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4 Street Style Bloggers Who Are Styleblazers

Runway shots of skinny young models in haute couture don’t help much when you’re an average middle aged woman trying to figure out what to wear. Thank Goodness for 40+ fashion bloggers who inspire us each week with their fabulous street style photos. Each week I profile one here at Fabulous After 40. Here’s a look at a few recent Styleblazers.


Tanya, a Dallas fashionista and charity chairperson who blogs at Tanya Foster. (left)

Susan, a stylist who helps women fight the frump at The Midlife Fashionista. (top middle)

Heather, a blogger/stylist with a casual, relaxed, and hip style from Style By Fluent (top right)

Joanna, an Atlanta-based mom with a casual, rebellious style from Poppy’s Style. (bottom)

Be sure to read their inspiring Styleblazer features and others. Here are the links to more Over 40 Fashion Bloggers I have profiled as part of this series.

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Whose style do you relate to and why?

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One thought on “4 Street Style Bloggers Who Are Styleblazers

  1. These may not be runway shots of skinny young models, but their photos could easily be labelled as street shots of skinny middle-aged models. And while it’s nice that I can look at their outfits and say, “Wow, that looks great!”, I know that the outfits would look quite different on me and most of the rest of us. Thank goodness, at least Joanna has some figure challenges that she manages well with her outfits. Why doesn’t anyone have a fashion blog that shows how to adapt some of these fabulous outfits for the real-life bodies of middle-aged women? Most of us won’t be putting on over-the-knee boots anytime soon, but would appreciate help in looking fashionable while still dealing with a bit of a potbelly, shorter legs, a large bust or large rear-end.

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