5 Cozy, Luxurious Sweaters with Leggings

Why do some women over 40  love leggings, while others loathe them? I’d be willing to bet that the haters just haven’t learned how to style them.

Sure, leggings can look sloppy or tacky worn with just any old thing. But with a luxurious sweater leggings can look modern and chic. Here are 5 sweaters with leggings that are cozy and luxurious.

1. Chunky Knits are Beautiful with Leggings


If you’ve been wearing thin, short, and very fitted sweaters with your leggings, you’re doing it all wrong.  This chunky, red, relaxed turtleneck is an excellent example of what to try instead. Look at the beautiful shape and those gorgeous bell sleeves. The cowl neck on this sweater is also super flattering because it frames your face.

2.  A Tunic Style Sweater is a Natural



These tunic-style sweater works great because it doesn’t end just below the belly button or at the top of the hip. It goes well past that to cover your lap. In the back, it falls well past your bottom. This is important when you are wearing something as tight and stretchy as leggings. You don’t want everyone focusing on all the wrong places, and the longer length makes your outfit look more well proportioned too.


3. Shapely Sweaters are Important


The key to a sweater/leggings look is to find a top that is not too tight or too baggy.  It should flow and create that graceful wide-over-narrow silhouette. Also, if you have a bit of a tummy, a top like this will cover it without making you look like you are lost in the sweater.


4. A Cowl Neck Sweater is Always Flattering


Here’s another sweater that’s a real winner with leggings. This time, we’ve paired edgy leather leggings and fabulous tall leather riding boots with a delicately ribbed, gray peplum turtleneck. If you’ve been following my fashion reports, you know that the ribbed turtleneck is in full swing this season. I love the femininity of this particular one. It’s very flattering over the leggings and has a luxurious look and feel.4. A Luxe Turtleneck with Leggings is Nice

Accessories can add a lot. Cover the accessories with your hand for a moment. The outfit still looks nice, but see what a difference some sexy earrings, booties, a great bag, and cute booties can make. Great Style is in the details.


5. Try a  Polished Knit Poncho with  Leggings

poncho with leggings

Here is a look I adore and have worn myself. (Check out my version of this outfit.) This style recipe is straightforward. Start with a great pair of quality leggings- meaning thicker and with stretch, and add a thin, long-sleeved top, layered with a fabulous knit poncho. ( or you can wear the poncho on its own)

Ponchos naturally have that fabulous, wide shape that looks striking worn with skinny leggings. This particular poncho ( available in green too) has excellent texture. Texture helps to add richness to smooth, stretchy leggings.

Cute leather booties make leggings look modern. Don’t be tempted to go matchy-matchy with the same color purse.

Now, are you ready to give your leggings a luxurious look with a fab sweater? Let me know which of these looks above is your favorite or send in a photo, and I’d love to post it.
What lesson can you take away from this look?
Pair leggings with a quality sweater that has personality, add chic leather accessories, and you have a winning outfit.

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10 thoughts on “5 Cozy, Luxurious Sweaters with Leggings

  1. I love wearing leggings. I wear them with tops that cover my bum and dress them up and down.
    Over 40? Hah. I’m well over 70, and they are my go-to in transition seasons or when winter temperatures are more moderate. Love them!

  2. Definitely ‘no’ to leggings from me. It’s like wearing opaque tights with a blouse/tunic/sweater but without a skirt. Not a ladylike look, not a decent and finished look. They are only good when doing sports or leisure at home.

  3. Excellent quality leggings worn with a long top, trailing well over the hip blouse or funky cape, and the right accessories are adorable. Let us not forget the high comfort value, cosines, and discreetness. The last quality is essential when we ride a bike, hitch a leg over a horse or have to squeeze one leg after another under first-grade tables. Affordable, practical, and warm are winning fashionable qualities.

  4. I love long tunics over leggings, but I have difficulty finding them– especially finding affordable long tunics made of natural fibers rather than polyester. Any ideas??

    1. Hi Josephine, You are so right. That’s the key to wearing leggings. Buy good quality, make sure they are dense and not see-through, and wear a long top to cover your bottom. Thanks to Fabulous After 40 Stylist Kelsey Markovitz for these fab leggings looks. She nailed it!

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