10 Hot Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

It’s time to check out the new spring styles already arriving in stores. Here’s a look at 10 hot fashion trends for spring 2019, and how to wear them!

Since when is beige blah? Not this spring! Head-to-toe neutrals from sand, to tan, cream, taupe, and khaki are the elegant new arrival on the fashion scene. Monochromatic dressing using these soft earth tones makes you look sophisticated and worldly. If you are a gal who feel good in outfits that are quietly chic, this trend is for you!

Style Tip to pull off the Neutrals Trend

When you are putting together an outfit with tone-on-tone colors, be sure to mix in different textures or else the outfit can look too flat and dull.


At the opposite end of the spectrum are the gals who just can’t get enough color or pattern in their wardrobes. If that’s you, you’ll love this spring’s mixed prints trend. Get ready for all kinds of creative looking clothes with patchwork prints, fabric blocking and unusual mixes of color and pattern.

You don’t have to be funky at heart to wear this trend. There’s something for everybody, from sailor stripes mixed with pinstripes for more traditional types, to pleated patchwork masterpieces for true boho babes. And for those in between gals who want to try out this trend, a scarf print top the big new thing.

Style Tip to pull off Mixed Prints

These fashionable clothes with an overload of color and print don’t need much else. Keep your jewelry and accessories plain, so they aren’t competing with the main attraction.


marigold spring color 2019

Hello Yellow! This sunny shade is shining brightly this spring. From lemon yellow to buttercup, to Marigold (this spring’s favorite yellow), they’re all here, and they can’t help but make you feel like doing a little happy dance.

Not used to all that brightness after a winter of black clothes? Try a Marigold top to get you going, and wear it with your favorite jeans. A cute bag or an accessory with a touch of Marigold can be all you need to look on trend. Or, dive right in and try a cute Marigold tunic or sundress and light up the room.

Style Tip to Pull off Marigold

Like it, but not for every day? Save it for vacation time, and wear a touch of yellow in your swimsuit, sandals, beach bag or in a fun pair of earrings. A little yellow goes a long way to brighten up your look.

neon clothing and acessories spring 2019

Holy Moley, what happened to pastels? They’re still around, but neon has come knocking on fashion’s door for spring 2019. You’ll find neon pink blouses, neon green shoes, neon yellow athleticwear and neon color-blocked accessories (color blocking is another big trend this spring).

Style Tip to Pull off Neon

Don’t wear it. Yes, you heard that right. I find some gals love neon and some hate it, and if you are the latter, just say pass. For those of you who are on the fence but want to give it a go, try it in a sporty piece like a neon yellow workout top, or sneakers with neon orange stripes. These wow brights look totally natural as part of athletic wear.


utility jumpsuits trend spring 2019

Time to get to work and make yourself useful, or so it appears with the arrival of the new spring trend, boilersuits. These utilitarian jumpsuits are casual, practical and easy to style. Harper’s Bazaar describes them as “a cross between chic safari and military.” I say, be careful you pick a cute one, or you’ll end up looking like your plumber, lol!

Style Tip to pull off Utility Jumpsuits

These are quite masculine, so be sure to choose one that is more fitted at the waist. Add cute shoes and a bit of jewelry to look more feminine.

tie dye clcothes spring 2019 trend

This spring we’re going on a boho ride back to the ’70s and the days of Tie-Dye. The crafty tie-dye clothes we made as kids are now right-on for us at 40, 50 and beyond. You’ll find tie-dyed t-shirts that knot at the hip, funky tie-dye workout leggings, and dark, artsy tie-dye washes that look rich and modern.

Style Tip to pull off Tie-Dye

This trend is best for weekend and casual wear. Don’t try a tie-dye top to work or anything important. You’ll look like too hippie-dippie!


crochet clothes and acessories spring 2019

Many older women have been known to take up crochet, but this spring they’re wearing it instead! Statement-making crochet fashion, is hot. There’s everything from super sexy crocheted swimwear that some may dare to wear,  to pretty tops and dresses with touches of crochet at the neckline, hem or sleeves. You’ll even find delicate, crocheted fabric shoes!

Style Tip for Wearing Crochet

If Crochet is a turn off because it reminds you of one those crocheted boho plant hangers we hung from our ceilings in the ’70s (that’s what I think of – lol), then pause that thought. This spring’s crocheted clothing is less hippie, more haute.

safari trend spring 2019

It’s out of Africa and into your favorite fashion store this spring. Yup, the safari look has circled back again, and it’s cuter and more modern than ever. From cropped safari jackets to sexy animal print tops and chic khaki cargo dresses, this fierce trend is one to roar about!

Style Tip to Wear the Safari Trend

Give Safari an urban edge by wearing it with sexy sandals, metallic jewelry, and a killer designer bag.

polka dots clothes spring 2019

Here’s a trend that is spot this spring because it is cute and easy to wear. Perky polka dots have been growing in popularity and aren’t stopping yet. You’ll find the big dot, small dots, round dots, jagged dots, blue dot,  black dots, brown dots, mixed dots…the list goes on. You can never go wrong with this fashion favorite.

Style Tip to Wear the Dot Trend

Try mixing dots for a fashion-forward look. This black and white tee with the bell sleeves works because it combines two totally different size of dots in one.


bike shorts trend spring 2019

You’re probably thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding, right?”  No really, bike shorts are all the rage, but that doesn’t mean they are for everyone. This spring you’ll; will see all kinds, like faux leather bike shorts ( far left), brightly colored bike shorts, and animal print bike shorts to name a few.

Style Tip to Wear Bike Shorts

While the 20 and thirty-somethings are styling these with blazers (yes really), you might find it more appropriate and comfortable to wear them with a cute summer tee, in place of your regular shorts.

What other trends are up and coming for spring 2019? Be on the lookout for see-through plastic coats, suits, surfer-inspired clothes, pale blue clothes, oversized hats, tight pleats, and much much more, which I will be writing about as we head into spring.

Now, over to you. Which is your favorite or least favorite trend, and why? I’d love to hear from you. Just let me know, below. I like neutrals, but I’m curious to give jumpsuits and biker shorts a trying on, at least!

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7 thoughts on “10 Hot Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

  1. There is not a soul alive that would want to see ME in bike shorts! LOL….except maybe on a bike trail, on my bike, where no one knows me! love the denim jumpsuit and the polka dots!!!

  2. Hello, I have a question about rompers. Do you think they are appropriate if they aren’t too short or “girly” looking. I’m thinking a solid color with sleeves. I still wear shorts, and not sure if there really is much of a difference between a romper and shorts. I look good in monochromatic, but am hesitant to take the plunge.

    1. Hi Tisa, That’s a tough one, as they can look rather junior. I would say it depends on the romper. A romper might work if it is not too bare, and also where you are wearing it. I would save it for vacation or the backyard. Also, I would only wear it with flat sandals, no heels. That’s how I feel about them. Hope that helps. Cheers, Deb

  3. As a pear shaped gal I will not be going near the biker shorts! :) I like the jumpsuits, polka dots, and safari/neutral for spring summer. I really like the denim jumpsuit in your post – I could totally wear that to work.

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