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10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them

Fall is just around the corner, and so is the new crop of fall fashions that are landing in the stores. Here is a look at the latest trends to freshen up your wardrobe this autumn and how to wear them when you are a mature fashionista.

1. Animal Prints

Animal Print Clothes |10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them | Styled by Fabulous After 40

Animal prints have always been around, but this fall, they are the king of the fashion jungle.  If you have always adored them, you are going to be in animal print heaven, and if you have only watched from afar, you will be tempted to give animal prints a try this fall.

Don’t be surprised to see a whole zoo of prints from leopard to tiger, snakeskin, tiger, and zebra. Animal prints are showing up on all kinds of clothing and have become the new neutral. They work with everything.

If you’ve ever thought that animal prints after 40 were aging, think again. This trend is youthful and fun whether you wear a dab of animal print or a big dose.  Let loose and go wild with this fashion-forward look at any age. If you are timid about trying it, start small with an accessory and work your way up to a top or even a dress. Relax and roar in this new bold style.


2. Red Alert!

Fall Trends - Red

Are you ready to wear red this fall? Red, especially worn head-to-toe, makes a bold style statement this season.  Poppy red, a clear, bright red, is the most popular shade, but any red you feel comfortable wearing can work equally well too. Red is confident, red is powerful, and red is beautiful. Don’t be afraid of it. It will give your wardrobe energy and life!

3. Ruching

Fall Trends - Ruching

The gathering or pleating of fabric is called ruching, and it is back this fall in a big way. That’s great news for mature fashionistas who often struggle with the challenge of camouflaging soft, flabby spots like a midlife tummy or hips.

Ruching fools the eye and hides trouble spots.  It also looks pretty, feminine, and modern. I’d say ruching is a lifesaver for women over 40, and it also looks very cool incorporated into accessories, like ruched booties and shoes. It’s different, fun, and adds an interesting texture.

4. Mad About Plaid

Fall Trends - Plaid

Designers are mad about plaid this fall, checks, herringbone, and anything else that says prim and proper prints.  What’s new is the way plaid is being used in modern pieces- from shoes, cropped pants, handbags, and belted blazers.

You’ll also see cutting-edge color combos in plaid that are anything but traditional and reveal a youthful edge. Look for bright plaids in red, yellow, orange, blue, and purple mixed with solid colors as well as other plaids, leather, and everything else. Even if you thought plaid was too traditional for you, you would think twice about it now. Plaid, once considered old and a bit frumpy now has a modern, youthful vibe.


5. Fabulous Foil

Fall Trends - Foil

Shiny fabrics are in the spotlight this fall, and foil is at the top of the list. You find foil accents on shoes, and bags and blouses, dresses, and even pants laden with the reflective fabric. While you might assume this is a nighttime look, you are mistaken. Foil is fancied for daytime too. It’s a great way to bring a bit of excitement to a 9-5 look, and I predict it will be huge for the holiday season. A little shine over 40 never hurts. Glow girl!

6. Magical Magenta

Fall Trends - Magenta

Magenta, a pretty purplish/red shade, is a huge hit this fall and is a great color to bring youthfulness and life into your wardrobe. It’s vibrant, cheery, and bold and can give a massive lift to fading 40+ complexions. Wear it head to toe for a head-turning look or in small doses (like a pair of shoes) to add a pop of perkiness to your look.

7. Cowboy…Giddy Up!

Fall Trends - Western

Many of us own cowboy booties, but this season it’s more than that. The western look is making a trailblazing statement this fall and gives casual outfits a fun vibe. If you like this look, then ride cowgirl.

Just be careful not to go overboard with the booties, fringed jacket, floral print ruffle dress, western leather bag, and cowboy hat. You don’t want to look like you are wearing a Halloween costume. A small touch will give you that western vibe that is so on trend this fall.

8. The Big Coverup

Fall Trend - Over Sized Coats

Big, round, chic oversized coats are here to envelop you in style. Think of a coat like this as a big hug. While you are wearing wide and cocoon-like up top, wear long and skinny on the bottom to balance things out and give a stylish silhouette. This is actually very slimming when worn this way.


9. Leather Skirts and Dresses

Fall Trends - Leather Dresses

You don’t have to be a  motorcycle mama to wear a leather skirt or dress this fall. There are lots of choices out there to suit every style of personality looking for a touch of edge. From leather wrap skirts to pencil skirts to color-blocked leather skirts, there are multiple ways to express your cool inner chick. A touch of leather in our wardrobe will keep you looking modern and with it.


10. Moody Florals


Fall Trends - Dark Florals


Dark fall florals are a trend that continues to bloom even though it has been around for a few years now. Inky backgrounds of dark blue or black come to life when bright, light flowers are sprinkled over top.

The dark base is slimming, and the florals add freshness. If you want to continue to wear black over 40, which can sometimes be challenging due to the high contrast effect next to our skin, this is a good way to do it. It’s like moonlight in a midnight garden!


Which is your favorite trend, and how will you be wearing it? Drop me a comment below and let me know!


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2 thoughts on “10 Major Fashion Trends for Fall 2018 And Ways Women 40, 50 & 60 Can Wear Them

  1. All the collections are excellent, but I like to mix and match everything. It gives a different look and may start a new trend that everyone to follow. Magenta is the favorite color of most ladies, a vibrant color that gives a different look.

  2. I always will LOVE plaid – maybe that is from my youth (being a big fan of the Bay City Rollers – LOL!). So my favorite is the plaid and, not surprisingly, the red sneaker in plaid. This was a great post – so excited for fall!

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