortable and age appropriate. I do live in a small town so going to the movies here is a casual event! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Deborah, I agree with you, I thought the winning look was a bit young looking so I’m looking forward to hearing what others love about this look. As it it summer, I voted for the second runner up because maci’s tend to be my go-to date night outfit and I love the idea of the denim jacket to dress it down a bit. And, we all know, you just can’t go wrong with black and white.