3 Ways To Wear A Striped Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts may be a bit of a throwback to the 70’s, but these days they are more popular than ever. Women love them, especially in spring and summer because they’re cool, casual and feminine when you want to feel feminine but you don’t want to wear a short dress.

The hottest selling style is the black and white striped maxi which makes sense since it is super versatile.  Here are three readers who know how to wear a striped maxi skirt with style. Take a look at their different approaches.

chevron maxi with a zig zag stripe

Glam – With a Wrap Top 

Rebecca is an L.A. based blogger with fabulous style that’s always on the Glam side. Here she has taken a chevron maxi with a black and white zigzag and paired it with a sexy black wrap top. Wrap tops are super flattering for most women because they lift and shape the bust.

They’re nice and fitted, so work well with this slim summer maxi. Oversized jewelry at the neck helps balance out the bold print. Feminine gold sandals and a chic clutch create a look that’s casual but classy.

Black and White Striped Skirt

Sporty – With a Pop of Red  

Here’s a good idea for how to wear a long maxi skirt. This look is more on the sporty side. My reader is modeling an outfit she put together at the Delaware boutique Peter Kate.

It’s easy to drown out your shape in  a lot of fabric and look frumpy in a maxi. That’s why it is important to define and highlight your waist. Most times you can do this by tucking in your top, adding a belt, or both! This reader has created a waist by layering a short cardigan that ends at the waist over a long tee.

Red canvas sandals with rope soles and a white bag give this outfit a nautical vibe. This gal looks like she is ready for a fun, causal day out with her daughter.

Funky – With an High/Low Top

I found Fabulous After 40 reader Chris Favorite in downtown Sedona, AZ  wearing this cute striped maxi.

Chris is the owner of a beautiful upscale boutique called Favorite Clothing Company She’s put a creative twist on this look pairing her skirt with large hoop earrings and flat suede cowboy booties. This outfit is definitely Sedona-inspired with that artsy, boho vibe.

Cynthia Vincent Suede Flat Boot

Hoop Earrings go with the Boho vibe

Hoop earrings go with the boho vibe.

Do you have ideas for how to wear a striped maxi skirt? Let me know.
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15 thoughts on “3 Ways To Wear A Striped Maxi Skirt

  1. I think the last look is probably something that is more a regional look than mainstream. You might also get away with that look here in Alberta for casual. But personally, it isn’t up my alley. I don;t even own a pair a cowboy boots. It isn’t very dressy and would not be something I would wear to work or out to dinner. And I can’t see it making the grade in Toronto or Montreal. Just saying.

  2. I was immediately struck by the boots. Seems they should’ve been black or even grey leather, not honey suede, and the shirt should’ve covered the waistband. I liked the skirt, tho’. Love my maxi skirts.

  3. I thought the Arizona woman was a “before” shot as well. Perhaps it’s not as bad as it seems, it’s just perhaps the picture wasn’t taken very well, at a good angle, etc.

  4. I am disappointed . . . I thought the last picture was the BEFORE shot, not the actual Chic on the Street shot! Not cute and certainly not FABULOUS!

  5. Chris’ look is just horrible. It doesn’t look put together at all, just another sloppy boho ensemble. I dont think it suits her. It just might have worked with a black boot but as it is it resembles a purdah outfit.

  6. I loved the skirt but didn’t like the sweater (too short and made Chris look like she had a pouch) and the shoes were too clunky and made her look short.

  7. The shirt makes Chris look like she is poking her stomach out, and the boots look like she just grabbed something to run out the door in.

  8. For many years now, I quit wearing ANY skirt or dress that did not cover my knees… LOL I think knees are.. ugly! So I am glad to see longer skirts coming back..

  9. I think this is a nice “comfy” look for a casual trip to the store or running errands in the ‘burbs. I love maxi skirts with sandals in summer, but usually wear a more fitted top to balance the fullness of the skirt. Again, for a very casual event, or hanging out at home, this look is comfy and fun.

    Now that cooler weather is hitting the Midwest, I like to wear casual mid-calf and/or maxi skirts with black tights and ankle boots (or tall boots) with a bit of a heel. A nice change from slacks or jeans.

  10. I too agree with the writer that commented that the bottom of the shirt should have covered the top of the skirt, otherwise it makes her waist look fat. Personally the picture itself makes the model look squat and short. I think you mentioned she was tall. Lovely hair and smile but justice was not done with the flat boots.

  11. Love the look! I loved the longer dresses for the summer and received compliments every time I wore them. Anyone else remember when they were called granny dresses and granny boots? We’ve come a long way.:-)

  12. Long skirts and boots can work, but as it gets wetter, they become less practical, at least where I live. A mid-calf skirt and long boot are generally more successful for me. In either case, the hoop earings do really look great. But in this picture, I think the waist area is cluttered and confused by the combination of the straight line of the bottom of her sweater, the horizontal stripes on the skirt waistband and the diagonal stripes on the skirt itself. Would have been better if the sweater were long enough to cover the waistband.

  13. Not for me. Remminds me to much of the orthodox christian women in the area where I grew up. Especially in combination with long hair.

  14. Have several long skirts and wear them with boots or ballet flats .. also with odd jackets later when it gets cold!
    love them!

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