2017 Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends

Feeling like a kid in a candy store watching all the new fall trends rollout? There’s plenty of fabulous styles for us 40+ gals to choose from, but the trick is in knowing which ones are right for you and how to wear them.

Here’s a look at what’s in stores now and what to buy to tweak your chic.

Red Trend Fall 2017

1. Rev Up the Red

Red symbolizes passion, strength, and vibrancy. It’s poised to be the #1 color this fall, judging by what the designers showed during Fashion Week, Fall 2017. If you love red clothing and feel confident in it, go ahead and wear it from head to toe. A red monochromatic outfit sends a confident, classy message.

Prefer wearing this powerful color in smaller doses? Consider a red sweater, shoes, or a go-with-everything red bag to add some excitement to a fall outfit. Go for it! 

70's Leisure Style NL

2. That 70’s Show

The ’70s have been making a comeback for a few seasons now. We’ve seen many flared jeans (great for balancing a pear-shaped body!), bell sleeves, and tons of boho. This fall, you can add corduroy, leisure and pantsuits, velvet, bright plaids, and the color brown to that 70’s-inspired style list.

For those of us who have been there/done that but still can’t get enough of this look, think about trying a modern take on 70’s dressing with a pair of corduroy leggings, a velvet bell-sleeved top, or a classic coat in colorful 70’s plaid.

Space Age Metallic

3. Futuristic Metallics

From shiny gold skirts to glittery silver boots that would put a disco ball to shame, metallic is a thing this season. Fall’s new metals have a futuristic feel. While intriguing on the runway, they can be tricky to wear in real life.

The simplest way to look fabulous and not foolishly flashy is to wear a single metallic piece like a gold pleated skirt. Or, you can experiment with wearing a metallic accessory, such as a shiny silver bootie with skinny, cropped jeans. Attitude is all when you are walking around in space-age booties that are straight out of The Jetsons. Own the look!

Classic Deconstructed trend

4. Classic Deconstructed

Perhaps best suited to the more fashion-forward among us, classic deconstructed is exactly what it sounds like: an unexpected, and I mean unexpected! – take on a classic shape or item. The look is dramatic and truly off-kilter. Talk about a conversation starter!

What do you think, ladies? Are you ready to get artsy, or is this too way out for you?

Winter Florals

5. Winter Florals

Cooler weather may be ahead, but that doesn’t mean that floral prints will wither up and die. Darker winter florals, more sophisticated than their spring counterparts, are popping up on dresses, tops, pants, and even footwear. These moody, romantic bouquets go beyond the browns, rusts, and golds of Autumn. You’ll find fall florals in deep purples, pinks, greens, blues, and other gorgeous shades.

Winter Florals are easy to wear, and both a  little or a lot works. They’re perfect for a woman of a certain age who likes her classics with a bit of an edge.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow when I bring you Part 2 of the Fall Fashion Trends for 2017!  I’ll show you 5 More Fall Trends with tips on how they can work for you.

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2 thoughts on “2017 Top Ten Fall Fashion Trends

  1. Love all the boots you’ve chosen, especially #7 in the winter florals group. Unfortunately I generally don’t wear heels above about 1″. I haven’t come across very many stylish boots with a lower heel. If you have any suggestions where to find low-heeled, stylish boots, other than riding boots, I’d love the help! Also, 70’s Leisure Style is back, amazing!!